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HIV Testing Fort Wayne

Understanding your sexual health is a critical component of overall wellbeing, yet the topic of HIV testing often carries with it unnecessary stigma and misconceptions. With an extensive background in public health education and a focus on sexually transmitted infections (STIs), I aim to dispel myths and provide accurate information that empowers individuals to make informed decisions about their health.

In Fort Wayne, access to confidential and reliable HIV testing services is not only available but essential for those looking to take proactive steps toward maintaining their sexual health.

Fort Wayne Health Center stands as a beacon for those seeking guidance and support in managing their sexual well-being, with specialized services geared towards HIV prevention, diagnosis, and care.

Recognizing the alarming statistic that chlamydia cases in Allen County reach 679.6 per 100,000 residents highlights the urgent need for accessible testing facilities like this one.

Read on as we delve into how you can benefit from these crucial healthcare resources provided right here in our community—your first step towards peace of mind starts now!

Key Takeaways

  • The Fort Wayne Health Center provides confidential HIV and STD testing and treatment, with an emphasis on privacy. Call 260.449.7504 to book an appointment.
  • Free or low – cost testing is available in Fort Wayne to ensure everyone has access to care. Financial assistance programs are in place for those who need them.
  • Walk – in services for immediate testing without prior appointments are offered at the Department of Health STD Outreach Clinic every Wednesday from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Appointments for comprehensive sexual health services can also be scheduled by calling the Northeast Indiana Positive Resource Connection at (260) 744-1144.
  • Various insurance plans cover HIV/STD screening, but always check with your provider about what's included; additionally, Medicaid covers laboratory services associated with these tests at approved facilities.

Fort Wayne Health Center

A photo of The Fort Wayne Health Center building exterior at dusk.

The Fort Wayne Health Center stands as a beacon of support for individuals seeking confidential HIV and STD testing. Emphasizing privacy and professionalism, the center provides comprehensive care tailored to your sexual health needs.

HIV/STD Testing and Treatment

At the Fort Wayne Health Center, you can schedule confidential HIV and STD testing to safeguard your health. Understanding your status is essential, whether it's for peace of mind or to start treatment quickly if needed.

With professional staff trained in sensitive handling of such matters, the center ensures that privacy is paramount during tests and treatment procedures. Testing often involves simple procedures like blood draws or swabs and results are handled with utmost discretion.

If a test comes back positive, the Allen County Department of Health provides comprehensive care tailored to individual needs. They offer cutting-edge treatments for both HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases that help manage symptoms and improve quality of life.

Furthermore, they connect clients with resources for additional support such as counseling services or medical follow-ups. Rest assured knowing expert help is at hand every step from diagnosis to management.

Accessing these vital services has been made easier through appointments ensuring no one has to face long waits or uncertainty about when they will receive attention. Take charge of your sexual health by reaching out to professionals who prioritize your well-being above all else.

Appointment Information

Securing a spot for HIV and STD testing at the Fort Wayne Health Center is easy and confidential. Follow these steps to schedule your appointment and take charge of your sexual health.

  • Call the Fort Wayne Health Center directly at 260.449.7504, Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 4: 30 p.m., to book your appointment over the phone.
  • For a full range of services including HIV screenings, make an appointment by dialing 800-769-0045 or visiting their website to schedule online.
  • Take note that all testing for HIV and STDs at this center requires a prior appointment; walk – ins are not accommodated.
  • Reach out to the Northeast Indiana Positive Resource Connection for additional testing options. They can be contacted at (260) 744-1144, or you can send an email to info@neiprc.org to request an appointment.

HIV Services at the Fort Wayne Health Center

A diverse group receiving counseling and testing at Fort Wayne Health Center.

At the Fort Wayne Health Center, individuals seeking peace of mind and clarity regarding their HIV status can access a full suite of confidential services designed to support sexual health and wellbeing.

The center offers comprehensive testing and expert counseling, ensuring that every person who walks through its doors is met with understanding, compassionate care, and the most current information available in HIV prevention and treatment.

Testing Information

HIV testing at the Fort Wayne Health Center is a critical service for maintaining your health. To get tested, you'll need to make an appointment by calling 260.449.7504 during business hours from Monday to Friday, anytime between 8 a.m.

and 4:30 p.m. The center doesn't just stop at HIV; it also provides screenings for other STDs, ensuring comprehensive sexual health services.

