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HIV Testing Los Angeles

Understanding your health status is not just a personal concern; it's a crucial step towards safeguarding public well-being. Los Angeles, the sprawling metropolis known for its sunny skies and cultural diversity, also grapples with significant public health challenges, including HIV/AIDS.

My experience in the field of sexual health services has equipped me with an extensive understanding of this issue—knowledge that I am committed to sharing with you. The city’s proactive stance on providing accessible and confidential HIV testing reflects my personal mission to empower individuals through informed healthcare choices.

Recognizing that over 13,500 people in Los Angeles County are living unknowingly with HIV underscores the urgency of regular testing as both a preventative measure and gateway to treatment options.

This blog aims to unravel where you can get tested, what services are provided, and most importantly—the life-saving difference these tests can make. Stay informed; your wellbeing may depend on it.

Let's explore together how getting tested is easier than you might think.

Key Takeaways

  • Los Angeles provides free, confidential HIV and STD testing through the Division of HIV and STD Programs with multiple sites across the county.
  • LGBTQ+ individuals in LA can access specialized sexual health services, including PrEP and PEP prescriptions, at centers like APLA Health.
  • Most new health insurance plans cover HIV screening at no extra cost for people between ages 15 and 65; free testing options are also widely available for those without insurance.
  • Walk – in clinics offer convenient, immediate testing without an appointment necessary—a simple way to stay informed about your sexual health.
  • Beyond testing, comprehensive support such as counseling and treatments for existing patients helps create a supportive community committed to individual well-being.

Division of HIV and STD Programs

A diverse group receiving HIV and STD testing in a modern clinic.

The Division of HIV and STD Programs in Los Angeles stands at the forefront of public health, dedicated to curtailing the spread of HIV through accessible and comprehensive testing services.

This vital initiative not only serves as a beacon of hope but also as a critical resource for prevention and early detection efforts within the community.

Offering free testing

Residents in Los Angeles can access free HIV and STD screenings provided by the Division of HIV and STD Programs, eliminating the worry about cost as a barrier to getting tested. With several testing sites available, individuals have convenient options to check their status and gain peace of mind.

These services are crucial for early detection, which is essential in managing and preventing the spread of these health conditions.

In addition to site-based tests, California's Office of AIDS has launched the TakeMeHome program that delivers free HIV self-tests directly to your home. This innovative approach ensures privacy and accessibility for those who prefer testing in their own space.

With both traditional site testing and at-home solutions offered at no charge, Los Angeles is taking significant steps toward improving public health through increased access to critical HIV prevention services.

Current testing site schedule

Accessing the most up-to-date HIV testing site schedule in Los Angeles is just a phone call away. Interested individuals can contact the Division of HIV and STD Programs at (323) 629-3411 for details.

This ensures that everyone looking to get tested knows exactly when and where services are available.

The availability of free HIV/STD screening through the Division makes it easier for locals to take charge of their sexual health without worrying about costs. They provide an array of services across various locations, ensuring convenient access to vital health resources.

For current schedules and more information on Los Angeles STD testing options, reaching out directly will give you the quickest answers to plan your visit accordingly.


Finding a convenient testing site in Los Angeles for HIV and STDs is easy thanks to the Division of HIV and STD Programs. They operate multiple locations across the county, ensuring that you can get tested wherever you are.

One central hub for these services is located at 3250 Wilshire Blvd, where they provide confidential testing along with vital support services.

The STD Clinic at 17th Street Testing and Treatment also offers comprehensive screening and treatment options. This clinic operates under the umbrella of the Orange County Health Care Agency, catering specifically to sexually transmitted diseases beyond just HIV.

After discussing various testing sites in Los Angeles, let's explore the sexual health services available for LGBTQ+ individuals.

Sexual Health Services for LGBTQ+

A diverse group of LGBTQ+ individuals receiving sexual health services.

In Los Angeles, LGBTQ+ individuals have access to dedicated sexual health services that cater specifically to their unique needs. This includes comprehensive HIV and STI testing, along with essential preventative care measures and treatments tailored for the community.

HIV and STI testing

The Center provides comprehensive sexual health services for the LGBTQ+ community, including essential HIV and STI testing. With a foundation built on non-judgmental support, they embrace all individuals seeking care.

