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Understanding your health status is a fundamental step toward taking control of your well-being, especially when it involves sensitive matters like sexual health. Testing for Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) can often be cloaked in stigma and misinformation, but knowledge is power, and early detection means better health outcomes.

With years of dedicated service to the community's healthcare needs, we're here to guide you through the process of HIV testing in Omaha.

This piece will delve into essential information about accessible HIV screening options available right at your doorstep—whether that's walk-in clinics or confidential appointment-based tests.

Did you know that Nebraska AIDS Project offers free testing services? It’s just one example of how Omaha prioritizes providing crucial support without barriers. Keep reading as we navigate through these life-preserving resources; every test could be a stepping stone towards peace of mind and proactive care.

Let's explore together.

Key Takeaways

  • Omaha offers a variety of HIV testing services, including free options at the Nebraska AIDS Project and confidential walk-in testing at several locations.
  • RESPECT Clinic in Omaha provides comprehensive STI care along with express testing for gonorrhea and chlamydia, ensuring quick results for those with busy lives.
  • Home HIV Testing-To-Go kits are available for individuals who prefer privacy or cannot visit a clinic, allowing easy access to testing from the comfort of home.
  • The Douglas County Health Department operates over 12 outreach sites across Lincoln and surrounding areas, providing convenient STI screening close to where people live and work.
  • Local health clinics in Western Iowa offer no – cost HIV/STI screenings, supported by funding that ensures accessible sexual health services across the state.

Understanding Different Types of HIV Testing

A diverse group waits in line for walk-in HIV testing.

HIV testing is a crucial step in safeguarding your sexual health and the methods available cater to diverse needs and lifestyles. From the convenience of Walk-in testing, which offers spontaneity and speed, to the privacy of HIV Testing To-Go kits, these options ensure that getting tested is accessible to everyone in Omaha.

Walk-in testing

Walk-in testing offers a convenient way for individuals in Omaha to check their HIV status without the need to schedule an appointment. At the Nebraska AIDS Project's office, you can drop by during all business hours and especially on Monday and Tuesday evenings for this critical service.

Testing centers understand that your time is valuable, and they strive to accommodate your needs promptly.

Rapid HIV testing is one benefit of walk-in services, providing results quickly so you don’t have to wait anxiously for days. You'll find anonymous tests at these facilities too if privacy is a top concern for you.

With same-day test results available at many locations, taking charge of your health has never been easier or more efficient.

At a local walk-in clinic, skilled professionals will guide you through the process with confidentiality and respect every step of the way. They ensure immediate attention upon arrival – no tedious waits or complicated forms stand between you and peace of mind about your health status.

Our community values proactive healthcare choices; onsite HIV testing empowers residents with knowledge about their well-being swiftly and securely.

Appointment testing

Booking an appointment for HIV testing ensures that you get a dedicated time slot, reducing your wait and giving you the privacy you may desire. This service is offered at various locations in Omaha, Lincoln, and Kearney.

When scheduling your test, it's helpful to know which type of screening will be conducted. Options range from rapid tests that can provide results within minutes to standard laboratory tests that might take a few days for diagnosis.

To secure an appointment, simply call the testing center or visit their website. Make sure to follow any instructions provided by the facility; some may ask you to fast before your test or avoid certain medications.

Testing centers are equipped with modern facilities and experienced staff who ensure accurate detection and diagnosis of HIV.

Expert health professionals guide you through the process, offering support and information about further steps following your screening outcomes. They maintain confidentiality throughout every step, guaranteeing discretion during this sensitive time.

Leveraging these resources makes HIV testing less daunting, promotes early detection, and supports overall community health initiatives.

HIV Testing To-Go

HIV Testing To-Go brings the convenience of checking your status to wherever you are. If you can't make it to a clinic or prefer the privacy of your own space, home HIV test kits offer a discreet and accessible option.

They use simple oral swabs or small blood samples, making it easier for many people to take an active step in knowing their HIV status without stepping outside. Keep in mind these tests have different window periods for accurate results.