If your test comes back positive or if there's any concern about potential exposure, the health center has treatment services ready to assist you. They work closely with the Allen County Department of Health and other local resources like Northeast Indiana Positive Resource Connection to support patients every step of the way.

Remember that early detection through regular HIV and STD screenings can lead to better outcomes, so don't delay in scheduling an appointment if you think you've been exposed or are at risk.

Counseling and Partner Notification

At the Fort Wayne Health Center, we understand that discovering you have HIV or another sexually transmitted disease (STD) can be challenging. To support you through this time, our trained specialists provide confidential counseling services.

They're here to help you process your feelings, educate you on your condition, and guide you in managing your sexual health.

Reaching out to partners is crucial but might feel overwhelming. Our Partner Services program steps in exactly for this reason. It offers discreet and compassionate assistance to those who need to inform their partners about potential exposure to diseases like syphilis, gonorrhea, or chlamydia.

This service ensures that both you and your partners are aware of the risks and can receive timely treatment.

Your privacy matters every step of the way. Whether it's a one-on-one session with a counselor or using our partner notification system, rest assured that all interactions remain confidential.

We prioritize creating a safe environment so that everyone involved receives the care they need without concerns over confidentiality breaches.

Other STD/STI Services Offered

Fort Wayne Health Center stands out for its comprehensive sexual health services beyond HIV care. Patients seeking privacy and thorough support will find discreet, all-encompassing STD clinic services here.

The facility is equipped to carry out syphilis testing, gonorrhea treatment, chlamydia screening, and hepatitis C testing.

Health professionals at the clinic are skilled in delivering swift and decisive care for these conditions. They ensure that patients receive timely attention, with results that guide them towards the right course of treatment or referral services as needed.

Whether you're experiencing symptoms or seeking routine checks, Fort Wayne's services offer peace of mind with their breadth of STD/STI screenings.

Prices and Payment Information

Understanding the cost of healthcare is essential, and at the Fort Wayne Health Center, we are transparent about our prices for HIV and STD testing. We accept various insurance plans and offer financial assistance options to ensure that no one is denied necessary services due to an inability to pay.

Insurance Coverage

Understanding your options for insurance coverage is crucial when seeking HIV/STD testing and treatment services. Many health centers in Fort Wayne, including the local health department, support a variety of insurance plans to make necessary care accessible.

  • Most comprehensive health insurance plans include STD screening as part of their covered services. This means you often won't have to pay separately for an HIV test if you're insured.
  • Contraception coverage usually accompanies STD screening in many plans. You can expect your birth control needs to be addressed along with regular health checkups.
  • Emergency contraception is also covered under numerous insurance policies, providing peace of mind in urgent situations.
  • Wellness exams, which may screen for various conditions including STDs, are typically included in health insurance coverages.
  • Medicaid offers comprehensive coverage for low – income individuals. They provide for laboratory services associated with HIV testing and STD screenings at approved facilities.
  • For those not covered by Medicaid or private insurance, the Allen County Department of Health provides free HIV testing and low-cost STD services to ensure everyone has access to necessary healthcare.
  • Understanding reimbursement policies is key if accessing laboratory tests and services through Medicaid in Fort Wayne. It's important to confirm with your provider what is included before proceeding.
  • Always check with your insurance provider about their specific policy regarding HIV testing and treatment. Policies can vary significantly among providers and understanding what's covered can save you unexpected expenses.

Financial Assistance Options

Even if your insurance doesn't cover HIV testing, you won't be left without support. Fort Wayne offers numerous financial assistance options to ensure everyone has access to necessary HIV care services.

  • Free or low – cost STD testing is available in some clinics across Fort Wayne, making screening accessible regardless of income.
  • The Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program provides comprehensive AIDS/HIV care for those who have a low income and qualify for help.
  • Over 679 social services programs operate in Fort Wayne, ready to assist with various needs, including financial aid for health services.
  • Middle and high school students can access outreach services for HIV testing at just $10, while adults pay $21 — a clear sign of community-supported financial assistance options.
  • Trained staff at local health centers offer not only confidential STD testing but also counseling and partner notification, often incorporating financial assistance programs when necessary.
  • For individuals diagnosed with HIV/AIDS, supportive networks in the area extend beyond medical care. They provide low-income support services designed to ease the burden of cost-related stresses.
  • Many clinics and organizations have established partnerships with social services programs that include aid for those requiring free or low-cost STD testing.
  • Seeking help from community resources does not require exposure; outreach and confidential testing maintain privacy while still providing assistance through various programs.
  • If you're worried about the affordability of HIV care services, know that Fort Wayne's extensive network of support includes options tailored to individual economic circumstances.

