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HIV Testing Long Beach

Understanding your sexual health status is a crucial aspect of maintaining overall wellness, yet the subject often harbors uncertainties and misconceptions. As an advocate for comprehensive health education with years of experience in supporting communities through awareness initiatives, I assert that knowledge and accessibility to testing are fundamental tools in the endeavor against HIV.

In Long Beach, we recognize this importance and strive to provide residents with accurate information and ample resources for HIV testing and STI screening.

The reality is encouraging—Long Beach has committed itself as a beacon of support, offering free confidential HIV testing services that stand as testament to its dedication to public health.

These efforts not only empower individuals but also contribute significantly towards curbing the spread within the community. This article unpacks all you need to know about where and how you can get tested, because knowing is the key step towards protection.

Let's explore together.

Key Takeaways

  • Long Beach offers a wide range of free and confidential HIV testing and STI screening options at various facilities, such as Out of the Closet – Long Beach, the Long Beach Health Center, AHF Wellness Center, and The LGBTQ Center Long Beach.
  • Comprehensive sexual health services in Long Beach include rapid HIV tests with results in as little as one minute, STD/STI Testing for multiple infections, treatment options for positive diagnoses, prevention education programs, PrEP & PEP counseling, and affordability with low-cost or no-cost services.
  • Los Angeles County prioritizes HIV testing awareness with initiatives like deploying Community Health Workers and updating strategies through plans that ensure residents know their status to prevent transmission effectively.

Overview of HIV and STI Testing in Long Beach

A modern HIV testing center with state-of-the-art equipment and welcoming environment.

In Long Beach, a network of dedicated centers provides comprehensive HIV and STI testing services tailored to meet community needs. These facilities utilize modern diagnostic technologies to ensure prompt, reliable results for those seeking peace of mind and early intervention in their sexual health.

Out of the Closet – Long Beach

Out of the Closet – Long Beach stands out as more than just a thrift store. It is a pivotal spot where shopping and HIV prevention services come together under one roof. This unique establishment offers rapid, confidential HIV testing absolutely free of charge, making it easy for anyone to take an important step in managing their sexual health.

Besides finding great deals on vintage finds and everyday wear, visitors get access to vital AHF Pharmacy services. The organization thrives on community support and gives back by accepting clothing donations that help fund HIV prevention and care programs.

As you browse through assorted racks filled with treasures, you can also safeguard your well-being with health services conveniently available at this non-profit beacon in the heart of Long Beach.

The atmosphere at Out of the Closet – Long Beach invites openness and action towards better health outcomes without judgment or hesitation. Whether you're there for the retro-chic jackets or to utilize the discreet STI testing facilities, you are partaking in a larger movement towards awareness and wellness within your community.

Long Beach Health Center

The Long Beach Health Center stands at the forefront of sexual health services in the area, offering a comprehensive suite of HIV and STD testing, diagnosis, and treatment options.

Here you can find confidential care for herpes, chlamydia, gonorrhea, genital warts, and syphilis among other sexually transmitted diseases. The center's reputation is built on its commitment to public health and its strong ties with environmental health sectors and community clinics.

Dedicated professionals at the center work tirelessly to provide top-notch medical advice and support for those in need of sexual health services. They ensure that each individual receives personalized attention designed to address their specific concerns with sensitivity and respect.

Payment shouldn't be a barrier when it comes to essential healthcare; hence the Long Beach Health Center has structured their pricing to accommodate diverse financial situations—making critical testing accessible for all.

Timely intervention is key in managing STIs effectively. This truth drives the staff at Long Beach Health Center as they engage with patients from all walks of life assuring them swift results along with thorough guidance on prevention strategies or subsequent steps following a diagnosis.

With quality service being paramountly important, this hub simplifies navigating through often complex procedures associated with sexual health maintenance within the local community.

Services offered

At the heart of Long Beach's efforts to promote sexual health are the comprehensive services aimed at preventing and managing sexually transmitted infections. Offering a spectrum of options, these services meet a range of needs within the community. Here are some of the key offerings:

  • STD/STI Testing: Clinics across Long Beach provide detailed testing for HIV, Syphilis, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, and other STIs. They ensure confidentiality and accuracy in their results.
  • Rapid HIV Tests: Quick and convenient rapid HIV testing is available, delivering results in as little as one minute from just a small drop of blood.
  • Treatment Options: Individuals who test positive for an STI have access to current STD treatment protocols to manage their condition effectively.
  • Prevention Education: Programs highlight how to avoid STIs and outline steps for safe sexual practices, promoting overall sexual health.
  • PrEP & PEP Counseling: Counseling services support those interested in pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) or post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP), vital tools in HIV prevention.
  • Affordable Services: Free STD testing centers offer low-cost or no-cost services to ensure everyone has access regardless of financial situation.

