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HIV Testing Indianapolis

Understanding your health status is not just a personal responsibility; it's a communal necessity. In Indianapolis, where rapid developments in HIV testing and education provide hope, there's still a pressing challenge: many individuals remain unaware of their HIV status.

With over a decade spent on the frontlines of public health advocacy, I've witnessed firsthand how accurate knowledge and timely testing can turn lives around.

Here in Indianapolis, we offer cutting-edge resources for confidential and reliable HIV screening—a critical step toward managing or preventing this condition. Among these efforts stands the profound statistic that 540 life-changing tests were conducted with CDC support right here in Indiana, illuminating paths to wellness for numerous residents.

Continue reading to discover how you can take control of your well-being today—your peace of mind might be closer than you think.

Key Takeaways

  • Indianapolis offers several locations for confidential HIV testing with both walk-in and appointment options available, including The Damien Center, Midtown Health Center, Step-Up, Inc., and the Marion County Public Health Department.
  • Free HIV testing services are provided at various clinics throughout the city; some facilities even provide rapid results within minutes.
  • Alongside HIV screening, comprehensive STD/STI testing and treatment are accessible in Indianapolis at community health centers like Eskenazi Health and through outreach programs by organizations such as Step-Up, Inc.
  • Many clinics accept a wide range of insurance plans which can cover the cost of HIV tests; for those without insurance or who qualify based on income, low-cost or free testing is an option.
  • Resources such as self – testing kits for HIV are also available from places like the Marion County Public Health Department to make knowledge about one's sexual health status more attainable.

HIV Testing in Indianapolis, IN

A diverse group of people getting HIV testing at a welcoming center.

Recognizing the critical need for accessible HIV testing, Indianapolis offers a variety of convenient locations for residents to know their status with confidence. Emphasizing ease and privacy, these centers provide comprehensive services tailored to meet individual needs and schedules.


Walk-ins are welcome at 26 N Arsenal Ave & 8902 E 38th St

If you need HIV testing in Indianapolis, you have the flexibility to visit two convenient locations without an appointment. The Damien Center makes this process easy and stress-free by welcoming walk-ins at both 26 N Arsenal Ave and 8902 E 38th St.

This means getting tested fits into your schedule whenever you find the time.

These sites offer free and confidential testing services that cater to your needs with understanding and respect. Whether it's a quick stop during lunch or a visit after work, their doors are open for walk-in hours, ensuring everyone has access to important HIV screening without the hassle of scheduling ahead.

Remembering how vital speedy and reliable health services can be, they ensure efficient handling of each individual who steps in seeking assistance.

Drop by any time during operational hours; experienced professionals at these locations are prepared to provide quality service promptly. They prioritize your privacy while delivering results swiftly so that taking charge of your health remains within reach no matter how busy life gets.

Schedule appointments for testing

Securing an appointment for HIV testing in Indianapolis is straightforward and ensures you’ll be seen at a time that fits your schedule. Here’s how you can set up your testing appointment and what to expect during the process:

  • Call ahead to community health centers at 317-957-2070 to find a suitable time for your HIV test.
  • Reach out to the Infectious Diseases Clinic by dialing 317.880.3500 if you need specialized care including treatment or PrEP consultations.
  • Email info@neiprc.org or phone 260-744-1144 for personalized service and to choose a convenient time slot for your screening.
  • Utilize the flexibility offered by Midtown Health Center; simply contact them during business hours to arrange your appointment.
  • Take advantage of Step-Up, Inc.’s community-centered approach by scheduling free pop-up HIV and STD tests.

Walk-in hours

Getting tested for HIV is now more convenient than ever in Indianapolis. You have the flexibility to walk into clinics during designated hours without needing an appointment.

