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Understanding your HIV status is a pivotal step in maintaining not just your health but also the well-being of the community. With Jacksonville's diverse population, it's crucial to have accessible and confidential testing services that can cater to everyone’s needs.

Drawing from years of experience in public health, we recognize that knowledge is power—especially when it comes to preventing and managing HIV.

In Jacksonville, FL, you'll find a supportive network offering comprehensive HIV testing services tailored for confidentiality and convenience. Whether you opt for rapid HIV tests or full STD screenings, these facilities are equipped to provide peace of mind with results you can trust swiftly.

Fact: The Center for Disease Control and Prevention encourages everyone between the ages of 13 and 64 to undergo HIV testing at least once as part of routine healthcare—a testament to its importance regardless of perceived risk.

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Key Takeaways

  • Jacksonville offers a range of HIV testing services, including rapid tests, full STD screenings, and confidential counseling at local clinics and via mobile units that visit various neighborhoods for convenient access.
  • Many HIV testing options are free or covered under public and private insurance plans; additional financial support may be available through grant-funded programs reaching up to $150 per test.
  • The Florida Department of Health in Duval provides walk – in HIV testing without the need for an appointment. Testing is also made accessible with Area 4 Mobile Testing and AHF Wellness Center locations throughout Jacksonville.
  • Special events like National HIV Testing Day on June 27th highlight the importance of knowing your status, as well as ongoing opportunities listed by organizations such as UF CARES and the AIDS Healthcare Foundation's Mobile Testing Unit.
  • Free and confidential testing ensures privacy for all individuals seeking to know their HIV status. This includes anonymity at mobile unit sites where results can often be received within minutes.

HIV Services in Jacksonville, FL

A diverse group of individuals waiting in a modern clinic lobby.

Jacksonville, Florida offers a comprehensive range of HIV testing services tailored to meet the needs of its community, ensuring accessible and reliable options for those seeking to know their status.

From rapid tests with quick results to full screenings at no cost, residents can take advantage of various facilities equipped to provide confidential and supportive care.

Available testing options

If you're seeking HIV testing services in Jacksonville, FL, a variety of options are available to fit your needs. Whether you need rapid results or more comprehensive screening, local clinics and mobile units are equipped to assist you.

  • Rapid HIV testing can provide peace of mind with results in less than 30 minutes.
  • Low – cost HIV tests are offered at several locations for those without insurance or on a budget.
  • Confidential herpes testing is carried out with discretion and care to ensure privacy.
  • Chlamydia testing is routinely available for early detection and treatment.
  • Syphilis testing is critical for identifying and managing this infection effectively.
  • Gonorrhea tests are conducted using the latest medical guidelines for accurate outcomes.
  • Mobile testing units roam throughout the community, providing easy access to various services.
  • Preventative education accompanies testing services to inform individuals about safe practices.
  • STD testing clinics offer a full spectrum of screenings beyond HIV, covering several sexually transmitted infections.

Pricing and payment information

Understanding the different HIV testing options available is crucial, but it's equally important to know how these services will affect your wallet. Most HIV testing and counseling services in Jacksonville may be covered under public or private insurance plans, so you should always check with your provider about eligibility.

This ensures that you can access vital health care without worrying about unforeseen costs.

Clinics have applied micro-costing methods to set fair prices for rapid HIV testing and counseling while maintaining high-quality standards. They exclude research-related expenses, making these tests more affordable for everyday needs.

Keep in mind that some organizations offer grant-funded programs which allow eligible participants to receive reimbursement up to $150 per test not performed. For healthcare providers offering these crucial services, contracts are available providing an avenue for both service delivery and financial support.

Finally, if you're looking at funding allocation opportunities within the community healthcare system, numerous initiatives exist that aim to enhance the reach of HIV outreach and testing through grants and contract funding specifically designated for this purpose.

These efforts ensure continued support towards preventing new infections and promoting a healthier community across Jacksonville.

Walk-in information

After considering how much HIV testing might cost, it's comforting to know you have the option to just walk in and get tested. At many locations throughout Jacksonville, including the Florida Department of Health in Duval, no appointment is necessary for routine HIV screening.

These centers offer flexibility for those with busy schedules or for anyone who decides on the spur of a moment that today is the right day for their health screening.

Also offering stress-free access to vital services are various mobile healthcare units which circulate through Jacksonville, providing not only HIV and STD testing but also essential sexual health resources like free condoms and PrEP guidance.

These mobile units prioritize convenience and privacy, ensuring that you can receive top-notch medical care wherever they're parked in your neighborhood.

Other services provided

Beyond just walk-in HIV testing, Jacksonville offers a comprehensive range of services designed to address all facets of HIV care. From education and support to treatment and prevention, the array of services meets the diverse needs of the community.