For those on-the-move or with busy schedules, rapid HIV tests can deliver results within minutes. Taking control of your health has never been so straightforward; no need for lengthy appointments when you can have quick answers at hand.

As we move towards understanding locations for HIV/STI testing, remember that no matter where you live or how packed your day is, there's an HIV testing method suited just for you.

Locations for HIV/STI Testing

A diverse group of people outside a modern HIV/STI testing center.

Discovering the right place for confidential and accurate HIV/STI testing is crucial in maintaining your sexual health. In Omaha and surrounding areas, a variety of reputable testing centers offer services tailored to meet individual needs, from walk-ins to scheduled appointments, ensuring accessibility and convenience for all seeking peace of mind.

Omaha (Including a comparison with other locations such as Orlando)

HIV testing in Omaha is a vital service for maintaining public health and offers some unique opportunities when compared to other cities, such as Orlando. Below is a comparison of what Omaha provides alongside how it stands in relation to Orlando's HIV testing services.

Free Testing AvailableYes, Nebraska AIDS Project and other local organizationsYes, through various health departments and community organizations
Walk-in TestingAvailable at several locationsWidely offered at multiple sites
Outreach and Media CampaignsCommunity-Wide Adolescent Health Project impacts local STI testingOrlando has similar community-based initiatives
STD Testing LocationsOver 12 outreach sites via Douglas County Health DepartmentMultiple locations through the Florida Department of Health
Rural Area OutreachEfforts to address higher STI risks in rural areasSimilar rural outreach programs exist
Same-day TestingAvailable at certain facilitiesOffered at select locations
Planned Parenthood ServicesSTD testing and treatment at Omaha Health CenterComprehensive STD services in Orlando

Omaha excels in providing accessible HIV/STI testing services with a strong community outreach focus. Compared to Orlando, the city shows a similar dedication to free and convenient testing options for residents. Omaha's initiatives are crucial in addressing the needs within both urban and rural environments, ensuring that comprehensive care is within reach for anyone in need.

Moving forward, eligibility and preparation for testing become crucial considerations for individuals seeking to understand the process and take that next step toward responsible health management.


Lincoln, Nebraska shines as a beacon of sexual health resources with comprehensive laboratory testing for a range of sexually transmitted infections including syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, and HIV.

Residents can access these essential services at local testing centers where professionals conduct the tests either through a blood draw or a non-invasive mouth swab. This flexible approach caters to individual comfort levels and helps ensure that more people get tested.

The city's efforts are bolstered by the Douglas County Health Department which operates over 12 STI outreach testing sites across Lincoln. These sites provide easy-to-reach locations for those who want quick and confidential STI screenings.

For wider community support, Nebraska Community STD Testing Centers also offer their expertise in Lincoln, assisting individuals in safeguarding their sexual health with reliable testing options.

Seeking out these resources in Lincoln not only contributes to your own well-being but also supports public health initiatives aimed at controlling and preventing the spread of STIs.

Transitioning over to Norfolk offers even more opportunities for maintaining sexual health..


Norfolk stands out as a community committed to sexual health and HIV/AIDS prevention. Here, residents can access confidential testing and counseling services without spending a dime, thanks to the Nebraska AIDS Project (NAP).

Located at 302 W. Phillip Ave, Ste 200, this center merges seamless testing with comprehensive care services tailored for those in need.

Community health centers in Norfolk also team up with the Douglas County Health Department to widen their reach. These outreach programs ensure everyone has convenient options for STI prevention and public health services close to home.

Offering more than just testing; they are pillars of support and education within Norfolk's neighborhoods.


Kearney stands out in Central Nebraska as a pivotal location for HIV and STI testing, with services provided by the Nebraska AIDS Project. Residents across 35 counties have easy access to free, confidential counseling along with their medical testing.

This ensures not only physical care but also emotional support during what can be an overwhelming time.

The city’s commitment to public health shines through its inclusion in the Nebraska Integrated HIV Prevention and Care Plan. In Kearney, community support meshes seamlessly with professional healthcare, offering a full spectrum of sexual health services that prioritize prevention as well as treatment.

