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Understanding sexual health and the urgency of attending to STDs are critical components of overall wellness, yet many people often postpone or ignore STD testing due to misconceptions about availability and cost.

As an expert deeply immersed in public health education and promotion, I've seen firsthand how vital accessible testing services are for maintaining a healthy community. The Seattle STD Clinic at Harborview Medical Center stands as a beacon of confidential support and medical care for those in need.

This clinic not only offers a comprehensive range of services but does so on a sliding-fee scale, ensuring that no person is denied the opportunity for testing and treatment because of financial constraints.

As we delve into what the Seattle STD Clinic provides, keep in mind this fact: you have access to compassionate professionals dedicated to your sexual health needs right here in Seattle.

Stay informed; stay healthy. Let's explore together.

Key Takeaways

  • Seattle STD Clinic at Harborview Medical Center provides a range of sexual health services, including testing and treatment for various STDs and HIV.
  • Services are offered on a sliding fee scale to accommodate different income levels, ensuring that financial barriers do not prevent anyone from accessing care.
  • Confidentiality is a top priority, with strict policies in place to protect personal health information of all patients.
  • The clinic offers convenience through walk – in options and an online booking system, making it easier for individuals to receive prompt care.
  • A team of specialized healthcare professionals, including doctors and nurse practitioners with expertise in infectious diseases and sexual health, staff the clinic to provide expert medical attention.

Overview of the Seattle STD Clinic

A diverse and inclusive atmosphere at the Seattle STD Clinic.

The Seattle STD Clinic stands as a beacon of hope and health, offering comprehensive sexual health services to the community with accessibility and compassion at its core. As an integral part of Harborview Medical Center, it provides top-tier screening, diagnosis, and treatment for sexually transmitted diseases in a supportive environment designed to respect patient privacy while promoting well-being.

Sexual Health Clinic at Harborview

At Harborview Medical Center in Seattle, the Sexual Health Clinic stands out as a vital resource for confidential STD and HIV screening, testing, and treatment. Recognizing the sensitive nature of sexual health matters, this facility offers services on a sliding fee scale to ensure affordability for all patients.

With options for both appointments and walk-ins, individuals can receive care at their convenience without worrying about the cost.

Expert medical providers offer comprehensive care that includes counseling to support patients through diagnosis and treatment processes. Utilizing a community partnership clinic model allows Harborview to effectively cater to those facing complex challenges such as homelessness or substance use.

This innovative approach ensures that even underserved populations have access to essential sexual health services.

For inquiries or scheduling an appointment at UW Medicine’s Sexual Health Clinic at Harborview, you can reach out by calling (206) 744-3590. Located conveniently at 908 Jefferson St., Seattle, patients find quality care provided with respect and sensitivity toward every individual's privacy and well-being.

Services Available

The Sexual Health Clinic at Harborview stands as a beacon of wellness, providing comprehensive services in sexual health. Catering to diverse needs, it offers solutions that range from testing to treatment for sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

  • Expert HIV and STD screening: Trained professionals conduct confidential testing tailored to your needs, using evidence-based practices.
  • Personalized counseling: Receive guidance and support to understand your sexual health and reduce the risk of transmitting or acquiring STIs.
  • Comprehensive treatment options: If you test positive for an STD, the clinic provides effective treatments on a sliding scale fee basis, ensuring affordability.
  • Walk-in convenience: You have the flexibility to seek services without an appointment, perfect for busy schedules or unexpected concerns.
  • Online booking system: Plan ahead and secure your spot through the clinic's easy-to-use online scheduling tool.
  • Adolescent-focused care: Young adults receive developmentally appropriate advice and treatment in a supportive environment.
  • Confidentiality guaranteed: Patients can access services with complete privacy, knowing their personal information is protected.

Appointments and Walk-in Basis

Continuing from the wide array of services offered, Seattle STD Clinic ensures that getting tested and accessing treatment is convenient for everyone. You have the flexibility to plan ahead with appointment scheduling or you can visit on a whim thanks to our walk-in clinic options.

Providing this choice responds to your need for sexual health services according to your personal timetable and urgency.