Prices and payment methods

Understanding the costs and payment methods for STI testing is crucial for those seeking services in Long Beach. Here's a concise outline of what you can expect in terms of expenses and how you can pay for the services rendered.

ServiceCostPayment Methods Accepted
STI Tests (Standard)$52.50*Cash, Credit/Debit Cards
STI Tests with Family PACTFreeN/A
STD Testing and TreatmentVariesPayment at Time of Service
Lab Testing Fees$8 – $150Cash, Credit/Debit Cards
At-home Tests$35 – $175 per testCash, Credit/Debit Cards

*Prices are subject to change.

This table provides a snapshot of the financial aspect of obtaining STI testing in Long Beach. Remember, payment is typically due at the time of service, ensuring you receive the prompt and confidential care you need. If you are covered by Family PACT, a program that provides reproductive health services in California, you may be eligible for free testing. Always check with the service provider for the most current pricing and payment options.

STI Basics and What You Should Know

A young couple discussing sexual health in a cozy living room.

Understanding the basics of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) is a critical step in safeguarding your health, and with our comprehensive insights into STI awareness, you'll be equipped to make informed decisions about testing and prevention.


Syphilis is a serious sexually transmitted infection caused by the bacterium Treponema pallidum. If left untreated, it progresses through primary and secondary stages that can lead to long-term health issues.

It's tricky because early symptoms may be mild and easy to overlook, but catching syphilis early means treatment is simple and effective.

The risk of transmitting HIV increases if you have syphilis due to open sores or ulcers around the genitals. This makes testing for STIs like syphilis especially crucial for anyone who's sexually active.

In Long Beach, studies show that 21 percent of pregnant individuals were not screened for this infection. Such statistics underscore the importance of regular screening as part of sexual health responsibility.

Knowing your status helps protect not just your own health but also that of others you care about. With increased awareness and testing, we can reduce the spread of syphilis and its complications in our community.

Next on our list is Gonorrhea—another common STI you should be informed about.


Moving from syphilis to another critical STI, gonorrhea is a common infection that often exhibits few or no symptoms. It's important for sexually active individuals in Long Beach to understand that this STD can affect the genitals, rectum, and throat.

Quick action and awareness are crucial because untreated gonorrhea not only causes complications on its own but also increases susceptibility to HIV.

Testing for gonorrhea should be routine if you're sexually active, especially since services at Long Beach sexual health clinics are readily available. With proper STD testing, treatment options can quickly curb the spread of the infection.

Moreover, those diagnosed with trichomoniasis are advised to get tested for gonorrhea as well due to the prevalence of co-infection. Remembering these steps ensures proactive management of your sexual health and protects against more serious conditions linked with untreated infections.


While gonorrhea presents its own set of challenges, chlamydia is another STD that requires our attention. Chlamydia testing is critical for sexually active individuals because this infection often hides without symptoms, silently causing harm.

This silent nature makes sexual health education and awareness vital for prevention and early detection. Using condoms during sex can greatly reduce the risk of transmission, but routine screenings are the best defense against this stealthy invader.

Chlamydia treatment options are effective when applied promptly; thus, recognizing STI symptoms early can prevent serious complications such as increased vulnerability to HIV transmission.

The fact that untreated chlamydia may bolster chances of acquiring or transmitting HIV underscores the importance of regular check-ups and STD prevention strategies. Everyone engaging in sexual activity deserves to be informed about their risks and encouraged to seek out resources for maintaining optimal sexual health.

Additional STI Screening Resources

Long Beach offers a wealth of resources for additional STI screening, ensuring residents have access to comprehensive sexual health services beyond HIV testing. From local care agencies providing preventative strategies like PEP and PrEP to specialized wellness centers, individuals seeking thorough examinations are well-supported within the community.