  • At 26 N Arsenal Ave and 8902 E 38th St, doors are open for individuals seeking HIV testing on a walk – in basis.
  • The clinics provide same – day testing, ensuring timely support and peace of mind.
  • Step-Up, Inc. extends its services with walk-in hours available even on Saturdays, making weekend access possible.
  • These locations offer not only rapid HIV testing but also confidentiality during your visit.
  • For those with unpredictable schedules, these clinics provide an opportunity for anonymous testing, respecting your privacy at all times.
  • With sameday testing availability, you can receive results quickly, allowing for immediate peace of mind or necessary next steps.
  • Recognizing the need for flexible service hours accommodates busy lifestyles and encourages regular sexual health testing.

STD Testing and Treatment

A clinic providing STD testing and treatment services with medical professionals and patients.

In Indianapolis, seeking out STD testing and treatment is made straightforward, with specific clinics geared towards immediate care for those experiencing symptoms. This proactive approach ensures vital healthcare services are accessible to all individuals in need of prompt attention.

Available at selected locations

Several health clinics across Indianapolis offer comprehensive STD testing and treatment. Whether you're experiencing symptoms or simply want routine screening, confidential services are at your fingertips.

These centers provide tests for a range of infections including gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphilis, HIV, and hepatitis.

Community health centers in the area extend their services to include sexual health care. Eskenazi Health Center has made routine HIV screening available at all primary care locations.

The Midtown Health Center not only offers these screenings but also provides urgent treatment for any STD symptoms you might encounter.

It's essential to take charge of your sexual health by utilizing these resources tailored to meet community needs. Free testing options can help if affordability is a concern—making sure everyone has access to critical healthcare services without financial barriers standing in the way.

Urgent treatment for STD symptoms

If you're experiencing symptoms of sexually transmitted infections, it's crucial to seek immediate care. The Midtown Health Center in Indianapolis provides reliable STD testing and treatment for a range of infections including herpes, chlamydia, gonorrhea, genital warts, and syphilis.

Early intervention not only helps you manage your health better but also reduces the risk of spreading the infection to others.

Urgent care centers or emergency rooms can provide quick screening and necessary treatments if you suspect that you have contracted an STD. The Indiana State Department of Health urges individuals who notice signs of genital infections to get prompt medical attention.

Acting quickly is essential for your sexual health and well-being.

Free resources are available throughout Indianapolis for confidential HIV and STD testing. Whether showing symptoms or simply seeking peace of mind, these services ensure that everyone has access to sexual health resources without delay.

If concerns about sexually transmitted diseases arise, don’t wait; take advantage of urgent treatment options available in your community right away.

Services Offered

Understanding your sexual health status is paramount, which is why the healthcare facilities in Indianapolis extend a comprehensive suite of services designed to meet your confidential testing needs.

From critical HIV screening to essential STD panels, rest assured that accessible and professional assistance is at hand for all individuals seeking clarity and peace of mind regarding their well-being.

HIV Testing

HIV testing is critical for maintaining your health and peace of mind. Getting screened for HIV in Indianapolis has never been easier, with a variety of accessible locations offering this crucial service.

At the Midtown Health Center or any community health centers (CHCs), you can walk in without an appointment and get tested quickly. The process is confidential, and the staff are trained to provide support throughout.

For IU students, there’s even free HIV screening at Indiana University Bloomington that doesn't require insurance. Take advantage of these opportunities to know your status – early detection can make all the difference.

Remember, outreach testing services funded by CDC grants are available too, ensuring everyone has access regardless of financial barriers. Whether it's a rapid test or a lab-performed antigen/antibody test that identifies exposure within 18 to 45 days, the resources you need are right here in Indianapolis.

STD Testing

STD testing is a critical step in maintaining sexual health and well-being. Eskenazi Health offers comprehensive services for those seeking discreet, respectful care. Tests are available for a wide range of sexually transmitted infections, ensuring prompt and accurate results.

Whether you're experiencing symptoms or simply taking proactive measures, the health professionals at Eskenazi stand ready to assist with your needs.

The landscape of STD prevention and treatment is constantly evolving, with community-based organizations like Damien Center leading the charge in Indianapolis. They provide free and confidential testing as an integral part of their health services portfolio.

