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Norfolk STD Clinic

Understanding your sexual health is critical, yet for many, discussing sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) can be uncomfortable and stigmatizing. It's important to dismantle the stigma and elevate the conversation about STD prevention and treatment—this is where clinics like Norfolk STD Clinic come into play.

Leveraging years of expertise in public health and clinical services, I'm here to shed light on the crucial services offered by such facilities that empower individuals to take charge of their well-being.

Norfolk STD Clinic stands as a beacon for comprehensive care in response to increasing sexual health concerns. Among its vital offerings are confidential testing, preventative education, and life-preserving treatments for those at risk or already facing an illness.

Particularly noteworthy is their provision of free condoms—a simple yet effective tool against disease transmission. Read on as we delve into how this clinic serves as a cornerstone in safeguarding community health—a testament that responsible sexual wellness is both accessible and achievable.

Stay informed; your health depends on it.

Key Takeaways

  • The Norfolk STD Clinic offers a variety of sexual health services including confidential testing for common STIs, PrEP to prevent HIV, and family planning assistance.
  • Testing options are diverse, with facilities like AFC Urgent Care Norfolk providing screenings every day, while the LGBT Life Center offers specific free tests and affordable rates for other STDs.
  • Community STD testing centers in Norfolk provide crucial services that are often free or low – cost, ensuring those in need can access sexual health resources regardless of financial barriers.
  • With no appointment needed at many clinics and walk – in hours available, getting tested is convenient for everyone's schedule.
  • Affordable prices starting as low as $24 for an STD test make it easier for people to maintain their sexual health without worrying about high costs.

Overview of Norfolk STD Clinic Services

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The Norfolk STD Clinic stands at the forefront of safeguarding community health, offering a comprehensive suite of services tailored to meet the diverse sexual and reproductive health needs of its clientele.

From confidential testing to preventative treatments, each program is meticulously designed to empower individuals with knowledge and care for their sexual well-being.

STD Testing

Getting tested for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) at the Norfolk STD Clinic is a confidential and critical step towards maintaining your sexual health. A wide range of tests are available, including HIV testing, hepatitis C testing, and screenings for other common STIs.

These tests are designed to be quick and discreet, providing peace of mind or the necessary information needed for treatment.

Norfolk offers several accessible options for STD testing. AFC Urgent Care Norfolk provides private screening services every day of the week. For those looking for cost-effective solutions, CAN Community Health's LGBT Life Center in Chesapeake gives free HIV and hepatitis C tests, alongside affordable options for other STDs.

Tests start as low as $24, making them an economical choice without sacrificing quality care.

It’s important to take charge of your sexual health by seeking regular STI testing. With clinics like Norfolk's offering knowledgeable staff and comprehensive services, getting tested is both straightforward and convenient.

Services such as PrEP prescriptions are also available to help in preventing HIV before exposure occurs. They ensure you have access to all necessary resources to make informed decisions about your well-being.

PrEP (Pre Exposure Prophylaxis)

PrEP, short for Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis, is changing the game in HIV prevention. This medical marvel involves taking antiretroviral medication daily to significantly lower the chances of contracting HIV if you are at high risk.

The Norfolk STD Clinic is on top of this health innovation and offers PrEP as a cornerstone service. It's all about stopping HIV before it starts, and that's big news for anyone looking to protect their sexual health.

Understanding your options can make a huge difference in your life. The Virginia Department of Health supports initiatives ensuring more people have access to PrEP because not everyone knows how or where to get these lifesaving meds.

Barriers fall away when clinics like Norfolk step up with resources and knowledge aimed at those who need it most—namely men who have sex with men among others considered high-risk individuals.

Knowledge about PrEP has soared recently, thanks largely to public health efforts promoting sexual health awareness. At the clinic, you'll find expert advice tailored just for you along with support every step of the way—whether you're new to learning about STI prevention or looking to start treatment right away.

With increased PrEP awareness comes a stronger community armed against the spread of HIV, propelling us toward better overall public health outcomes.

Family Planning Services

The Norfolk Department of Public Health understands the importance of reproductive health services and provides comprehensive family planning assistance. These offerings include a range of birth control options, confidential contraceptive services, STD testing, gynecological care, and more—all tailored to fit both women's and men's reproductive health needs.

You can confidently make informed decisions about pregnancy prevention and sexual wellness with their expert guidance.

Scheduling an appointment is easy and ensures that your visit is private and focused on your specific healthcare concerns. The clinic staff are dedicated to providing personalized attention so you can receive the most appropriate care for your situation.