  • Confidential Rapid HIV Testing: Quick and private testing is available for those seeking immediate results about their HIV status.
  • STD Testing and Treatment: Beyond HIV, clinics in Jacksonville also provide thorough screening and advanced treatments for sexually transmitted diseases.
  • HIV/AIDS Education and Support: Individuals receive vital information on living with the virus and access to supportive communities for coping and thriving.
  • HIV Care and Treatment Services: State-of-the-art medical care is provided for persons living with HIV, ensuring they receive necessary medications and therapies.
  • HIV Prevention Services: Strategies like PrEP (Pre-exposure Prophylaxis) are available to reduce the risk of contracting HIV.
  • Integrated Care Services: For those diagnosed with HIV, an integrated approach ensures coordination between various aspects of treatment and support services.
  • Training and Education Programs: UF CARES acts as a regional hub, offering professional training to enhance knowledge concerning prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of HIV/AIDS.
  • Data Transparency: Agencies share statistics related to HIV prevalence, new diagnoses, and success rates in treatments within Jacksonville's Metropolitan Statistical Area—empowering community awareness with hard data.
  • Support Coordination for Residents Living with HIV: Comprehensive assistance programs are in place providing guidance through the challenges faced by individuals diagnosed with HIV.

Location of Testing Centers

A diverse group of people entering a modern HIV testing center.

Discovering your nearest HIV testing center in Jacksonville is straightforward and convenient, with multiple facilities scattered across the city ready to provide you with the support and services you need.

Jacksonville Health Center

The Jacksonville Health Center stands at the forefront of HIV/AIDS testing in the local community. With a commitment to privacy, you can expect anonymous and confidential services when getting tested here.

The center goes beyond just testing; it pours extensive resources into educating the public about HIV awareness, offering over 2400 free rapid tests annually to individuals throughout Jacksonville.

You will find a variety of test options available, including rapid tests that give results swiftly and accurately. This ensures that everyone has access to crucial health information in a timely manner.

The center's approach is not only proactive but also compassionate – each individual is treated with respect and receives comprehensive support throughout their visit.

Eager for more services? AHF Wellness Center offers additional testing opportunities as an extension of our community health initiative.

AHF Wellness Center

At AHF Wellness Center in Jacksonville, your sexual health is a top priority. Offering comprehensive HIV and STD testing, the center ensures quick and easy access to essential services without charging a fee.

Located conveniently at 2 Shircliff Way, Suite #900, you can expect a welcoming environment that respects your privacy and provides quality care.

Expert counselors at the center are ready to support you through the testing process with professional advice and treatment options if needed. Whether it's for routine checkups or urgent sexual health concerns, AHF Wellness Center stands as an accessible point of care for maintaining your wellbeing.

Area 4 Mobile Testing

Area 4 Mobile Testing hits the road to deliver crucial sexual health services directly to communities in Jacksonville. As a cornerstone of remote access healthcare, these mobile units are equipped to offer rapid HIV testing alongside screening for chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis—all at no cost.

The Office of Disease Control's Comprehensive Care Center backs this initiative with counseling services as well, reinforcing the importance of early disease detection and preventative healthcare.

Reaching out especially to younger demographics and residents in geographically isolated areas, Area 4 Mobile Testing stands out by providing convenience without the compromise on quality or privacy.

These mobile clinics play an integral role in community outreach by making free STD testing readily available where it's most needed. Engaging with these services ensures that vital education and support are just around the corner for many who would otherwise be underserved in their fight against HIV and other sexually transmitted infections.

Mobile HIV/STD Testing

Building on the foundation set by Area 4 mobile testing initiatives, Jacksonville takes proactive steps to combat HIV and other STDs through a robust mobile screening program. These traveling units extend the reach of traditional health centers, providing onsite testing at various community gatherings, local events, and even in neighborhoods where healthcare services may be limited.

The goal is simple: make it easy for you to get tested wherever you are.

The Florida Department of Health in Duval coordinates these efforts by deploying specialized mobile units equipped with the latest diagnostic tools. At places like JASMYN and throughout Jacksonville’s diverse communities, skilled professionals offer free tests for HIV as well as Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, and Syphilis without hassle or judgment.

More than just testing sites; these units also bring valuable health education programs directly to citizens—empowering individuals with knowledge about prevention and early detection.

AHF Wellness Centers supplement these public health measures with their own fleet of mobile testers who show up where they're most needed. From strategic stops at pharmacies to planned visits at local institutions, the AHF provides seamless access to critical preventative healthcare services across Jacksonville.

