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Portland STD Clinic

Sexual health is a cornerstone of overall well-being, yet many individuals neglect it due to stigma or misinformation. Addressing the silent epidemic of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) requires accessible and reliable healthcare services.

As an expert with years of experience in public health and sexual education, I understand the intricacies of STD prevention and treatment. The Portland STD Clinic stands as a beacon of hope for those seeking confidential, compassionate care in combating these infections.

The clinic's dedicated professionals provide comprehensive testing and treatment options tailored to meet the needs of a diverse community. A crucial fact for anyone considering their services: The Multnomah County STD Clinic is not just any medical facility; it has been providing trusted healthcare for nearly 100 years—a testament to its enduring commitment to public health.

Keep reading to uncover how the Portland STD Clinic can be your partner in safeguarding sexual health and ensuring peace of mind. Let’s dive deeper into what they offer.

Key Takeaways

  • The Portland STD Clinic offers private and respectful care for sexually transmitted diseases, with services like expert testing, treatment of various infections such as syphilis and HIV, as well as preventive education.
  • Access to free condoms, subsidized lab testing, health counseling, and PrEP prescriptions starting July 1st, 2023 are available at the clinic to help prevent the spread of STDs/STIs.
  • The clinic values patient rights by offering nondiscriminatory care and respecting confidentiality while expecting patients to be truthful about their medical history and follow through on treatments.
  • Multiple clinics across Portland provide similar sexual health services, ensuring that residents have different options for their healthcare needs.
  • Financial information shows affordable STD service costs in Portland with a sliding fee scale in Oregon; free testing is also available at certain locations making it accessible for individuals regardless of financial status.

Services Provided by Portland STD Clinic

A diverse group participates in sexual health education workshop in modern clinic.

At the Portland STD Clinic, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive sexual health services that are tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual. Our clinic offers a robust array of assistance from confidential testing and effective treatments for STDs/STIs, to educational resources aimed at prevention and maintaining optimal sexual wellness.

STD Testing and Treatment

The Portland STD Clinic is your reliable source for confidential STD testing and treatment. Offering a range of services, our clinic ensures your sexual health is well-managed with respect and privacy. 


  • Expert care for various sexually transmitted infections: Our clinic specializes in the accurate diagnosis and effective treatment of syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, HIV, and offers PrEP.
  • Comprehensive screening options: We provide thorough testing for genital infections including herpes, genital warts, and more.
  • Walk-in services available: Portland Urgent Care enables immediate testing without prior appointments for added convenience.
  • Respectful and sensitive staff: You will receive counseling and support from our trained staff who understand patient needs and concerns.
  • Up-to-date public health resources: We work closely with the Oregon Health Authority to offer subsidized lab testing programs and medications based on the latest public health data.
  • On-site HIVAIDS testing through comprehensive care: Prism Health allows for extensive on-site HIV/STI testing during primary care visits or through their dedicated Pivot services.
  • Privacy is prioritized: Confidential STD testing is at the heart of our services, ensuring that your information stays protected throughout the process.

STD/STI Prevention

STD/STI prevention is a cornerstone of maintaining good sexual health. The Portland STD Clinic offers a range of services to support individuals in protecting themselves and others from sexually transmitted infections.


  • Comprehensive sexual education lays the groundwork for understanding STI risks and prevention strategies. Our educators deliver accurate, judgment-free information to empower clients in making informed decisions.
  • Free condom distribution ensures that everyone has access to safe sex essentials. We provide high-quality condoms without cost, encouraging their regular and correct use.
  • Confidential testing is fundamental for early detection and prevention of STIs. We offer private consultation and testing services so clients can know their status with peace of mind.
  • Subsidized lab testing programs help reduce financial barriers to STI screening. If you're worried about costs, we have options to make sure you get the testing you need.
  • Health counseling sessions address individual concerns and promote healthy behaviors tailored to each client's situation. Our counselors provide support and practical advice for sexual health maintenance.
  • HIV prevention goes beyond education; we prescribe PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) starting July 1, 2023, for those at higher risk of HIV, helping minimize their chances of contracting the virus.
  • Clinical consultations are available for anyone seeking personalized guidance on STD/STI prevention. Our experienced professionals will evaluate your needs and recommend appropriate preventative measures.