Here you’ll find proactive efforts to combat HIV/AIDS alongside comprehensive resources aimed at enhancing overall wellness within the community.


Moving west from the central regions of Nebraska, residents in Scottsbluff have access to reliable HIV/STI testing services. The Nebraska AIDS Project stands out by offering free HIV testing and affordable STI screenings for a nominal fee of $10.

This initiative ensures that everyone has the opportunity to know their status without financial barriers getting in the way.

In the heart of Scottsbluff, three dedicated clinics provide free STD testing alongside HIV test services. These facilities are focused on delivering confidential and timely care to individuals seeking peace of mind or essential healthcare guidance.

The local Scottsbluff/Panhandle office aligns its clinic hours with typical work schedules, operating Monday through Friday, which allows people ample time throughout the week to get tested.

The city's STI Clinic is an invaluable resource for those looking for information or needing specific clinic hours dedicated to testing. With expert staff ready to assist, you'll find factual advice and support tailored to your needs as part of comprehensive sexual health services available across this vibrant community.

Western Iowa

Venturing into Western Iowa, residents and visitors find convenient access to sexual health services including STD screening and HIV/AIDS testing. Local health clinics in this region are committed to STI prevention and provide confidential STD testing for individuals seeking peace of mind and treatment.

With 58 provider sites across the state, Iowans never have to travel far for reliable gonorrhea and chlamydia testing.

Free testing options bolster the community's defenses against viral infections; thanks to funding support, local health departments offer no-cost HIV, STI, and viral hepatitis screenings.

These initiatives ensure that everyone has a chance to get tested regardless of their financial situation. People also benefit from professional guidance on how they can protect themselves against sexually transmitted diseases.

Effective prevention hinges on awareness coupled with action; that’s why being informed about eligibility and preparation for testing is crucial before visiting any clinic or health center.

The next section delves into what you need to know before taking an HIV test — keeping your journey towards good sexual health moving forward without hesitation.

Eligibility and Preparation for Testing

Before you come in for your HIV or STI testing appointment, it's essential to know if you meet the criteria. At the Omaha RESPECT clinic, individuals 18 and older are eligible for comprehensive free testing and treatment services.

Meanwhile, at Nebraska AIDS Project (NAP), even those as young as 13 can receive confidential HIV tests accompanied by a counseling session. This ensures that teens and adults alike have access to vital health resources while also maintaining their privacy.

Preparing for your visit doesn't require much: just be ready to discuss any high-risk behaviors openly with our staff who are trained to support and guide you through the process. If you're opting for Gonorrhea/chlamydia screening at Douglas County Midtown Campus, remember that this involves a blood draw with results available within one to two weeks.

Taking advantage of these screenings is an act of responsibility towards yourself and others as early diagnosis can halt the spread of infections within communities.

On-Site and Off-Site Testing Services

Nebraska AIDS Project makes it easy to get tested for HIV by providing both on-site and mobile testing services. If you visit their locations, they offer confidential or anonymous tests, which means you can take the test without sharing your name if that makes you more comfortable.

For those who prefer privacy or can't make it to a center, off-site testing brings this crucial health service right into the community at outreach sites operated by the Douglas County Health Department.

Rapid HIV testing changes the game with fast results, often available on the same day at Nebraska AIDS Project centers. This quick method helps lessen anxiety about waiting for your results.

The Omaha Health Center steps in with comprehensive care; after getting tested there, staff will guide you through treatment options and provide referrals if needed, making sure no one is left wondering what to do next after an HIV diagnosis.


The RESPECT Clinic stands as a beacon of hope for those seeking comprehensive and judgement-free STI care in Omaha, offering a range of free services tailored to meet the needs of individuals in the community.

Expertly staffed with caring professionals, this clinic is dedicated to providing quality sexual health support and education.

Free and Comprehensive STI care

RESPECT Clinic stands as a beacon for those in need of sexual health services, offering a wide array of free and comprehensive STI care. Everyone deserves access to quality healthcare without the burden of cost, and this clinic delivers just that.