They stand committed not only to identifying sexually transmitted infections but also ensuring those affected receive proper guidance towards treatment options and supportive resources within their community.


Transitioning from the convenience of mobile HIV/STD testing, MTU Jax emerges as a pivotal player in Jacksonville's public health landscape. This service spotlights the commitment to accessible community health by dispatching two state-of-the-art mobile units throughout different neighborhoods.

Each unit is not just a vehicle but a beacon of hope, offering free HIV testing that's not only expertly administered but also entirely confidential. The goal is clear: to reach individuals who might otherwise have limited access to such crucial healthcare services.

The distinct advantage of MTU Jax lies in its mobility—the units travel directly to local hotspots and events, ensuring HIV testing facilities are within arm's reach for residents across Jacksonville, FL.

These roaming wellness centers redefine convenience in community outreach programs while upholding the utmost standards for privacy and accuracy during testing procedures. They facilitate early detection and peace of mind without the price tag or paperwork hurdles often associated with healthcare.

Understanding the dynamic nature of our lives, these mobile units operate at various times and places suited to fit diverse schedules and lifestyles within the community. Citizens can stay informed about when and where these mobile testing services will be available next through regular updates on their schedule.

It’s this adaptive approach that keeps MTU Jax at the forefront of preventive health measures against HIV—making it easier than ever for Jacksonville locals to take proactive steps toward maintaining their well-being.

Hours and Contact Information

Understanding the importance of HIV testing in safeguarding your health and the well-being of the community can't be overstated. Ensure you stay informed about your status by utilizing the various HIV testing services available in Jacksonville. Reach out to your closest testing center or explore the convenience of mobile testing units today. Take that step towards a healthier tomorrow by getting tested now—it's confidential and, in many cases, free.

Mobile Testing Services

5. Mobile Testing Services:.

Jacksonville extends its HIV testing reach with innovative mobile services, providing convenient access to screenings at various locations throughout the community. These units serve not only for widespread testing but also as platforms for education and resource distribution, ensuring a comprehensive approach to public health outreach.

Mobile Units

Mobile Units in Jacksonville are on the move, providing essential healthcare services right where they're needed most. These mobile clinics hit the road to deliver free HIV and STD testing across the community, making prevention and education more accessible than ever.

They target areas with limited healthcare facilities or those that have high rates of sexually transmitted infections, ensuring no one is left behind.

The Florida Department of Health in Duval recognizes the importance of reaching out. Their Mobile Unit extends its services beyond traditional settings, bringing testing directly to people who might otherwise miss out due to transportation issues or busy schedules.

Similarly, AHF's Mobile Testing Units create a web of support throughout Jacksonville by offering life-saving screenings at various locations such as Wellness Centers and pharmacies.

Convenience meets comprehensive care with these units; not only do they test for HIV/AIDS but also other diseases like Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, and Syphilis—all free of charge. The units embrace a holistic approach to health by including additional services such as co-morbidity testing and dental care within their mobile operations.

This coordinated outreach ensures broad access to preventive health services for all members of the community.

Schedule of upcoming events

Staying informed about HIV testing events in Jacksonville is crucial for maintaining your health. Mark your calendar with these important dates to take advantage of free and confidential services.

  • Florida Department of Health Events: Scheduled throughout the year, the Florida Department of Health in Duval hosts numerous mobile HIV/STD testing events. For instance, upcoming sessions on February 23 from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM and another on March 18 from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM offer on-the-spot STD and HIV screening.
  • Duval HIVCareNow Calendar: Regular testing opportunities are listed such as in-house HIV and STD checks starting at 8:00 AM until midnight on January 3, 2024. Further outreach includes the CAN Community Health Medical Mobile Unit appearing on site from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM to administer tests.
  • UF CARES Interaction: By following UF CARES on Facebook, individuals can stay updated about upcoming HIV testing events they host. Their proactive social media presence ensures you won't miss their next event.
  • National Testing Day Recognition: Every June 27 marks National HIV Testing Day, a day dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of knowing one's HIV status. Special events are often organized across Jacksonville in observance of this critical public health initiative.
  • AHF Wellness Centers Participation: Committed to stopping HIV/AIDS, AHF offers free testing routinely at their Wellness Centers, ensuring accessibility for all seeking to know their status.
  • Community Outreach Via AHF Mobile Testing Unit: The AIDS Healthcare Foundation's Mobile Testing Unit extends its reach into the community by setting up at various locations in Jacksonville. These units bring free rapid HIV testing directly to neighborhoods, increasing convenience for residents.

Event information and contact

Moving from the schedule of upcoming events, it's essential to have clear contact details for any questions or assistance you may need. If you're interested in knowing more about mobile testing services and how to participate, reach out directly by calling the Florida Department of Health in Duval at 904-253-1886.