We operate Monday through Friday, accommodating both scheduled visits and limited walk-in patients during our hours of operation. Particularly at Harborview's Sexual Health Clinic, immediate care is a possibility without prior arrangement.

For those who prefer guaranteed time slots or are managing busy schedules, appointments can be easily set up in advance. At the Central District Health Center, additional support awaits with STD testing and treatment available sans an appointment—just drop by during open hours.

Staff and Medical Specialties

A diverse team of medical professionals in a modern clinic.

The Seattle STD Clinic is staffed by a dedicated team of professionals, each specializing in sexual health and committed to providing compassionate, comprehensive care. Their expertise not only ensures accurate diagnosis and effective treatment but also plays a crucial role in patient education and the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases.

Chase Cannon, MD, MPH

Chase Cannon, MD, MPH serves at the forefront of combating infectious diseases in Seattle. He holds a critical role as a Senior Infectious Disease Fellow and stands out for his dedication to patients living with HIV.

His expertise stretches across internal medicine and sexual health, emphasizing the significant impact he makes within UW Medicine-Harborview Medical Center.

Patients seeking care at the Seattle STD Clinic can rest assured they are receiving top-tier medical attention from Dr. Cannon, given his affiliation with the Department of Medicine's Division of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

Although he is not accepting new patients currently, this highlights just how sought-after his specialized skills are among those needing comprehensive treatment for infectious diseases and support in managing their sexual health responsibly.

Darryl Elliott, ARNP

If you're looking for expertise in sexual health and STD management, Darryl Elliott stands out as a key member of the Seattle STD Clinic's team. With his strong background in public health and commitment to LGBTQA+ care, he brings critical knowledge and compassion to the clinic.

Elliott holds board certification as a Family Nurse Practitioner, making him exceptionally qualified to handle your healthcare needs.

Joining the Sexual Health Clinic at Harborview Medical Center in 2022, Elliott has quickly become a trusted provider for both new and returning patients. His affiliation with UW Medicine places him at the forefront of sexual health innovation and patient care standards.

Moreover, his role as Co-Director of the Public Health – Seattle & King County Sexual Health Clinic highlights his dedication to community wellness.

Elliott offers personalized attention focused on prevention, treatment, and management of sexually transmitted diseases. To ensure broad access to quality care, he supports services that respect patient confidentiality while emphasizing effective communication about sensitive health issues.

Trust Darryl Elliott for professional guidance through your journey toward optimal sexual health.

Matthew R. Golden M.D., M.P.H.

Transitioning from the expertise of Darryl Elliott, ARNP, we move to another cornerstone of Seattle's healthcare community—Matthew R. Golden M.D., M.P.H. Dr. Golden stands at the forefront in the battle against infectious diseases with a keen focus on STD control and HIV prevention.

His leadership as Director of both Public Health – Seattle & King County HIV/STD Control Program and UW Center for AIDS & STD reflects his deep commitment to public health.

With an extensive background in epidemiology and internal medicine, he brings cutting-edge medical research into practical application at the Sexual Health Clinic at Harborview. Patients benefit from his dedication to comprehensive AIDS care, tapping into his wealth of knowledge gained through international projects on HIV partner services.

Active in both clinical settings and academic circles as an Adjunct Professor, Dr. Golden propels community-wide initiatives that strive toward disease intervention and enhanced sexual health awareness.

Susannah O. Herrmann A.R.N.P.

Susannah O. Herrmann is not only an expert Family Nurse Practitioner, but also a stalwart in Seattle’s healthcare community, serving patients with unwavering dedication since her graduation from the University of Washington's esteemed nurse practitioner program.

At the Sexual Health Clinic at Harborview Medical Center, she provides essential services to those needing reproductive health care and preventive care strategies. She guides patients through confidential screenings and treatments for various conditions while ensuring every individual receives personalized attention.

Her work embodies patient-centered care, integrating medical knowledge with a compassionate approach that resonates with individuals from all walks of life. Susannah focuses on women's health and primary care, providing resources for prevention and education as part of comprehensive patient care.

Her commitment to community health shines through her participation in clinical services designed to meet diverse needs affordably and effectively, thanks to a sliding-fee scale that increases accessibility for everyone seeking quality healthcare provision.