From confidential HIV testing to vital treatment for various sexually transmitted infections like gonorrhea and chlamydia, patients receive top-notch care. Express testing options streamline the process, eliminating wait times for busy individuals who need fast results.

This haven for sexual health extends its services beyond testing; it encompasses counseling and education about prevention strategies. Substance abuse treatment centers collaborate closely with the clinic to provide integrated care, ensuring that individuals battling addiction also get necessary STI-related help.

Partnering with programs such as TakeMeHome allows people in Omaha to easily access essential tests like PrEP panel tests directly from home.

Healthcare professionals at RESPECT Clinic are committed to not just treating diseases but enhancing overall community well-being through their efforts. Full-service treatment plans include viral hepatitis testing along with partner services — crucial components in managing sexual health effectively.

Empathy pairs with expertise here, creating an environment where every patient's needs are met with respect and diligence.

Services offered

At the heart of sexual health in Omaha lies a beacon of support: the RESPECT Clinic. This clinic shines as a comprehensive resource for those seeking confidential and caring STI services.

  • Free Comprehensive Care: Patients aged 18 and older receive no-cost testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections, emphasizing the importance of accessible healthcare services.
  • Expert Counseling: Trained staff provide personalized counseling, guiding individuals through their concerns with respect to privacy, aiming to ease anxieties about sexual health.
  • Rapid HIV Testing: Get your results quickly with rapid HIV testing, ensuring that individuals can make informed decisions about their health without delay.
  • Diverse STI Testing: Services include tests for common infections like gonorrhea, syphilis, herpes, chlamydia, as well as HIV. Early detection is critical to managing and treating these conditions effectively.
  • STD Prevention: Information sessions empower patients with knowledge on prevention strategies to safeguard their sexual wellbeing into the future.
  • Treatment Support: Those who test positive receive help navigating their next steps. Treatment support provides an anchor in what can be an overwhelming time.
  • Referral Services: If additional medical care is needed beyond the scope of the clinic's capabilities, staff assist with referrals to appropriate healthcare providers or specialists.
  • Express Testing: Busy schedules are accommodated through express testing options for quick turnaround times on results for gonorrhea and chlamydia tests.
  • Confidentiality Assured: Respecting each individual's right to privacy remains paramount, ensuring that all services remain confidential.

About the Clinic

Beyond the array of services offered, the RESPECT Clinic stands as a beacon of hope and support in Omaha. Nestled on the fifth floor at 4400 Emile St., this clinic serves as an integral part of the community's fight against HIV/AIDS.

A partnership with both the Nebraska AIDS Project (NAP) and Douglas County Health Department enhances its robust offerings.

The RESPECT Clinic prides itself on making sexual health services accessible to all, especially those aged 13 and up, providing free HIV testing that is confidential or even anonymous if needed.

In doing so, it cultivates an environment where individuals are encouraged to take control of their sexual health without fear of stigma or financial burden.

2024 Close Dates

Keeping track of the 2024 close dates for the RESPECT Clinic is important for planning your visits. The clinic observes federal holidays and adjusts its hours accordingly. Here's what you need to know about the clinic's available days:

  • All Federal Holidays: The clinic will not operate on any federal holiday in 2024. On these days, services including HIV testing and STI care will pause.
  • Pre-Holiday Saturdays: If a holiday falls on a Monday, the RESPECT Clinic will also be closed on the preceding Saturday. Plan your appointments with this schedule in mind to avoid inconvenience.
  • Saturday Closures: Remember that weekend operations tie into holiday schedules. The clinic respects downtime for staff and patients during long weekends.
  • Holiday Observance: The clinic aligns with national observance dates ensuring all community members can participate in nationwide celebrations or remembrances without missing out on health services.
  • Exact Shutdown Dates: For precise closure information, refer to a 2024 calendar and note any Mondays marked as federal holidays along with the prior Saturdays.
  • Nonoperational Days: During these times, emergency services related to HIV or STIs will need to be sought elsewhere. Keep alternative options in mind for such situations.