Express visits streamline the process, minimizing wait times while maintaining privacy and precision in screening. Self-collected testing equips individuals with another layer of convenience without compromising on reliability.

Confronting STDs head-on requires urgent action from both healthcare providers and those at risk. The next step toward safeguarding your health could be pregnancy testing if there's any concern about potential conceptions following exposure to STDs or otherwise.

Pregnancy Testing

As we continue to discuss the importance of sexual health, it's crucial to highlight that pregnancy testing goes hand in hand with STD screening. Exploring this service is essential for expectant mothers and those planning a family.

At our clinic, we offer rapid HIV screening as part of routine pregnancy tests. These quick-result methods ensure that pregnant women can receive timely information about their HIV status.

Understanding your HIV status during pregnancy isn't just important – it's imperative for both maternal health and preventing mother-to-child transmission. We encourage prenatal testing not only as a measure of personal health but also as a proactive step for future generations' wellbeing.

Our services include antenatal testing designed to protect maternal medical care at every stage.

Health professionals recommend early pregnancy health screening, which includes an assessment for various sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). This comprehensive approach allows us to support expectant mothers through vital prenatal care while contributing to the broader goal of curbing perinatal HIV cases.

With less than 80% of reported pregnancies being screened for HIV at delivery, there’s an undeniable need to improve accessibility and awareness around these critical services.

Pricing and Payment Information

Understanding the costs associated with HIV testing can be a concern, but Indianapolis offers low-cost and affordable options, with many facilities accepting various insurance plans—empowering you to take charge of your health without financial strain.

Low cost and affordable options

Everyone deserves access to HIV and STD testing, regardless of their financial situation. That's why you can find low-cost coverage and budget-friendly alternatives for these essential health services in Indianapolis.

With the ACA's push for healthcare affordability, more Americans are getting the coverage they need. You may even be eligible for free or reduced-cost services based on your income or healthcare plan.

Affordable testing doesn't mean compromising on quality either. Clinics here accept various insurance plans, making cost-effective choices available while ensuring comprehensive care.

If you're unsure about payment information or how much it might cost you, don't hesitate to reach out to a clinic directly; they'll help navigate through accessible pricing options.

Moving onto where to get tested—several clinics around town offer privacy and professional care..

Insurance accepted

Transitioning from the affordability of HIV testing, it’s essential to know how insurance factors into your payment options. Many clinics in Indianapolis accept a variety of health insurance plans to cover the cost of HIV testing and related services.

This means if you have private insurance, Medicare, or coverage through federal programs like Medicaid, you're likely eligible for an annual HIV screening with no out-of-pocket expenses.

Navigating the financial aspect of healthcare can be complex but understanding your benefits simplifies this process. Indiana offers special programs that assist with premium assistance as well as deductibles, copays, and coinsurance for those looking to access HIV services.

With the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), more individuals are finding they have greater coverage for necessary medical care which includes routine screenings for HIV.

Clinics may also bill Medicaid or private insurers directly for preventive measures such as pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), making it easier for patients to receive comprehensive protection against HIV without financial worry.

It's important to check with your local health provider regarding which insurances are accepted at their facility so you can make informed decisions about where and when to get tested.

Where to Get Tested

Discover convenient and confidential testing locations throughout Indianapolis, ensuring you can access vital HIV services close to home—continue reading for more details on securing your health today.

Midtown Health Center

At the Midtown Health Center, you can count on receiving expert HIV and STD screening in a supportive environment. This medical facility has been a cornerstone of health in Indianapolis for nearly a century, known for its confidential testing and commitment to community wellness.

Whether you need answers or treatment, their healthcare providers are ready to assist with low-cost services that cater to everyone's needs.

This center stands out as a key player in sexual health by offering comprehensive care that goes beyond routine tests. Community outreach services at the clinic ensure that people get the education they need about prevention and have access to resources like free condoms.

With its history of reliable service and association with Planned Parenthood, Midtown Health Center is your go-to destination for trusted community health services right in the heart of Indianapolis.