Importance of STD Testing and Treatment

Recognizing the significance of STD testing and treatment is crucial for maintaining both personal health and public safety. Early detection through regular screenings can lead to timely interventions, mitigating long-term health consequences and curbing transmission rates, thereby safeguarding individual well-being as well as community health.

Benefits for Self

Understanding the benefits of STD testing and treatment starts with protecting your personal health. Regular screenings can detect sexually transmitted infections early, often before symptoms appear.

This means you can receive prompt treatment, which is crucial for controlling the spread of STIs and preventing long-term health complications. For example, untreated HIV can lead to serious conditions like AIDS, while other untreated STIs could result in infertility or increase the risk of certain cancers.

Taking control of your sexual health by visiting Seattle STD Clinic offers peace of mind. Clinics provide confidential HIV and STI testing services that fit into any budget because costs are based on income levels.

Knowing your status isn't just a relief; it empowers you to make informed decisions about your body and future relationships. The clinic's express services further benefit you by increasing efficiency – meaning less wait time for results and faster access to necessary treatments if an infection is present.

Proactive measures like these contribute significantly to your overall well-being. Accessing low-cost or free services at Seattle STD Clinic ensures that financial barriers don't hinder anyone from seeking help when needed most—leading not only to improved outcomes but also contributing to a healthier community as a whole.

Benefits for Partners

Regular STD testing plays a pivotal role in the health of not just individuals, but their partners as well. Testing is essential for those who have multiple sexual partners to maintain a safer sexual network and help prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases within communities.

By participating in regular screenings, you are taking a responsible step towards protecting your partner's health and ensuring peace of mind for both of you.

Partner services, which include confidential testing and counseling offered by trained staff, create an environment where couples can support each other in maintaining sexual health.

These programs offer discreet methods to notify partners about potential exposures without disclosing personal details—strengthening trust within relationships and encouraging open communication about sexual wellness.

Engaging in these community-based programs positions you as part of broader public health initiatives aiming to reduce STD transmission rates and promote widespread awareness.

Post-Exposure Testing Guidelines

Caring for your partners' health is just as crucial as looking after your own when it comes to STD prevention. Post-exposure testing is a key strategy in halting the spread of infections and ensuring everyone stays informed about their sexual health.

  • Begin post – exposure testing immediately if you suspect that you've been exposed to an STD, even if you don't have symptoms. Early detection can significantly reduce the risk of complications.
  • Follow public health guidelines for postexposure testing which often recommend evaluating for HIV, syphilis, chlamydia, and gonorrhea.
  • Consider doxycycline post-exposure prophylaxis (doxy-PEP) if you have had a bacterial STI in the past or fall into a high-risk category. This preventative measure has been shown to decrease STI incidence by 47%.
  • Schedule follow – up appointments according to the treatment guidelines provided by your healthcare provider to monitor your health and ensure effectiveness of any preventative treatments given.
  • Engage with sexual health education resources to understand more about antibiotic prophylaxis and other methods of preventing further exposure or transmission of STIs.
  • Embrace STI prevention strategies that include consistent use of condoms, open communication with partners, and regular check-ups at clinics like Seattle STD Clinic.
  • Maintain privacy while seeking advice; confidentiality at these appointments is guaranteed so you can discuss your concerns openly without fear.

Understanding Various STDs and STIs

Gaining knowledge about the various sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and infections (STIs) is crucial for maintaining sexual health; our clinic offers comprehensive testing and resources to empower individuals in identifying and addressing these conditions.

We guide patients through understanding symptoms, risks, and treatments associated with STDs/STIs, fostering informed decision-making for their well-being and that of their partners.

HIV Testing and Resources

Knowing your HIV status is crucial for both your health and the well-being of others. In Seattle, you have access to confidential HIV testing services that are both reliable and convenient.

Lifelong Free offers mailed HIV test kits in King County, allowing individuals to test privately at home. For those who prefer in-office testing, free HIV/HCV tests are conducted efficiently with professional guidance and support.

Expanding prevention efforts, STD clinics have introduced innovative strategies like express visits and self-collected STD testing to make the process more comfortable and less time-consuming.