Whether seeking advice on contraception or requiring a routine check-up, rest assured that these services prioritize confidentiality at every step of the way—empowering you to take charge of your sexual health without worry.

Immunization Clinic

At our Immunization Clinic, we offer vaccines that are essential to preventing serious illnesses. You must schedule an appointment to get your shots, which helps us ensure you receive personalized care.

Vaccination availability is coordinated on certain days each week for your convenience, keeping both adult and pediatric patients protected according to their immunization schedules.

Vaccine administration at the clinic follows strict public health guidelines, ensuring every visitor gets the right vaccine at the right time. We cater to all age groups and provide a comforting atmosphere for first-time individuals who may be nervous about receiving their shots.

Moving forward with preventive healthcare steps today can save you from more significant problems down the line; let's keep diseases at bay together! Next up: Pediatric/Adolescent Health services – vital care tailored for younger members of our community.

Pediatric/Adolescent Health

The Norfolk STD Clinic recognizes the unique healthcare needs of younger patients. Our services cater to children and teenagers by providing comprehensive pediatric care, from routine check-ups to specific adolescent health concerns.

We also offer school physical examinations essential for participation in various activities and sports. Understanding that this age group may face particular challenges related to sexually transmitted infections (STIs), we focus on education, prevention, and confidential testing.

Mental well-being plays a crucial role in overall health, particularly during adolescence. The clinic's affiliation with Sentara Norfolk General Hospital enables us to offer Child and Adolescent Psychiatry support, prioritizing mental health advocacy alongside physical health matters.

Dedicated programs like MESH aim at reducing the incidence of STIs and teen pregnancies within the community through informed guidance and strategic interventions.

Our team ensures that teen health services go beyond mere treatment; they empower young individuals with knowledge about their bodies, sexual health decisions, and emotional well-being.

These efforts make a tangible difference in curbing trends such as increased STI rates among Norfolk's youth—issues that not only affect individual lives but also resonate across public health landscapes.

STD Testing at Norfolk STD Clinic

A young woman and a man sitting in a modern health clinic waiting room.

Understanding your sexual health status is crucial, and at the Norfolk STD Clinic, they provide comprehensive testing to ensure that any sexually transmitted diseases are identified and treated promptly.

The clinic's dedicated professionals use the latest diagnostic methods for accurate results, safeguarding both individual health and community well-being.

What STD tests consist of

Understanding what STD tests entail is crucial for maintaining your sexual health. The Norfolk STD Clinic provides a range of screenings to detect various infections.

  • Blood tests are commonly used to diagnose infections like HIV, syphilis, and sometimes herpes. A small sample of your blood can reveal the presence of these viruses.
  • Urine tests offer a non-invasive way to test for trichomoniasis and, in certain cases, gonorrhea. You simply provide a urine sample which is then analyzed in a lab.
  • Swab tests involve taking samples from potentially infected areas, such as the genitals, throat, or rectum. These samples help identify issues like chlamydia and genital warts.
  • Visual examinations are part of some STD screenings. Doctors look for physical signs of conditions like genital warts or herpes outbreaks.
  • Immunization clinics also provide vaccines for preventable STDs such as HPV, safeguarding your future health and well-being.

Risks of leaving STDs untreated

Leaving STDs untreated can lead to severe health issues. For instance, infections like chlamydia and gonorrhea, if ignored, may cause infertility in both men and women. These conditions can trigger pelvic inflammatory disease in females, an ailment that might complicate the ability to conceive.

Men might face epididymitis, a painful condition potentially leading to sterility.

Ignoring symptoms or delaying testing for STDs also increases the risk of spreading these serious diseases to others. Untreated HIV progresses to AIDS while untreated syphilis can result in long-term brain, heart, and nerve damage.

Sexual health hinges on proactive care; getting tested allows for early detection and effective treatment which is pivotal for overall public health safety.

Which STDs can be tested

Understanding which STDs can be tested is crucial for maintaining sexual health. The Norfolk STD Clinic provides a robust selection of tests to ensure you receive the care you need.

  • HIV testing: Detecting human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is vital. Rapid tests can give results in minutes, while lab tests are more thorough.
  • Hepatitis testing: Tests are available for hepatitis B and C, serious liver infections that may not show symptoms initially.
  • Chlamydia testing: A simple urine test or swab can determine if you have this common bacterial infection.
  • Gonorrhea testing: This bacterial infection's presence is established with similar methods used for chlamydia testing.
  • Syphilis testing: Blood tests usually reveal if the syphilis bacteria have entered your system.
  • Free STD testing: Norfolk STD Clinic offers free tests for HIV, hepatitis C, chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis at certain locations like the LGBT Life Center’s clinic.