Division of Student Affairs

The Division of Student Affairs is your on-campus destination for sexual health services. They provide rapid HIV testing that offers quick and confidential results, ensuring peace of mind for students who are concerned about their status.

You can also count on them to help you with screenings for other STIs such as Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, and Trichomoniasis.

Students have the advantage of easy access to these vital services right where they live and study. The department frequently organizes outreach events where they bring rapid HIV testing directly to you.

These efforts not only make testing convenient but also play a crucial role in promoting sexual health education among the student population. With valuable resources available through campus health programs, maintaining your sexual health has never been more straightforward or supported.

Free testing locations through Step-Up, Inc.

While the Division of Student Affairs provides crucial support for student health, Step-Up, Inc. expands access to vital services beyond campus borders. This organization stands out as a beacon in Indianapolis for individuals seeking confidential and critical healthcare assistance without the burden of costs.

With an unwavering commitment to community well-being, Step-Up, Inc. offers free HIV testing that delivers results within one minute—making it easier than ever to know your status promptly and privately.

Beyond rapid HIV screening, the center is equipped to perform thorough STD/STI testing at no charge. Recognizing prevention as a key component in combating the spread of infections, they also provide education on safe practices and resources for protection like free condoms.

Thanks to partnerships with local entities such as Marion County Public Health Department, these complimentary clinic services are designed not just for detection but also for prevention and peace of mind.

Serving those covered by Medicaid or without any insurance altogether demonstrates Step-Up's dedication to inclusive healthcare options in Indianapolis. The organization seamlessly integrates counseling services into their program offerings—ensuring that visitors leave with not only their physical concerns addressed but also support systems fortified against future health challenges.

Marion County Public Health Department

The Marion County Public Health Department offers a critical service for those concerned about their sexual health. Free HIV self-testing kits provide a private way to stay informed about your status.

For more in-depth services, the department also conducts free HIV testing along with Hepatitis C and STD/STI screenings. These essential services are available at their main location on 640 Eskenazi Avenue, making it convenient for Indianapolis residents to get the help they need.

Collaborative efforts between the Marion County Public Health Department, Walgreen's, and Greater Than AIDS result in additional sites where you can access free HIV testing—further proving their commitment to community health outreach and disease prevention and control.

To continue supporting public well-being, the department has teamed up with The Bell Flower Clinic and Step-Up Incorporated. They ensure that everyone in the area has opportunities for reliable STD control without facing financial barriers.

Accessibility extends beyond services offered; business hours from Monday to Wednesday accommodate various schedules so that no one is left behind when it comes to getting tested or learning more about sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

With nearly 5,000 people living with HIV in Marion County as of 2021, this work remains vital for managing public health concerns effectively.

Comparison to HIV Testing in Other Cities (e. g. , Jacksonville)

As we explore HIV testing options, it's insightful to compare services in Indianapolis to those in other cities, such as Jacksonville. This comparison can empower individuals to understand regional differences and the importance of accessible testing.

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HIV Testing: Indianapolis vs. Jacksonville

AspectIndianapolis, INJacksonville, FL
Walk-in AvailabilitySupported at select locationsVaries by facility
Appointment SchedulingEasily accessible online and by phoneAvailable, with some locations offering online options
STD Testing and TreatmentOffered at multiple venuesAvailable, includes HIV-focused clinics
PricingAffordable, insurance acceptedCost varies; some programs offer free testing
Prevention ResourcesEducation and free condoms providedEducation, condoms, and preventive services available
Community OutreachActive programs like Step-Up, Inc. reach outExtensive outreach efforts in high-risk areas
Rural AccessLower likelihood of testing, efforts to improveSimilar challenges, with initiatives to enhance access

HIV testing services vary by location, but both Indianapolis and Jacksonville demonstrate a commitment to improving access and support to their respective communities. This comparison highlights the continuous need for tailored solutions to meet local demands.

STD Prevention and Resources

Understanding the significance of STD prevention is crucial, and our array of resources ensures you're equipped with knowledge and tools for safeguarding your health—discover more on how to stay protected.