Local HIV/STI Care Agencies

Local HIV/STI Care Agencies play a crucial role in safeguarding the health of Long Beach communities. Student Health Services at area colleges offer private and confidential testing for STIs like syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, and HIV.

These services ensure that individuals can access essential screenings conveniently on campus.

The California Department of Public Health extends its support with reliable counseling and testing services tailored to meet community needs. They focus on providing comprehensive care that not only includes initial screening but also embraces follow-up treatments if necessary.

With evidence-based prevention strategies in place, these agencies strive to reduce the transmission rates of HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections.

Additional support comes from specialized STD clinics within the city. These clinics are equipped with modern technologies to conduct advanced screenings like HCV treatment, elevating Long Beach's capacity for HIV prevention through innovative express visits and self-testing options.

Emphasizing discretion and thoroughness, they give residents confidence in receiving quality sexual health services without stigma or judgement.

Preventative Care

Building a bridge from care agencies to personal health practices, preventative care emerges as a crucial front in the battle against STIs and HIV. Regular sexual health screenings form the cornerstone of effective prevention, empowering individuals with knowledge about their status.

The Preventive Health Clinic in Long Beach stands ready to provide comprehensive services, including STD testing and risk reduction education so you can make informed decisions about your well-being.

Emphasizing proactive measures not only charts a course for healthier living but also fortifies community health as a whole. Integrated HIV/STI care involves tailored strategies such as Prevention Education Programs that are essential for curbing infection rates.

Consistent use of prevention techniques like condoms, timely STI treatment, and engaging in sexual health counseling significantly minimizes risks. With these efforts combined, we pave the way toward robust protection and enhanced peace of mind.


Shifting focus to proactive measures, Long Beach takes HIV prevention seriously by offering comprehensive resources for PEP and PrEP. With these tools, the city provides protection strategies at the forefront of sexual health innovation.

Post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) involves taking antiretroviral medications within 72 hours after a possible exposure to HIV. This emergency intervention can be crucial for someone who has had unprotected sex or shared needles during drug use.

On the other hand, pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) is a preventive measure for those who do not have HIV but are at substantial risk of contracting it. By regularly taking PrEP medication as prescribed, individuals significantly reduce their chances of getting HIV from sex or injection drug use.

AltaMed's services in Long Beach include providing access to both PEP and PrEP as part of its dedication to exceptional care and prevention in the community. These programs underline the city’s commitment to staying ahead in combating this public health concern through effective treatment options and support resources available before an individual may even be exposed to the virus.

Support for the LGBTQ+ Community

5. Support for the LGBTQ+ Community: The LGBTQ Center Long Beach stands as a beacon of inclusion, providing comprehensive health services and support tailored to meet the unique needs of this vibrant community.

Its initiatives bolster both physical and mental well-being, fostering an environment where every individual is respected and empowered in their journey towards holistic health.

The LGBTQ Center Long Beach

The LGBTQ Center Long Beach stands at the forefront of providing free rapid HIV testing and STI screening tailored to meet the needs of the LGBTQ+ community. Their services are by appointment, ensuring confidential and personal attention for each individual seeking help.

For those needing immediate results, walk-up testing may be available during specific hours. Emphasizing convenience alongside care, this center prioritizes both accessibility and privacy for its clients.

At its core, The LGBTQ Center Long Beach is more than just a clinic; it’s an advocacy powerhouse championing equity within healthcare. With culturally responsive education and a suite of programs designed with LGBTQ individuals in mind, they offer a beacon of hope where marginalized communities can find support and affirmation.

From organizing social groups that provide safe spaces to linking individuals to PrEP resources, their holistic approach embodies inclusive support while addressing critical health concerns.

Aiding beyond physical wellness, mental health peer support groups form part of their comprehensive assistance network. This nurturing environment enables connection among members who share similar experiences or challenges related to sexual health or identity acceptance—facilitating not only healing but also fostering resilience within the community they so diligently serve.

AHF Wellness Center

At the AHF Wellness Center, individuals find a welcoming space that prioritizes their sexual health. Every visitor can expect confidential testing for STDs, supported by knowledgeable staff dedicated to maintaining privacy and offering support.

Health and wellness services extend beyond just screening; the center also provides comprehensive care for those who test positive, ensuring that everyone has access to necessary treatments.

The clinic sets itself apart with its community-focused approach, opening its doors widely to provide free STD treatment. Your visit will be handled efficiently, enabling you to receive results promptly without unnecessary stress or worry.