These services underscore the commitment to reduce barriers to testing, especially for high-risk populations. Evidence suggests that providing free HIV self-testing kits increases testing frequency without promoting risky sexual behavior or a rise in STI cases.

Embracing innovation in healthcare delivery has set new standards for how we approach family planning and disease prevention today. A wealth of resources related to birth control, chlamydia testing, gonorrhea testing, as well as comprehensive information on various STDs including an effective HIV program can be easily accessed through community-based organizations and public health centers across Seattle.

As you consider the importance of regular STI screening in maintaining sexual health, our next discussion will guide you through additional STI Testing and Resources available within the region.

STI Testing and Resources

Moving from the critical importance of HIV testing, we turn our attention to the broader scope of STI screening and its pivotal role in safeguarding sexual health. Seattle's healthcare providers offer comprehensive resources for individuals seeking STI testing, ensuring that everyone has access to necessary diagnostics and treatments.

At clinics across King County, such as the Central District Health Center, anyone can receive confidential STD/STI tests and find a supportive environment for treatment.

With a focus on prevention and care, these centers prioritize high-risk populations for HIV but are also equipped to handle all types of sexually transmitted infections. Experts agree that early detection through regular screenings is key to effective management and often complete recovery from an STI.

Notably, the LGBTQ+ Center offers free services including HIV/STI/HCV testing; most conditions they encounter have highly successful treatments available if caught promptly. These initiatives underscore Seattle’s commitment to public health and provide essential sexual health resources to its community members.

Other Services and Resources

The Seattle STD Clinic not only excels in testing and treatment but also places a high priority on ensuring total patient confidentiality and creating an accessible healthcare environment through its sliding-fee scale, catering to the financial circumstances of different individuals.

They further streamline their patients' experiences by offering online booking options for consultations, adapting to the digital era's demand for convenience and efficiency.

Confidentiality and Privacy

Confidentiality and privacy are cornerstones of the Seattle STD Clinic's services. Trust is essential when dealing with sensitive health information, and patients can rest assured that their personal details are safeguarded with the utmost respect.

Our clinic adheres to strict confidentiality laws ensuring that all medical records, test results, and consultations remain between the patient and healthcare provider. Washington State imposes severe penalties for any unauthorized disclosure of STD report data.

Patients receive assurance that their health information security is a top priority. The Seattle Indian Health Board exemplifies this commitment by implementing rigorous policies to prevent breaches of privacy.

From adolescents to adults, every individual visiting our clinic can expect ethical treatment concerning data protection and private consultations—without fear of exposure or judgment.

Moving beyond the delicate matter of privacy, we provide a sliding-fee scale designed to make sure affordability isn't a barrier to receiving care. Next up: exploring how this system works for you at our clinic.

Sliding-Fee Scale

Getting tested and treated for STDs shouldn't break the bank, and that's where sliding-fee scales come into play. They offer a way to get necessary health services at a reduced cost based on what you can afford.

If your income is lower or if you have a big family to support, don't worry—clinics in Seattle understand this and adjust their fees accordingly. Just bring proof of your household income when you visit, and they will work out the cost with you.

At many Seattle clinics, patients rarely pay full price for STD testing and treatments thanks to these sliding scales. You may be asked about your financial situation to determine your fee category, but this helps ensure healthcare remains affordable regardless of your income level.

Remember that taking advantage of these scaled fees doesn’t mean compromising on quality; it simply means accessing essential medical care without the financial strain.

After considering how sliding-fee scales can help manage healthcare costs effectively, let's turn our focus toward online booking options available at the clinic for even greater convenience in scheduling appointments.

Online Booking and Consultation

Ease and convenience are at your fingertips with the Seattle STD Clinic's online booking system. You can secure an appointment for HIV and STI testing in just a few clicks or arrange for a telehealth consultation without leaving the comfort of your home.

Quick access to health services through virtual appointments means questions about sexual health get answered faster, ensuring you receive timely care.

The clinic also provides phone appointments, making it simple to schedule urgent care when immediate attention is required. Advances in telemedicine bring medical professionals closer, offering expert advice and peace of mind over secure lines.

After setting up your consultation easily online or by phone, you might consider exploring additional resources available throughout Seattle's healthcare landscape.