They are ready to provide information on participating health fairs and events that offer free rapid HIV testing.

Are you looking to include HIV care and services at your organization's event? Visit UFHealthJax.org/ufcares or utilize the University of Florida Pediatrics website form to arrange for these critical health department services.

Mobile units can come to your location, making it easier than ever for everyone in Jacksonville to access free and confidential HIVSTD testing services.

Free and Confidential Testing

Jacksonville takes your privacy seriously, especially when it comes to HIV testing. Get tested without worry at any of the local clinics that prioritize confidentiality and respect for all individuals.

No personal information is disclosed without consent, ensuring that each person can seek the healthcare they need in a safe and private environment.

If you're uncomfortable or concerned about being seen at a clinic, mobile testing units are the solution. They roll into various neighborhoods across Jacksonville, offering anonymous HIV tests right on the spot.

The process is simple and fast—often giving results within minutes—and no one aside from you and the health professional will know your status.

HIV testing should never be a financial burden either. You'll find numerous facilities providing these essential services free of charge, breaking down barriers to healthcare access.

This commitment helps everyone in our community stay informed about their sexual health so they can live healthier lives without fear of stigmatization or financial strain.

How to Find the Nearest Testing Location

Finding the nearest HIV and STD testing center is essential for maintaining your health. Here's a simple guide to help you locate a convenient testing facility:

  • Start by visiting the National HIV, STD, and Viral Hepatitis Testing Resources website. This service from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) makes it easy to search for local options.
  • Use mobile STD testing services if you need a test but can't make it to a clinic. These units travel around Jacksonville, offering flexible locations and times.
  • Check out the Florida Department of Health in Duval's schedule to see when their mobile HIV/STD testing unit will be close to you. They regularly visit different spots throughout Jacksonville.
  • Look for nearby testing facilities using online maps or health – related apps. Just enter your current location and search for HIV or STD testing centers.
  • Reach out directly to places like Jacksonville Health Center or AHF Wellness Center. They provide comprehensive testing resources in the area and can give you exact details about their services.
  • Explore local community boards or health forums online. Other community members often share information about the closest viral hepatitis, HIV, or STD testing centers.
  • Attend scheduled events where free and confidential tests are offered. Keep an eye on announcements from organizations like MTU Jax that host such events.
  • Contact nearest HIV and STD testing sites directly through phone numbers provided on their websites to inquire about walk-in options or to set up an appointment according to your availability.

Other HIV Testing Resources (with a link to HIV Testing in Jersey City for comparative information)

Jacksonville is not the only city where you can get tested for HIV; neighboring areas also offer such services. For instance, Jersey City provides comprehensive screening options for HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.

Residents there can access tests for Gonorrhea, Syphilis, Chlamydia, and Trichomoniasis along with their HIV screening. This wide-ranging approach ensures that individuals are well-informed about their sexual health status.

Reflecting on a broader scale, the 2021 Annual HIV Testing Report reveals insights into national testing efforts – showing over 1.7 million CDC-funded tests conducted predominantly in healthcare settings.

With online tools like those from AIDSVu and HIV.gov at your disposal, finding nearby testing sites becomes much simpler nationwide. These platforms do more than just inform; they actively promote important health events like National HIV Testing Day to motivate residents across the country to learn their status.

Beyond locating services, strategic planning documents and fact sheets deliver crucial statistics and recommendations from top health authorities such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

They guide both individuals seeking testing and professionals delivering care towards best practices in managing HIV prevention measures.

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Taking care of your health is a journey that includes regular checkups and screenings, like HIV testing. Jacksonville's variety of accessible centers and mobile units make it easier for everyone to get tested.

Embrace the opportunity for peace of mind or the first step toward treatment by utilizing these services. Remember, knowledge about your status empowers you to make informed decisions about your health.

Make HIV testing a part of your routine healthcare today.

For more information on HIV testing services in other cities, check out our guide for HIV Testing in Jersey City.


1. Where can I get an HIV test in Jacksonville?

Numerous clinics and healthcare facilities in Jacksonville offer confidential HIV testing services.

2. Is HIV testing available for free in Jacksonville?

Yes, there are selected locations in Jacksonville that provide free HIV testing; check local health resources for details.

3. How long does it take to get results from an HIV test?

Results can vary from a few minutes with rapid tests to a couple of weeks for standard laboratory tests.

4. Can I get an at-home HIV test kit in Jacksonville?

At-home HIV test kits are available at pharmacies and online retailers throughout the Jacksonville area.

5. Should everyone get tested for HIV?

It is advisable for anyone who has been exposed to risk factors or who wants peace of mind regarding their status to undergo an HIV test.