Ask questions and receive support

Having questions or concerns about STD prevention is common, and finding reliable support is crucial to maintaining sexual health. The Harm Reduction Program in Indianapolis acts as a strong pillar for the community, offering guidance on harm reduction strategies and syringe service programs.

This initiative not only educates but also equips individuals with the tools they need for safer practices.

Sexual health support extends beyond prevention; it includes access to knowledgeable staff ready to listen and provide answers on topics ranging from HIV testing to safe sex education.

Community outreach programs are actively engaged in this effort, aiming to increase STI awareness and promote public health initiatives. They strive to create an environment where asking questions is welcomed, ensuring that everyone has the chance to receive personalized counsel.

Navigating resources available for disease prevention doesn't have to be overwhelming. Allen County Department of Health serves as a comprehensive resource hub where you can get information on STD testing alongside other healthcare services like vaccinations and reproductive care advice.

This supportive network emphasizes that no concern is too small when it comes to your well-being – encouraging open dialogue ensures informed decisions about your sexual health.

Resources for free condoms and other preventive methods

Protecting yourself against sexually transmitted infections is essential for maintaining good sexual health. Indianapolis offers numerous resources that make prevention accessible and easy for everyone.

  • Free contraception is readily available in various public health centers, ensuring that individuals can engage in safe sex practices without financial barriers.
  • Safe sex resources extend beyond just condoms; many locations provide educational materials to help you understand the importance of protection during all sexual activities.
  • Sexual health education programs are offered throughout Indianapolis, empowering people with the knowledge they need to prevent HIV and other STIs.
  • STI prevention methods include more than just condoms; proper screening and awareness campaigns are also a significant part of the community efforts.
  • PrEP access has become a key strategy in preventing HIV transmission, with several clinics offering this preventive medication to those at high risk.
  • Condom availability is crucial, and Indianapolis tackles this by distributing them for free at numerous clinics and community organizations aiming for widespread accessibility.
  • STD prevention programs incorporate a holistic approach that includes testing, treatment referrals, and ongoing support to minimize infection rates across the city.

Education and outreach programs

Education and outreach programs play a critical role in STD prevention and resources. The Northeast Indiana Positive Resource Connection strides ahead with comprehensive care coordination for individuals living with HIV, offering support targeted at special populations.

They also spearhead the charge in biomedical prevention education, ensuring communities have access to current information and strategies to reduce transmission risks.

Outreach initiatives extend beyond just education; they incorporate harm reduction philosophies. Through syringe exchange programs advocated by the Harm Reduction Program of Indianapolis, individuals engage in safer practices that mitigate health risks associated with drug use.

These efforts underscore the city’s commitment to community support, directly contributing to healthier outcomes for residents who might otherwise be overlooked.

Moving forward from discussing how educational efforts help combat STDs and HIV, let's look into specific details on where you can get tested across Indianapolis.


Taking charge of your health starts with knowing your status, and in Indianapolis, the power to do so is at your fingertips. With convenient walk-in options and a variety of services offered, HIV testing has never been more accessible.

Knowledge empowers you to make informed decisions about prevention and treatment. Make use of these comprehensive resources in Indianapolis today because taking that step could be life-changing.

Start protecting yourself and others; get tested now.

For information on how HIV testing compares in different locations, such as Jacksonville, please visit our detailed guide here.


1. Where can I get an HIV test in Indianapolis?

You can get an HIV test at various health clinics, hospitals, and community centers throughout Indianapolis.

2. Is there a cost for HIV testing in Indianapolis?

Many locations offer free or low-cost HIV testing; you should check with the specific site to know their pricing.

3. How long does it take to get results from an HIV test?

Depending on the type of test used, results can be ready within 20 minutes or may take several days.

4. Can I get an anonymous HIV test in Indianapolis?

Yes, anonymous testing is available at some facilities in Indianapolis for those seeking privacy.

5. What age do you have to be to get tested for HIV without parental consent?

Individuals aged 14 and older can receive an HIV test without parental consent in Indiana.