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San Diego STD Clinic

Sexual health is a cornerstone of overall well-being, yet the topic of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) often carries a stigma that can hinder open discussion and prompt care. As an experienced public health advocate with extensive knowledge in STD prevention and treatment, I recognize the critical need for accessible and confidential sexual health services.

San Diego STD Clinic stands out as a beacon of hope for individuals seeking to navigate their sexual wellness journey with confidence.

The clinic emerges as a vital resource amidst rising STD rates in San Diego County, offering comprehensive testing and state-of-the-art treatment options tailored to community needs—including free testing possibilities that ensure no one is left behind.

Discover why locals trust this facility for discreet support on their path to recovery or peace of mind. Continue reading—the next steps towards better health are just ahead.

Key Takeaways

  • San Diego STD Clinic offers confidential and comprehensive STD testing, treatment, and prevention services to the community.
  • Free or low – cost sexual health services are available at this clinic, making it accessible for everyone regardless of their financial situation.
  • Patients can benefit from specialized programs like the Transgender Health Services program at UC San Diego Health and The Center for Gender-Affirming Care at Rady Children's Hospital.
  • The clinic is located at the Southeastern Live Well Center on University Avenue with flexible hours to accommodate different schedules, including walk-in options at Express Care.
  • Comprehensive care includes cutting – edge treatments for HIV along with supportive counseling and education to help manage and prevent transmission.

Services Offered by the Clinic

A diverse group receiving counseling and support in a clinic environment.

At the heart of San Diego STD Clinic is a comprehensive suite of sexual health services tailored to meet the diverse needs of our community. From confidential screenings to advanced treatment options, the clinic delivers an integrated approach to sexual wellness and preventive care.

STD Testing and Treatment

Understanding your sexual health status is crucial, and San Diego STD Clinic is equipped to assist with confidential STD testing and treatment. This clinic offers a comprehensive range of services aimed at diagnosing and managing sexually transmitted diseases.

  • Trustworthy medical professionals carry out STD screenings for various infections like herpes-from-kissing/” >herpes, chlamydia, gonorrhea, genital warts, and syphilis.
  • Comprehensive care includes accurate HIV/AIDS testing as provided by centers such as the Central Region Public Health Center in San Diego.
  • Discussing symptoms with experienced staff helps them determine which tests are necessary for your situation—ensuring you receive personalized attention.
  • Swift treatment follows after a precise diagnosis, which may involve medication or additional medical advice depending on the infection type.
  • The Mira Mesa Corton/Eibl Family Center is known for its meticulous approach to STI testing, offering peace of mind through thorough health services.
  • Progressive treatments and primary care for HIV patients are staples at the Owen Clinic at UC San Diego Health—a leader in sexual health clinics.
  • Ensuring privacy and sensitivity during all consultations and treatments makes the experience less stressful for patients seeking assistance.
  • Free STI testing opportunities provided by The Center in San Diego make sexual health services accessible to everyone regardless of financial status.
  • Skilled clinicians offer education about prevention and long – term management of STDs to empower patients with knowledge for future health maintenance.
  • Continuous follow – up appointments are scheduled as needed to monitor patient progress and adapt treatment plans accordingly.

HIV Screenings & Treatment

San Diego STD Clinic takes the fight against HIV seriously, offering comprehensive screenings and treatment services. We prioritize your health with a range of supportive measures designed to detect, manage, and prevent HIV effectively.

  • Our clinic conducts thorough HIV testing to ensure early detection, which is crucial for successful management of the virus.
  • Confidential counseling services accompany our screenings, providing support and information tailored to your circumstances.
  • We partner with the Owen Clinic at UC San Diego Health to deliver advanced HIV care and treatment services for long-term wellness.
  • Our team regularly updates their knowledge on latest treatment services, ensuring you receive cutting-edge medical care.
  • Prevention services form a core part of our agenda; we implement evidence – based approaches to minimize the risk of HIV transmission.

Transgender Health Services

After addressing HIV screenings and treatment, our focus shifts to the comprehensive transgender health services offered. UC San Diego Health stands out as the sole hospital system in San Diego delivering a full spectrum of gender-affirming healthcare for individuals aged 18 and older.

Our dedicated Transgender Health Services program goes beyond routine STI testing and treatment; it provides crucial transition-related support tailored to each person's journey.

With an understanding that sexual health empowerment is key, we ensure all patients have access to safe, trans-informed care. The Center for Gender-Affirming Care at Rady Children's Hospital extends these offerings with behavioral health support, fostering an environment where every member of the LGBTQ community can flourish.

Patients also benefit from having a Transgender Patient Advocate Program which aids in navigating healthcare systems to find the right resources and services necessary for their well-being.

Benefits of Choosing San Diego STD Clinic

Diverse group entering San Diego STD Clinic for testing.

Choosing the San Diego STD Clinic for your sexual health needs means you'll receive comprehensive care tailored to your specific situation. The clinic specializes in confidential medical care, ensuring that every visit and treatment respect your privacy.

This peace of mind comes from a team of professionals who understand the importance of discretion when dealing with sensitive issues like sexually transmitted diseases.

A standout benefit is their cost-effective approach to healthcare. You won't have to break the bank to get top-quality medical attention; they offer low-cost specialty healthcare without compromising on service quality.

Whether you need HIV testing and treatment or are looking for reliable counseling and screening services, affordability paired with high standards makes it accessible for more people in need.

San Diego STD Clinic's multidisciplinary team provides not only cutting-edge testing and diagnosis for STDs but also effective treatment options. They make navigating through medical coverage smooth by assisting eligible individuals and their families in utilizing benefits that cover STD testing and treatments, taking yet another worry off your shoulders as you seek care.

Now let's take a closer look at where this valuable resource is located and how you can plan your visit during their convenient hours of operation.

Location and Hours of Operation

The STD Clinic at the Central Region Public Health Center is now conveniently located at the Southeastern Live Well Center on University Avenue, presenting an easily accessible location for your sexual health needs.

With doors open from early morning to afternoon, you can schedule visits before work or classes during weekdays, ensuring that medical services don't disrupt your daily routine. Thursday hours begin a bit later, catering to those who need midday or afternoon appointments.

Visit the sexual health clinic offered by San Diego Unified School District at Normal Street for more options in locations and times suited to your lifestyle. This center specializes in providing comprehensive testing services and operates within school-friendly hours for easy access to students and staff alike.

For even greater flexibility, Express Care's walk-in clinic remains open each day from morning until evening – an ideal option for those unexpected moments when immediate care is paramount.


Taking charge of your sexual health is essential, and San Diego STD Clinic stands at the forefront to support you. With comprehensive services from STD testing to specialized care, they are a pillar in safeguarding community wellness.

Trust their experienced team for discreet and professional service whenever you need it. Make your sexual health a priority today; visit the clinic that's equipped to help every step of the way.

For those located in Northern California, our partner facility offers comparable services at the San Francisco STD Clinic.


1. What services does a San Diego STD clinic offer?

A San Diego STD clinic provides confidential testing and treatment for sexually transmitted diseases.

2. Do I need an appointment to visit an STD clinic in San Diego?

While walk-ins are often welcome, making an appointment can ensure you receive timely service at a San Diego STD clinic.

3. Are there any free STD clinics in San Diego?

Yes, you can find clinics in San Diego that offer free or low-cost STD testing and care.

4. How long will it take to get my test results from the STD clinic?

Test results may be available within a few days to a week after your visit to the STD clinic.

5. Will my visit to the San Diego STD clinic be kept confidential?

Absolutely, patient privacy is prioritized at the clinic, keeping visits and results confidential.