STD Testing Options in Norfolk, Virginia

In Norfolk, Virginia, residents have access to a variety of convenient and confidential STD testing options designed to meet diverse needs and circumstances. Whether choosing the comfort of at-home testing kits or the support found within community health centers, individuals seeking peace of mind can find dependable services tailored for discreet and accurate sexual health screening.

At-Home STD Testing

At-home STD testing offers a private way to check for sexually transmitted diseases from the comfort of your own space. Kits range in price, which means you can find affordable testing options that suit your budget, costing anywhere between $35 and $175 per test.

Without the need to visit a clinic, these tests provide discreet testing solutions for anyone wary of public healthcare facilities.

You simply order a test online, follow the instructions to collect a sample, and then send it off to a lab for analysis. This convenient option saves time and spares you any potential embarrassment or anxiety.

Results usually arrive quickly and securely via email or an online portal, ensuring privacy throughout the entire process. If your results show that you may have an STD, treatment options are available through local health services like AFC Urgent Care Norfolk, which operates seven days a week with extended hours for maximum accessibility.

Community STD Testing Centers

Community STD testing centers in Norfolk, Virginia, offer a vital service for maintaining sexual health within the community. These centers provide free or low-cost options for everyone, ensuring that financial barriers don't prevent people from getting the care they need.

AFC Urgent Care Norfolk extends its services seven days a week with convenient hours, offering discreet STD testing to those who value privacy in their healthcare journey.

Norfolk's Test & Go program exemplifies commitment to public health by providing free tests for Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, HIV, Syphilis, and Hepatitis B. The LGBT Life Center goes further to support LGBTQ+ individuals with specific health services like hepatitis C and HIV testing at no cost alongside affordable options for other common STIs.

With these resources available locally, residents have multiple opportunities to safeguard their well-being through regular screenings and prompt treatment if necessary.

Comparing Norfolk to Other Cities STD Clinics (e.g., Boston STD Clinic)

Norfolk's STD Clinic offers a comprehensive range of services to address sexual health, echoing a national trend in public health prioritization. However, how do these services measure up against facilities in other cities, such as Boston's STD Clinic? A comparison of the two can provide valuable insights, especially considering Norfolk's ranking of #10 for STI rates. The table below details key points of comparison between both cities' clinics.

FeatureNorfolk STD ClinicBoston STD Clinic
STD Testing RangeComprehensive STD panelsComprehensive STD panels
Cost of ServicesFree or low-cost based on incomeMay include a fee; varies by service
Appointment RequirementAppointments recommendedWalk-ins accepted; appointments preferred
PrEP AvailabilityAvailable for at-risk individualsReadily available
Family PlanningServices includedServices included, with broader options
Immunization ClinicAvailable for certain STDsComprehensive immunization services
Pediatric/Adolescent HealthSpecialized services for youthTargeted programs for young individuals
Timeframe for Test ResultsResults typically in a few daysResults may be available same-day

The information presented demonstrates that both Norfolk and Boston STD Clinics aim to provide valuable sexual health services, albeit with some differences in cost, convenience, and speed of results. Such comparisons underscore the tailored approaches cities take towards combating STIs, reflecting local needs and resources. Without doubt, the clinics are crucial in promoting health and well-being within their respective communities.

Practical Information about STD Testing in Norfolk

Gaining insight into the practicalities of STD testing in Norfolk arms you with the knowledge to take control of your sexual health—discover when, how, and where to get tested for peace of mind.

When to get tested for STDs

Act on your sexual health by getting tested for STDs regularly. If you've had any sort of intimate contact, consider a screening, especially if it could have spread infections. Many STDs don't show symptoms right away, or even at all, making testing the only way to know for sure about your status.

Experts advise yearly checkups for syphilis, chlamydia, gonorrhea, and HIV tests should also be done annually unless you're in a high-risk group which may require more frequent screenings.

Understanding what an STD panel includes can help manage concerns and ensure comprehensive sexual health checks. Moving forward from knowing when to get tested leads us to explore exactly what is involved in an STD panel and why each component matters greatly in safeguarding your health.

