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STD Testing In Arlington

Understanding the importance of sexual health and regular STD testing is pivotal in maintaining not just individual well-being but that of the community at large. As someone with extensive experience in public health education, I've seen first-hand how critical access to reliable STD testing services can be for early detection and treatment.

This expertise underscores a commitment to sharing information that empowers individuals to make informed decisions regarding their sexual health.

Arlington, Texas, sets an example by providing comprehensive STD testing solutions aimed at addressing this key aspect of healthcare delivery. With nearly a century's legacy of trusted healthcare support to its community members, Arlington’s facilities ensure that your path to clarity and peace of mind is both accessible and confidential.

Continue reading as we unravel where you can get tested swiftly and discreetly—because knowledge is power.

Key Takeaways

  • Arlington, TX offers a wide range of STD testing services for infections like herpes, chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, HIV, hepatitis A/B/C, and HPV.
  • Residents can expect confidential testing with quick in-and-out services at various clinics including the Arlington Health Center and Tarrant County Public Health Department locations.
  • After testing positive for an STD in Arlington, there are numerous treatment options available and counseling services to help manage the condition effectively.
  • Testing sites prioritize confidentiality and privacy with some offering private options for those seeking additional discretion during their testing process.
  • Several convenient locations provide STD testing in Arlington; these include Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas and North Arlington Medical Clinic among others.

STD Testing Services in Arlington, TX

A modern medical facility in a bustling urban environment, with diverse people.

In Arlington, TX, residents have access to a robust network of STD testing services that are designed to provide quick and reliable results. These facilities offer streamlined procedures for screening an array of sexually transmitted diseases, ensuring individuals can obtain the necessary care with ease and efficiency.

Types of STDs tested

Arlington offers a comprehensive range of STD testing services to ensure your sexual health is prioritized. Individuals can access screenings for multiple infections, often in a single visit.


  • Herpes Testing: A blood test or swab from a sore provides diagnosis for herpes type 1 and 2.
  • Chlamydia Screening: Typically done through urine tests or swabs, this test checks for an infection that may not present symptoms.
  • Gonorrhea Testing: Similar to chlamydia screening, using urine or swab samples helps detect this bacterial infection.
  • Syphilis Diagnosis: Blood tests primarily identify syphilis, which can cause serious complications if untreated.
  • HIV Testing: Blood tests or oral swabs detect HIV antibodies; early detection leads to better management options.
  • Hepatitis Screening: This involves blood tests for hepatitis types A, B, and C to assess liver infection risks.
  • Genital Warts Detection: A physical examination often detects visible warts caused by certain strains of HPV.

Process of testing

Understanding what STDs to test for is just step one. The next crucial phase involves the actual testing process, which ensures accurate results and peace of mind. Here's a breakdown of the steps involved in STD testing in Arlington:


  • Identify Symptoms or Risks: Test recommendations may vary based on individual symptoms or risk factors such as recent unprotected sex or shared needle use.
  • Schedule Your Appointment: Many local STD testing centers offer same-day appointments and quick walk-in options to accommodate your needs.
  • Provide Samples: Depending on the tests required, you may need to provide blood, urine, swabs, or other samples. The procedure is usually quick and simple.
  • Quick In-and-Out Services: Clinics strive for efficiency; many STI tests in Arlington take as little as 15 minutes so you can continue with your day without delay.
  • Lab Analysis: Collected samples undergo lab analysis to detect the presence of any STDs, with some results available within a few days.
  • Receive Confidential Results: Results are kept confidential and can often be accessed through a secure online portal or delivered by phone.
  • Access Treatment Options: If you test positive for an STD, clinics will guide you towards treatment plans that help manage or cure infections.

Benefits of STD Testing in Arlington, TX

A person receiving confidential STD testing in a modern clinic.

Understanding one's sexual health status through STD testing in Arlington, TX offers crucial advantages, empowering individuals with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions regarding their health and relationships.

The peace of mind that comes from confidential services and access to prompt treatment options underscores the significance of taking this proactive step in safeguarding one's well-being.


Protecting your privacy is a top priority during STD testing in Arlington, TX. Clinics understand the sensitive nature of such tests and go to great lengths to ensure that all personal information remains secure.

Confidential counseling is available from trained staff who treat every patient with respect and discretion.

Your concerns about confidentiality are taken seriously, especially if you're worried about someone else finding out about your test results. Rest assured, those under age can access private healthcare services without parents being notified, upholding the importance placed on maintaining your privacy throughout the testing process.

Private STD testing options also exist for those seeking an added layer of anonymity beyond traditional clinics.

Treatment options

Once a person tests positive for an STD in Arlington, TX, multiple treatment paths become available to them. The Arlington Health Center provides specialized services tailored to the specific STD identified.

Therapies might include antibiotics for bacterial infections like chlamydia and gonorrhea or antiviral medications for viruses such as herpes and HIV. It’s essential for individuals to follow their healthcare provider's instructions carefully to ensure the most effective treatment.

Counseling services offered by Tarrant County Public Health supplement medical treatments by offering support and education. Patients learn how to manage their condition, reduce the risk of spreading it, and protect their sexual health moving forward.

Healthcare professionals also stress the importance of informing partners about potential exposures to encourage wider testing and treatment efforts within the community.

Confidential testing at these centers is just one step; comprehensive care ensures patients receive not only medical attention but also guidance towards a healthy lifestyle post-diagnosis.

With consistent follow-ups and adherence to prescribed regimens, people living with STDs can lead full, healthy lives while minimizing further transmission risks.

Locations for STD Testing in Arlington, TX

Arlington, TX provides numerous locations for residents to access STD testing. These medical clinics offer confidential and sometimes free services.


  • The Arlington Health Center is a primary location for STD testing, covering a wide array of tests including HIV, chlamydia, and syphilis.
  • Tarrant County Public Health Department operates several clinics where you can get trustworthy services for sexually transmitted infections.
  • Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas in Arlington offers expert care with confidentiality guaranteed for all testing and treatment options.
  • North Arlington Medical Clinic has affordable testing solutions with quick turnaround times so individuals can receive their results promptly.
  • The University of Texas at Arlington’s Health Services provides testing facilities primarily for students and staff but also accommodates the local community.
  • Resource Center Nelson-Tebedo Clinic, not far from Arlington in Dallas, conducts low-cost HIV testing as well as tests for other common STDs.


Protecting your health starts with staying informed and proactive. STD testing in Arlington offers a vital service to safeguard your well-being and that of your partners. With confidential services, expert care, and various locations offering quick and affordable testing, you have the resources at hand to maintain good sexual health.

Embrace the peace of mind that comes with regular check-ups and take control of your health today. Your future self will thank you for making smart decisions about STD screening now.

If you're seeking STD testing services beyond Arlington, be sure to check out our Atlanta locations for STD testing for more information.


1. Where can I get tested for STDs in Arlington?

Numerous clinics and healthcare facilities in Arlington offer confidential STD testing services.

2. Is it important to get regular STD tests?

Regular STD testing is crucial for maintaining sexual health and early detection of infections.

3. Can I be tested for all types of STDs at one time?

Comprehensive panels are available that test for multiple common STDs during a single visit.

4. How quickly do results come back from an STD test?

Results can vary, but typically they are ready within a few days to a week after testing.

5. Will my insurance cover the cost of an STD test?

Many insurance plans cover STD testing, but it's advisable to check with your provider for details.