Tests are confidential and conducted by professionals who specialize in LGBTQ+ healthcare. Rapid results mean you can receive information swiftly, allowing for immediate peace of mind or prompt access to further treatments if necessary.

At APLA Health, empowering LGBTQ+ individuals is at the forefront of their mission. They offer cutting-edge prevention tools like PrEP and PEP alongside testing services. This proactive approach helps prevent the spread of HIV while supporting overall sexual wellness within the community.

Through their West Hollywood location, anyone can get tested, obtain condoms and vaccinations—tools that play a pivotal role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle free from STIs.

PrEP and PEP prescriptions

Access to PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) and PEP (post-exposure prophylaxis) is a crucial step for LGBTQ+ individuals looking to take control of their sexual health. In Los Angeles, both preventive medications are available and play a significant role in reducing the incidence of HIV among at-risk communities.

The West Hollywood location of the Center stands as a beacon, empowering people by providing these prescriptions along with necessary education on usage and adherence.

Navigating healthcare can be complex, but APLA Health simplifies this process for the LGBTQ+ community by offering comprehensive services that include PrEP and PEP. This not only fosters an environment where sexual health is prioritized but also ensures that those who may benefit from such treatments have minimal barriers to access them.

Patients receive thorough screening at the Sexual Health Clinic in Los Angeles, coupled with informative materials and resources that bolster understanding about STDs, HIV prevention, and medication support functions essential for maintaining long-term health outcomes.

STD treatment

At the APLA Health Center in West Hollywood and throughout Los Angeles, experts offer comprehensive treatment for bacterial STDs. If you're dealing with Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, or Syphilis, cutting-edge therapies are available to fight these infections and help you recover quickly.

The medical staff provide detailed care instructions and support every step of the way ensuring your sexual health is managed with expertise.

While viral STDs such as Herpes and genital warts cannot be cured entirely, effective management strategies can minimize symptoms and reduce transmission risks. HIV-positive individuals also have access to advanced treatments that keep them healthy and lower the virus's impact on their life.

With personalized care plans tailored to each individual’s needs, patients can lead a full life despite the challenges of living with a viral STD. Up next: an overview of HIV services available in Los Angeles for further assistance and support.

Condoms and vaccinations

Building on the foundation of STD treatment, it's crucial to highlight that preventive measures are equally important in safeguarding sexual health. The Center provides condoms free of charge at its West Hollywood location, specifically catering to the LGBTQ+ community.

These condoms serve as a first line of defense against HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs), supporting safe sex practices.

Vaccinations form another critical aspect of prevention, with the CDC urging vaccinations for gay and bisexual men against diseases such as Hepatitis and Human papillomavirus (HPV).

At our clinics, we offer these essential vaccinations to help prevent the spread of these infections within the community. By combining condom use with timely immunizations, individuals can drastically reduce their risk of contracting or spreading STIs and maintain better overall sexual health.

HIV Services in Los Angeles

In Los Angeles, a comprehensive array of HIV services caters to diverse needs, ranging from confidential testing to supportive counseling. Individuals seeking assistance will find a robust support system ready to guide them through diagnosis and care with compassion and expertise.

Testing options

Los Angeles offers a variety of HIV testing options that cater to your needs and preferences. You can find non-clinical settings for screenings, such as social gatherings or even on the streets where street medicine teams operate.

These methods ensure accessibility and convenience, making it easier for individuals to know their status. Rapid HIV tests are available, providing results in minutes rather than days, which is vital for quick peace of mind and immediate linkage to care if needed.

For youth seeking confidential services, comprehensive HIV and STI screening is provided to those aged 12 and up within the county's program. The initiative not only focuses on prevention but also ensures treatment is accessible and efficient.

After you learn about your testing choices, understanding counseling support will form another crucial step towards comprehensive sexual health.

Counseling and support

HIV services in Los Angeles County go beyond mere testing; they provide a lifeline for those seeking understanding and guidance. St. John's Community Health stands out by offering counseling and peer support that cater to individuals at risk of or living with HIV.

This holistic approach ensures that people receive not just medical care, but also the emotional and psychological support needed to navigate their health journey.

Comprehensive support includes pre- and post-test counseling, AIDS education, plus dedicated programs tailored for youth and adolescents living with HIV. The aim is to foster an environment where everyone feels informed, cared for, and supported regardless of age or life stage.

These efforts underscore the importance of educating at-risk communities about prevention strategies while providing critical resources should they need them.