Walk-in Information

Getting tested for HIV and other STDs just got easier in Fort Wayne. You can take advantage of walk-in services without the hassle of scheduling an appointment.

  • The Fort Wayne Health Center welcomes individuals seeking immediate testing through its walk – in option.
  • For those who prefer quick and convenient services, drop – in STI clinic hours are every Wednesday from 1 to 5 pm.
  • At the Positive Resource Connection, spontaneous testing is offered, making it simple to get checked on your own time.
  • No – appointment HIV testing removes barriers, ensuring that more community members have direct access to crucial health services.
  • Same – day STI testing at local clinics provides results promptly for peace of mind or rapid treatment if necessary.
  • Direct access to STD clinics increases the chance that people will get tested regularly, keeping themselves and others safe.
  • Impromptu visits for HIV testing are encouraged as they contribute to better public health outcomes.
  • Unscheduled STI clinic times cater to busy schedules, offering flexibility for those who cannot make prior arrangements.

Other Resources for HIV/STD Testing

You can find a wealth of information on testing locations through the National HIV, STD, and Viral Hepatitis Testing Resources website. It provides an accessible gateway to finding nearby facilities including many within the Fort Wayne area like the Allen County Department of Health.

This online tool simplifies the process of locating services tailored to your needs, whether that's for testing or accessing preventative care.

The Positive Resource Connection in Fort Wayne focuses on halting the spread of these diseases by offering comprehensive education alongside their testing and prevention services. With a mission deeply rooted in community health, they provide free resources aimed at fostering awareness and empowering individuals with knowledge.

The Northeast Indiana Positive Resource Connection echoes this commitment by delivering free tests coupled with educational outreach programs designed to engage and support those affected within our region.

Transitioning from exploring these resources brings us closer to understanding not just where you can get assistance but how you can access vital services any day of the week; read on for details about “Address and Hours”.

Address and Hours

Transferring from various testing options, let's pinpoint the specific locations and times you can access these services. The Department of Health STD Outreach Clinic is your go-to on Wednesdays between 1 p.m.

and 5 p.m., located conveniently for walk-ins eager to utilize public health services without prior scheduling. For those seeking comprehensive HIV support and resources, Positive Resource Connection stands ready in the Northeast Indiana area; they not only offer testing, but also invaluable education and prevention tools.

Should you need more structured appointment times, the Allen County Department of Health invites clients to book during usual business hours for a focused session on HIVAIDS testing.

To reach out directly to IUFW/Lafayette Street Clinic for their expertise in sexual health care, dial 260-702-4404 – they provide detailed assistance tailored around STI testing and HIV prevention strategies fitting into busy lifestyles.


Seeking HIV and STD testing demonstrates a commitment to your health and the well-being of others. Fort Wayne offers a range of resources, making confidential testing accessible for all its residents.

Whether through walk-in clinics or by appointment, you can find the support and care needed for peace of mind. Remember, early detection is key in managing your sexual health effectively.

Embrace the services available in Fort Wayne and take that important step today.

If you're in the Fresno area and seeking HIV testing, visit our Fresno Health Center for more information on services offered.


1. Where can I get an HIV test in Fort Wayne?

You can find HIV testing at local clinics, health departments, and some community organizations in Fort Wayne.

2. Is HIV testing confidential in Fort Wayne?

Yes, HIV testing is confidential at all authorized testing centers in Fort Wayne.

3. How long does it take to get the results of an HIV test?

Results from rapid HIV tests are usually ready within 20 minutes to 1 hour.

4. Do I need an appointment for an HIV test in Fort Wayne?

While walk-ins are often welcome, it's best to check if you need an appointment with the specific facility offering the test.

5. Are there free HIV testing options available in Fort Wayne?

Free or low-cost HIV testing services are available at certain facilities for residents of Fort Wayne.