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STD Clinic Omaha

The startling rise in STD rates across the nation demands attention, particularly in cities like Omaha where sexual health resources are critical. As an expert with years of experience working in public health and specializing in sexually transmitted infections (STIs), I've seen firsthand the impact of accessible testing and treatment.

Our community's wellbeing hinges on these services, prompting a closer look at what Omaha offers for STD care.

Enter the landscape of STD Clinics in Omaha, which serves as a beacon for those seeking confidential help and guidance. Crucially, the Douglas County Health Department operates over 12 outreach sites within this region alone—a fact that underscores the breadth of support available to residents.

Keep reading to unlock vital information about local clinics that could safeguard your health. Let's delve into how these facilities can assist you today.

Key Takeaways

  • Omaha hosts a variety of STD clinics, including Douglas County STD Clinic and Omaha Health Center, providing comprehensive services like confidential testing and treatment for various STIs.
  • RESPECT Clinic offers free STI testing and treatment in Omaha, ensuring that financial constraints don't prevent anyone from getting the necessary care.
  • Various payment options are available at these clinics to accommodate different financial situations; some offer sliding scale fees based on income while others provide free services.
  • The Douglas County STD Clinic is located on the Midtown Campus at 1111 South 41st Street, Ste 210, and can be contacted via phone for scheduling appointments or inquiries about service hours.
  • Taking advantage of these local resources for sexual health demonstrates a responsible approach to personal well-being and contributes positively to public health in the community.

Overview of Douglas County STD Clinic

A diverse group of people waiting in a modern clinic lobby.

The Douglas County STD Clinic emerges as a pivotal resource in Omaha, offering a comprehensive suite of services tailored to address sexual health concerns. With its convenient location and extended hours, the clinic stands as an accessible haven for individuals seeking confidential STD testing and support. 

Services Offered

STD Clinics in Omaha prioritize your health and privacy at every step. You can trust Douglas County STD Clinic for a wide range of services aimed at disease prevention and health promotion.


  • Confidential Testing: Offering discreet STD testing, ensuring your personal information remains secure.
  • Culturally Competent Care: Professionals trained to offer respectful support and advice, regardless of background or identity.
  • Disease Intervention: Assistance in managing sexually transmitted diseases with comprehensive treatment plans.
  • Partner Notification Services: Help with informing partners about potential exposure in a sensitive manner.
  • Surveillance Programs: Monitoring community health trends to better focus public health resources on areas of need.
  • Free STI Testing Events: Regular opportunities at local libraries and community centers for no-cost testing.
  • Nontraditional Testing Methods: Innovative urine-based CHL/GC tests that make screening more comfortable and accessible.

Location and Hours

The Douglas County STD Clinic serves the Omaha community with essential sexual health services including STD testing and screening. Conveniently situated on the Midtown Campus at 1111 South 41st Street, Ste 210, Omaha, NE, getting to the clinic is straightforward for residents throughout the area.

You can easily reach out to this public health clinic by dialing (402) 444-7112 to gather more information or schedule your visit.

Operating hours are established to accommodate a variety of schedules, ensuring access to sexual health resources when you need them. To find out the specific times you can drop in for services or site testing, a quick phone call will provide you with all necessary details.

The dedicated staff understand that privacy and promptness matter greatly when dealing with sensitive issues like sexual health.

For further insights into managing your sexual wellbeing or learning about available treatments within Omaha Health Center, continue reading beyond our brief on location and hours.

Details on Omaha Health Center

A diverse group of people entering an inclusive healthcare facility.

At Omaha Health Center, individuals seeking confidential STD testing and treatment can access a comprehensive suite of services tailored to their sexual health needs. This facility ensures that patients receive the care they require, from initial consultations to follow-up support, all delivered with respect for privacy and individual circumstances.

STD Testing and Treatments Available

The Omaha Health Center stands ready to assist with a variety of STD testing and treatment services. With confidentiality as a top priority, they offer comprehensive care for those in need.


  • Expert staff at the center conduct reliable STD screening for common infections including herpes, chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis.
  • Services include genital warts examination and timely HIV screening for early detection.
  • Chlamydia treatment is readily accessible, ensuring patients receive the proper medication quickly.
  • Gonorrhea testing comes with expert advice on how to prevent future infections.
  • Syphilis treatment includes follow – up support to monitor recovery progress.
  • The health center offers prevention resources and educational materials on STI prevention to reduce the risk of transmission.
  • Patients concerned about privacy can trust that their treatments and consultations remain confidential.
  • Partner notification services help inform partners who may have been exposed in a discreet manner, encouraging them to get tested too.

Appointment and Payment Information

At the Omaha Health Center, planning your visit for STD testing and treatment is straightforward. You have the flexibility of scheduling a same-day appointment to ensure prompt services.

With limited walk-in options, it's best to secure your spot in advance for faster care.

Understanding payment policies is crucial before you arrive. Payment is required at the time of service to cover your sexual health services. Having this information beforehand allows for a hassle-free experience during your visit.

Make sure you reach out early if you're seeking treatment, especially since appointments are needed for chlamydia and gonorrhea testing at Douglas County Health Center. A well-timed call can make all the difference in receiving care when you need it most.

Brief on RESPECT Clinic

At the heart of Omaha's commitment to sexual health, RESPECT Clinic stands out as a beacon for those seeking confidential and free STI care. This clinic is pivotal in providing compassionate services, making it an essential resource for individuals looking to take proactive steps in managing their sexual well-being.

Free STI Care Availability

RESPECT Clinic steps up to offer vital services in sexual health care with free STI testing and treatment, ensuring that cost does not hinder access to necessary medical attention.

Their commitment echoes the community's increasing need for confidential and expert care without the burden of expense. Alongside this, targeted outreach programs extend the clinic’s reach, allowing more individuals within Omaha to benefit from these essential health services.

Express STI services at RESPECT Clinic streamline the process, offering results in a timely fashion which is crucial for early detection and treatment. This efficient approach demonstrates how public health funding directly improves service delivery, making it easier for residents to take proactive steps towards their sexual health.

Following on this topic, let's delve into how these clinics contribute to broader public health strategies in our next section.


Exploring your options for STD testing in Omaha means prioritizing your sexual health and well-being. With various clinics offering comprehensive services, including free testing and same-day results, there's no reason to delay getting checked.

The city provides accessible care whether you're looking for confidentiality or walk-in convenience. Take charge of your health today by utilizing the available resources Omaha has to offer.

Remember, taking this step is a responsible choice towards a healthier community and personal peace of mind.

For more information on STD testing and resources, visit our Orlando STD Clinic page.


1. What services do STD clinics in Omaha offer?

STD clinics in Omaha provide testing, treatment, and counseling for sexually transmitted diseases.

2. Are appointments necessary at STD clinics in Omaha?

Yes, most STD clinics in Omaha require you to schedule an appointment before your visit.

3. Is confidentiality maintained at Omaha's STD Clinics?

Omaha’s STD clinics uphold a strict confidentiality policy to protect the privacy of their patients.

4. Do Omaha STD clinics offer free services?

Some STD clinics in Omaha may offer free or low-cost services depending on eligibility factors.

5. Can I get vaccinated against certain STDs at an Omaha clinic?

Yes, vaccinations for certain sexually transmitted diseases are available at many STD clinics in Omaha.