Prices and Payment Information

Understanding the financial aspect of HIV testing is crucial for those seeking services. In Los Angeles, numerous facilities offer no-cost screening, while others may accept health insurance plans—a vital consideration in accessing necessary healthcare without financial strain.

Free testing options

Los Angeles has several places where you can get tested for HIV and STDs without having to pay a cent. The Division of HIV and STD Programs, AIDS Healthcare Foundation, and the HIV Program at Children's Hospital Los Angeles all welcome you for complimentary screenings.

They provide these services gratis because they are committed to preventing the spread of infections and promoting sexual health in the community.

Feel secure knowing that if you need an HIV or STD test, there's no fee involved. Many locations offer these essential health services free of charge so everyone has access regardless of their financial situation.

You don't even have to worry about pulling out your wallet; just focus on taking care of your health. These programs run on generous donations, ensuring that testing remains available at zero cost to those who need it most.

Insurance coverage

Understanding your insurance coverage for HIV testing is crucial, and you'll be pleased to know that the Affordable Care Act has made it simpler. Most new health insurance plans must include HIV screening without any extra cost for individuals between ages 15 and 65.

This means that if you fall within this age group, you can get tested without worrying about additional fees. Private insurance policies usually provide this benefit as well, easing the financial burden of staying on top of your health.

Medicaid stands out as a significant supporter in this realm, covering approximately 40% of non-elderly adults living with HIV. It's an essential resource if you're looking for dependable coverage options.

For those who find themselves uninsured or underinsured, federal programs are available to assist with the costs associated with HIV care. These resources ensure that everyone has access to necessary treatments and services, regardless of their insurance status.

Walk-in Information

At our Los Angeles STD Clinic, we welcome you to walk in for HIV and STD testing during business hours. No appointment is necessary, making it convenient for those with busy schedules or seeking immediate peace of mind.

We provide quick HIV antibody testing that delivers reliable results without lengthy waits.

Our team ensures every visit is comfortable and confidential, delivering both expertise in STD treatment and valuable education on maintaining sexual health. Whether it's instant HIV testing or comprehensive screening you need, our facilities are equipped to assist promptly and professionally.

Walk-ins leave informed about their health status and the resources available for further support if needed.

Other Services Offered

Beyond HIV testing, Los Angeles healthcare providers extend a comprehensive suite of services tailored to meet the broader health needs of individuals at risk or living with HIV/AIDS.

These encompass not only screenings but also holistic support designed to empower and sustain one's journey towards wellness and proactive health management.

Full screening for STIs

Los Angeles sees the importance of comprehensive care in sexual health, which is why full screening for STIs is readily available. At STD Free Los Angeles, patients can receive tests for a range of sexually transmitted infections including bacterial and viral STDs like chlamydia and gonorrhea.

These services cater specifically to addressing the prevention and early detection of STDs.

Getting tested is simple, confidential, and crucial for maintaining your overall health as well as protecting others. After you've taken the responsible step to screen for STIs, experienced staff are on hand to provide counseling and support if needed.

This ensures that every individual walks away not just with results but also guidance on next steps toward treatment or management; continuing our commitment to holistic patient care.

Following these services, individuals who have questions or need assistance can benefit from personalized counseling and support tailored to their situation.

Counseling and support for newly diagnosed individuals

Receiving an HIV diagnosis can be a life-changing event. Individuals may feel overwhelmed, scared, or confused about the next steps to take. To ease this transition, counseling and support services are essential.

Support groups provide a safe space where people can share experiences and feelings with others facing similar challenges. These groups often foster a sense of community and belonging that can be incredibly comforting during tough times.

Emotional support is just one aspect; practical guidance is equally important. Counseling services offer newly diagnosed individuals personalized advice on managing their health and navigating medical care systems.

Health education becomes vital in understanding how to live well with HIV while preventing its spread further. Meanwhile, for additional assistance, case management services help streamline access to necessary resources including medical care and mental health support – ensuring that every person has the tools they need to cope effectively.

Next up: Understand your options for free testing through different programs in Los Angeles.

Support for existing patients

Building on the foundation of initial counseling and support, Los Angeles offers continuous care for those who have been living with HIV. This enduring support includes regular health check-ups, medication management, and the opportunity to participate in ongoing counseling sessions.