What is tested in an STD panel

An STD panel at Norfolk STD Clinic covers a range of common and serious infections to safeguard your health. This comprehensive screening checks for HIV, Hepatitis C, syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, genital warts, herpes, and human papillomavirus (HPV).

These tests are crucial for detecting infections that might not show symptoms early on but can have long-term health impacts if left untreated. With the use of advanced testing methods like the Rapid Plasma Reagin (RPR) test for syphilis and rapid testing options available in-clinic for HIV and Hepatitis C—which offer faster results—you get reliable information about your sexual health.

Regular testing is an essential step you can take to maintain good sexual health. Clinics utilize FDA-approved processes ensuring accuracy in results. For instance, getting tested for gonorrhea and chlamydia involves laboratory techniques that provide findings typically within 7-10 business days—this allows you to receive treatment promptly if needed.

Trust that every visit to the clinic contributes significantly toward protecting not just yourself but also your partners from potential STI-related complications.

The cost of STD testing in Norfolk

Getting tested for STDs in Norfolk won't break the bank. Prices are wallet-friendly, starting as low as $24. This makes taking charge of your sexual health both accessible and affordable.

You don’t have to worry about financial barriers when it comes to getting screened for common sexually transmitted infections like chlamydia or gonorrhea, with each test costing just $13.68.

HIV testing is even more budget-friendly at only $1.21 per test. These low prices ensure you can stay informed about your health status without fretting over costs. Local clinics prioritize confidentiality, offering anonymous and rapid testing options that fit seamlessly into any schedule.

Prioritizing your well-being has never been easier, thanks to convenient and low-cost STD testing available throughout Norfolk. Affordable care means regular screenings become a less daunting task, enabling a proactive approach to sexual health maintenance within the community.

Appointment requirements for testing

Making an appointment for STD testing at the Norfolk Clinic isn't necessary. You can simply walk into the clinic during its operational hours to get a sexual health check or access family planning services.

The clinic prides itself on offering convenient, sameday testing without needing to schedule your visit ahead of time.

Understand that your privacy and comfort are top priorities when you seek STI screening or any related service like PrEP medication. The experienced staff at the clinic ensures a smooth process from arrival through testing, catering to those who prefer quick service without prior arrangements.

For anyone looking to start PrEP treatment or in need of family planning advice, it's best to drop by Monday through Friday within normal business hours. This flexibility caters especially well to busy lifestyles, allowing you to manage your sexual health efficiently and confidently with minimal disruption to your daily routine.

Timeframe for test results

Getting tested at the Norfolk STD Clinic means you'll receive your results swiftly and securely. For those who choose at-home tests, expect to see your results in about five days via an online patient portal—an efficient way to get information without compromising privacy or convenience.

Those needing quicker answers can opt for rapid testing services available for HIV, Hep C, and Syphilis; these tests often deliver same-day results so you can take immediate action if necessary.

When undergoing screening for Gonorrhea and Chlamydia, it's common to have a little more waiting time. Typically, the clinic processes these tests within 7-10 business days. Rest assured that once the results are ready, they will be communicated promptly, enabling you to proceed with the next steps as quickly as possible.

The clinic prioritizes both accuracy and timeliness to ensure you're not left in limbo when it comes to your health.


Taking care of your sexual health is crucial, and the Norfolk STD Clinic stands ready to assist with that responsibility. With comprehensive services ranging from testing to counseling, they equip individuals with the tools needed for prevention and treatment.

The clinic's accessible location and affordable options ensure that everyone has the opportunity for proper care. Remember, prioritizing your health affects not only you but also those around you.

Make use of the resources available at the Norfolk STD Clinic to maintain a healthy and informed lifestyle.

If you're curious about how STD services compare in different cities, check out the offerings at the Boston STD Clinic for more information.


1. What services does the Norfolk STD Clinic offer?

The Norfolk STD Clinic offers confidential testing, diagnosis, and treatment for sexually transmitted diseases.

2. Do I need an appointment to visit the Norfolk STD Clinic?

While walk-ins are welcome, making an appointment ensures you'll be seen promptly at your convenience.

3. Are the test results from the clinic kept confidential?

Yes, all test results and personal information are handled with strict confidentiality at the clinic.

4. Does the Norfolk STD Clinic provide counseling services?

The clinic provides counseling services to help patients understand their condition and available treatments.

5. Is there a fee for getting tested at the Norfolk STD Clinic?

Some tests may be free of charge; however, others might incur a fee based on income or insurance coverage.