Patient Rights and Responsibilities

Ensuring you know your rights and responsibilities enriches your experience at Portland STD Clinic. Every patient enjoys the right to make informed choices about their healthcare, actively participating in discussions regarding treatment plans and preventative strategies.

You hold the right to receive care that's free from discrimination—a commitment to providing service without regard to race, religion, or financial status.

You play a pivotal role in your health journey by giving clear, truthful information about your medical history and current health concerns. Patient accountability means following through on agreed-upon treatments and respecting clinic policies.

Transparency between you and our healthcare providers strengthens mutual trust and aids in delivering effective care tailored just for you. Your autonomy is respected here; rest assured that all conversations with clinicians maintain strict confidentiality standards.

Similar Services at Nearby Clinics

A diverse group of people are waiting outside a clinic in the city.

Exploring the landscape of sexual health services across Portland reveals a number of clinics offering similar services to those provided at the Portland STD Clinic. These facilities ensure that individuals have access to essential testing and treatment, regardless of their location within the city.


Clinic NameServices OfferedLocation
NE Portland Health CenterSTD/STI Testing and TreatmentNE Portland, OR
Columbia ClinicComprehensive STD Testing, On-site Lab ServicesMultiple Locations in Portland, OR
Prism HealthHIV and STI Testing through Primary Care or Pivot ServicesSE Portland, OR
Various Urgent Care CentersSTD Testing and Treatment for Illnesses and InjuriesVarious Locations in Portland, OR

Comprehensive care and early intervention remain vital components of sexual health. As we consider the varying options available, cost and payment methods become a critical part of the decision-making process for many seeking these services.

Costs and Payment Information

Understanding the financial aspects of STD testing and treatment is crucial for informing your healthcare decisions. Here's a breakdown of the costs and payment information for STD services in Portland, ensuring you are well-equipped to manage your sexual health responsibly.


ServicePortland, MainePortland, Oregon
STD Testing (HIV, syphilis, chlamydia, gonorrhea)$60Sliding fee scale
STI Clinic Visit (w/o insurance billing)Not specified$50
PrEP (HIV prevention medication)Often covered by insurance, assistance for uninsuredCovered 100% by Oregon Health Plan, assistance for others
Payment OptionsContact health centers directlyContact health centers directly
Free STD Testing AvailabilityAvailable in certain locationsAvailable in certain locations
Walk-in STD Testing AvailabilityAvailable in certain locationsAvailable in certain locations

This table reveals that both Portland, Maine, and Portland, Oregon, offer affordable options for STD services, with various payment plans to accommodate different financial situations. Health centers in both cities provide additional information upon direct contact. They also offer a range of services, including PrEP, with varying degrees of financial assistance for those who are uninsured or have high co-pays. Free and walk-in testing services highlight accessible sexual health resources in these communities.


At the Portland STD Clinic, your sexual health and well-being are the top priorities. The clinic offers comprehensive services for STD testing and treatment in a supportive environment.

Whether it's same-day appointments or confidential advice you need, the team is ready to assist with professionalism and care. Remember, taking charge of your sexual health is a crucial step towards maintaining overall wellness.

Trust Portland STD Clinic for all your STI prevention and reproductive health needs.


1. What services does the Portland STD Clinic offer?

The clinic provides confidential testing, diagnosis, and treatment for sexually transmitted diseases.

2. Do I need an appointment to visit the Portland STD Clinic?

Yes, you should schedule an appointment before visiting to ensure timely service.

3. Are there any costs involved for services at the Portland STD Clinic?

Many of the clinic's services are offered at low or no cost, depending on eligibility criteria.

4. Can I get tested for all types of STDs at this clinic?

The clinic offers comprehensive testing for a wide range of sexually transmitted diseases.

5. How quickly can I expect my test results from the Portland STD Clinic?

Most test results are available within a few days to a week after testing.