Extended Services in Seattle

Discover a network of comprehensive care with extended services throughout Seattle that ensures accessible and supportive health options for all your sexual health needs.

Public Health Centers

Public Health Centers in Seattle are essential for maintaining community wellness. They provide comprehensive sexual health services, which include vital STD screening and resources.

  • Public Health Centers support sexual health in multiple ways:
  • Offer confidential HIV testing to ensure individuals know their status and can seek treatment if necessary.
  • Provide access to a wide range of STD treatments, fostering a healthier population with fewer disease transmissions.
  • Extend prevention services that educate the public on how to avoid sexually transmitted diseases and infections.
  • Make birth control options available, giving people the freedom to make informed decisions about their reproductive health.
  • Present an array of reproductive health services that cater to all aspects of sexual wellness and family planning.
  • The Eastgate Public Health Center exemplifies exceptional care by:
  • Delivering personalized clinical care tailored to each individual's needs.
  • Working with communities to raise awareness about sexual health topics.
  • Assisting with post – exposure testing guidelines for those who think they may have been exposed to an STD or HIV.
  • Auburn Public Health Center extends its offerings by:
  • Aligning with community – based organizations for broader outreach and support.
  • Ensuring everyone has access to sexual health clinics regardless of income levels by utilizing a sliding-fee scale.
  • Providing online booking and consultation options for convenience and privacy.

Community-based Organizations

Community-based organizations in Seattle are crucial allies in the fight against HIV and STIs. They offer a broad array of services aimed at supporting minority communities and reducing health disparities.

  • Many of these organizations work tirelessly to provide accessible sexual health resources, focusing on HIV prevention and care.
  • Contributing to the city's public health initiatives, these groups play a pivotal role in serving individuals regardless of their ability to pay.
  • The community – based organizations follow a holistic approach that includes testing, treatment, education, and ongoing support for those affected by HIV and STIs.
  • Through collaboration with healthcare providers, they ensure a continuum of care that often extends beyond what traditional healthcare settings can offer.
  • They also create targeted programs for different segments of the population, addressing the unique needs of racial and ethnic minorities as well as LGBTQ+ communities.
  • Participating in strategic partnerships with local universities enables these groups to be at the forefront of research on community health.
  • Efforts made by these entities contribute substantially to closing the gap in health services experienced by underserved populations.

STD Clinics Beyond Seattle

While the Seattle STD Clinic provides comprehensive services, exploring options like Rochester's clinic can offer additional insights into sexual health resources available for those outside the Seattle area.

Example of STD Clinic in Rochester

The Sexual Health Clinic at Bull's Head stands as a beacon in Rochester, NY, recognized for its comprehensive STI/HIV programs. For nearly a century, this New York State Center of Excellence has been pivotal in delivering sexual health care that aligns with the highest standards.

Its doors at 819 West Main St. welcome individuals seeking confidential STD testing and treatment, reinforcing its role as an indispensable community health center.

Providing services like HIV testing and resources on prevention programs, the clinic emphasizes education and proactive care. From reproductive health services to STI treatment, the staff works diligently to ensure each visit is handled with respect for privacy and individual needs.

The clinic's presence solidifies the importance of accessible public health clinics dedicated to enhancing sexual wellness within communities beyond Seattle.


In Seattle, the fight against sexually transmitted diseases is leading with quality care and confidentiality. Expert staff at the STD clinics provide crucial testing and treatment for those in need.

Affordable services ensure that sexual health is within everyone's reach. Remember, timely screening can safeguard your health and protect others too. Make a wise choice for your well-being; consider visiting a local STD clinic today.


1. What services does the Seattle STD Clinic offer?

The Seattle STD Clinic provides confidential testing and treatment for sexually transmitted diseases.

2. Do I need an appointment to visit the Seattle STD Clinic?

Yes, you should schedule an appointment to ensure you receive timely service at the clinic.

3. Can the clinic help me if I'm worried about privacy?

The clinic prioritizes your confidentiality and will handle your case with discretion and care.

4. Will insurance cover services at the Seattle STD Clinic?

Most insurance plans are accepted; check with your provider for coverage details relating to STD services.

5. How quickly can I get my test results from the clinic?

Test result turnaround times vary, but many tests have results available within a few days.