Omaha Health Center

The Omaha Health Center stands as a beacon of support for individuals seeking HIV services, providing a comprehensive approach to testing and treatment tailored to meet the community's needs.

With its commitment to accessibility, the center offers clear information on costs and scheduling, ensuring that essential HIV-related healthcare is within reach for all who need it.

Where to go for HIV services

Omaha Health Center stands as a beacon of hope for those seeking HIV services. Patients will find an array of critical resources, including testing facilities, treatment support, and comprehensive care referrals.

This center actively collaborates with the Nebraska AIDS Project to extend its outreach and ensure that individuals across the state have access to vital HIV healthcare providers. With connections to UNMC Specialty Care Center HIV Clinic and Community Health Centers in Omaha, assistance is readily available.

HIV support services at Omaha Health Center are tailored to meet diverse needs, from prevention programs aimed at reducing risk to community health initiatives fostering awareness and understanding.

Here you get more than just medical attention; you join a network strengthened by compassion and dedicated care. Let's explore how this clinic ensures every person gets the help they need without delay.

Moving on, patients can also learn about prices and payment information at the Omaha Health Center in the following section.

Prices and payment information

At the Omaha Health Center, we offer various HIV and STI testing options to suit your needs. For those seeking an HIV test, you can expect a standard fee of $49 with MDsave in the region.

However, through public health funding, there are free to low-cost STD screening available under the Nebraska STI Prevention program. Students particularly benefit at Nebraska Medicine UNO Health Center where chlamydia, gonorrhea, and HIV tests come without any charge.

For services at our center including laboratory workups or point-of-care testing expenses, payment is typically required at the time of service unless financial arrangements have been made prior to your appointment.

With costs for laboratory HIV tests in emergency departments ranging from $17 to about $24 and point-of-care tests moving between approximately $18 and $38 depending on complexity—rest assured that affordable options are accessible.

Should you be looking for more cost-effective solutions, don't overlook the programs offered by Nebraska AIDS Project where HIV testing remains free and STI checks cost just $10; this ensures everyone has access to essential health services without financial strain.

Appointment scheduling

Scheduling an appointment for HIV testing is a smooth and confidential process in Omaha. Here's how you can organize your visit to the health center for sexual health testing:

  • Online Booking: Easily book your STD or STI testing appointment online with the Nebraska AIDS Project. Visit their website, select the service you need, choose a convenient date, and confirm your booking.
  • Phone Appointments: For personalized assistance, call 877-859-0589. A representative will guide you through the scheduling process and answer any questions about clinic services or preparation.
  • UNO Health Center: Reach out directly to UNO Health Center at 402.554.2374 to arrange an appointment for HIV/STI screening services. The staff ensures your privacy and provides all necessary information regarding eligibility.
  • Same-Day Options: The STI Clinic in Omaha understands the urgency of getting tested and therefore offers same-day appointments along with some walk-in slots to accommodate immediate needs.
  • Multiple Locations: Whether you're in Lincoln, Kearney, or another nearby city, there are multiple venues where you can schedule your medical appointment for sexual health testing with convenience.


Finding the right place for HIV testing in Omaha is now easier than ever. Various centers provide confidential services tailored to your needs, whether you prefer walk-ins or scheduled appointments.

Get peace of mind and stay on top of your sexual health with accessible testing options. Your journey to wellness and prevention starts with taking that first step towards an HIV test today.

Make sure you access the resources available to keep yourself informed and healthy.


1. Where can I get an HIV test in Omaha?

You can get an HIV test at clinics, hospitals, or special testing centers around Omaha.

2. Is HIV testing confidential in Omaha?

Yes, your privacy is protected and HIV testing is kept confidential in Omaha.

3. How long does it take to receive results from an HIV test in Omaha?

Results may vary by location, but typically you can expect to receive them within a few days to a week.

4. Do I need an appointment for an HIV test in Omaha?

Some places require appointments while others may accept walk-ins; check with the specific site for their policy.

5. Can anyone get tested for HIV regardless of age or background in Omaha?

HIV testing is available to everyone in Omaha, no matter their age or background.