With an emphasis on comfort and accessibility, the AHF Wellness Center stands out as a reliable resource for sexual health testing in Long Beach.

HIV Testing in Los Angeles and the Importance of Regional Testing Awareness

Building on the health services offered at venues like the AHF Wellness Center, Los Angeles County continues to be a stalwart in supporting comprehensive HIV testing across its communities.

Not only does frequent and accessible screening serve individuals, but it also strengthens public health as a whole. The county's dedication mirrors broader objectives of identifying and caring for those affected by HIV/AIDS.

Embracing programs that fund HIV screening ensures that residents have ample opportunity to know their status, an essential step in curbing transmission.

Los Angeles has embraced strategies such as deploying Community Health Workers to break down barriers of stigma, particularly within Latino communities. These interventions are vital for fostering an environment where all feel safe to seek out testing without fear or shame.

Alongside this community-focused approach, there is relentless progress made through initiatives like the Integrated HIV Prevention and Care Plan which continuously updates data on resources available for those seeking information or treatment.

This effort extends far beyond mere awareness; it actively promotes engagement with prevention measures such as PEP & PrEP while ensuring rapid tests are more widely implemented — especially in critical settings like labor and delivery wards in hospitals throughout Los Angeles County.

These steps taken by healthcare providers reflect recommendations from entities including the CDC and California Department of Public Health, reinforcing regional commitment towards eradicating the impact of HIV on affected populations.

Free HIV Testing & STI Screening Facilities

Discover a sense of security and empowerment with Long Beach's accessible free HIV testing and STI screening facilities, designed to provide confidential and supportive services tailored to the needs of our community.

Health Center

The Long Beach Health Center stands as a beacon for comprehensive sexual health services, offering confidential STD testing and treatment. With nearly a century of service, the center has earned trust from generations of residents seeking reliable reproductive health care.

Patrons can receive screenings for herpes, chlamydia, gonorrhea, genital warts, and syphilis without worry over their privacy being compromised.

This community cornerstone not only provides STD treatment options but also engages in preventative healthcare services designed to curb the spread of infections. The Health Center's resources offer crucial insights into California's STD statistics, empowering individuals with information to make informed decisions about their sexual health.

Attendees benefit from free STD screenings conducted by knowledgeable professionals who understand the nuances of effective communication within healthcare settings.

Committed to serving all members of its diverse community, Long Beach Health Center remains an important player in safeguarding public health through accessible services. As part of an ongoing effort to address and prevent STIs and HIV/AIDS efficiently within the region, this institution adapts continually to meet the evolving needs of those it serves.

Sexual Health Clinic

At our Sexual Health Clinic in Long Beach, experienced professionals offer comprehensive STD testing and treatment services. Come in for confidential screenings that cover a broad range of sexually transmitted infections including HIV, syphilis, and genital warts.

Our team ensures your privacy with anonymous testing options, giving you peace of mind while taking care of your sexual health needs.

You can rely on the latest protocols for accurate results whether seeking chlamydia screening or gonorrhea testing. If treatment is necessary, the clinic provides effective options customized to individual situations.

Quick appointments coupled with expert advice make it simpler than ever to handle sensitive health concerns responsibly and discreetly.


Now you know where to find HIV testing services in Long Beach, complete with support and confidentiality that respect your privacy. Explore the variety of centers available, from local health clinics to specialized programs for the LGBTQ+ community.

Remember, early detection is key to managing HIV effectively. Consider these resources a gateway to peace of mind and proactive healthcare. Taking this step could be one of the most important decisions for your long-term wellness.


1. Where can I get an HIV test in Long Beach?

You can find HIV testing at local clinics, hospitals, and community centers throughout Long Beach.

2. Is HIV testing confidential in Long Beach?

Yes, all HIV tests are confidential in Long Beach to protect your privacy.

3. Are there free HIV testing options available in Long Beach?

Free HIV testing is provided at some clinics and events around Long Beach for those who need it.

4. How quickly can I receive my results from an HIV test in Long Beach?

Many sites offer rapid HIV tests that provide results within 30 minutes.

5. Do I need an appointment for an HIV test in Long Beach or can I walk-in?

Some facilities allow walk-ins for an HIV test, while others require you to schedule an appointment first.