Patients can rely on healthcare services that are culturally affirming and sensitive to their needs. The status-neutral approach ensures every individual receives comprehensive care tailored to their unique journey, whether they are newly diagnosed or long-term survivors.

Access to specialized resources such as social support groups is also available, helping patients navigate life with HIV with a network of peers. St. John's Community Health emphasizes patient empowerment through education about prevention strategies and treatment options.

These efforts contribute significantly towards creating a supportive environment where existing patients find not just medical aid but also a community committed to their wellbeing.

How to Support the Center

Discover how you can play a pivotal role in sustaining the vital work of HIV testing centers in Los Angeles through various support channels, empowering both the community and individuals seeking healthcare services.


Your contributions are vital in maintaining the momentum in the fight against HIV in Los Angeles. By donating, you directly impact organizations like APLA Health, allowing them to offer life-saving support and compassionate care to those affected by HIV.

Every dollar makes a difference, providing not just testing but also counseling and education for thousands across Los Angeles County.

Choosing to donate means becoming part of a community effort that extends humanitarian aid where it's most needed. The AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) utilizes philanthropic donations efficiently, with grants worth $4.7 million earmarked for enhancing services ranging from prevention to treatment.

Your financial support fuels these initiatives paving the way for a healthier community free from the threat of HIV.


Volunteers are the heartbeat of our efforts to provide exceptional care and support at the center. By stepping into a volunteer role, you empower our facility to enhance its HIV testing and counseling services.

Such commitment not only strengthens community ties but also amplifies the impact of our health initiatives. Whether you're assisting with administrative duties or directly supporting those coming in for tests, your contribution makes a significant difference.

Dedicated individuals seeking purposeful engagement can become Community Ambassadors, taking part in vital awareness campaigns and prevention efforts. This position involves engaging people from all walks of life, spreading knowledge about HIV prevention, and shattering stigmas surrounding the virus.

Your energy and enthusiasm in these roles fuel our mission to educate and protect the community against HIV/AIDS. Offering your time as a volunteer paves the way forward toward a healthier society – one informed individual at a time.

Spread awareness

Sharing knowledge of HIV prevention and testing is a powerful tool in the fight against this health crisis, especially in Los Angeles County. It empowers people to make informed decisions about their health and encourages those at risk to get tested.

You can contribute greatly by talking openly about the availability of free testing services and educating friends, family, and online communities on the importance of regular screenings.

Involvement in awareness initiatives can range from distributing flyers to sharing resources provided by organizations like APLA Health or observing National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day to address specific needs within Black communities.

By being an advocate for public health awareness, you become part of a compassionate network providing life-saving support across Los Angeles County.


Taking charge of your health starts with getting informed. HIV testing in Los Angeles is easy, accessible, and often free. With a variety of locations and services tailored to the community's needs, everyone has the power to know their status.

Remember that early diagnosis can lead to better outcomes. Make sure you take advantage of the resources available in your city today.


Los Angeles County takes a strong stance in the fight against HIV and STDs, offering free testing services that prioritize confidentiality. Adolescents and young adults from ages 12 to 24 can access these critical resources without financial barriers or concerns over privacy thanks to the Division of HIV and STD Programs.

As part of comprehensive sexual health initiatives, LA also provides STI treatment along with counseling and support, reinforcing its commitment to public health.

Understanding that convenience is key, multiple medical care facilities across the county have made low-cost HIV testing available. These centers ensure residents have various options suitable for their needs, whether they are seeking immediate walk-in appointments or more specialized services.

Providing such accessible testing opportunities reflects Los Angeles's dedication to ensuring all community members stand equipped with knowledge about their health status.

If you're looking for information on HIV testing in other cities, such as Louisville, please visit our Louisville HIV Testing page.


1. Where can I get an HIV test in Los Angeles?

You can get an HIV test at various clinics, hospitals, and community health centers throughout Los Angeles.

2. Is there a cost for HIV testing in Los Angeles?

Many facilities offer free or low-cost HIV tests; it's best to check with the specific location.

3. How long does it take to receive results from an HIV test?

HIV test results can be ready within 30 minutes to a couple of days, depending on the type of test.

4. Are my HIV test results kept confidential?

Yes, your HIV test results are kept confidential and private according to healthcare laws and regulations.

5. What should I do if my HIV test is positive?

If your result is positive, you should follow up with a healthcare provider for further evaluation and discussion of treatment options.