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STD Testing In Atlanta

Atlanta offers a diverse array of facilities for STD testing, ensuring that individuals have access to the care they need. From community health centers to private clinics, these locations prioritize discretion and provide comprehensive screening services tailored to meet the needs of each patient.

East Atlanta Health Center

The East Atlanta Health Center stands as a beacon of sexual and reproductive health care, offering confidential STD testing for a range of infections including herpes, chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, and genital warts.

With nearly a century of trusted service in the community, the center has become synonymous with comprehensive and compassionate care. Patients seeking advice or treatment can expect to receive personalized attention for their sexual health needs.

As part of Planned Parenthood's nationwide network, this health center goes beyond merely STI testing and provides a full spectrum of gynecological services. The dedicated staff at the center are committed to educating individuals about their own sexual health while providing vital family planning clinics that empower people to make informed decisions about their lives.

Women's healthcare is especially emphasized here, ensuring that every visitor has access to high-quality resources necessary for maintaining overall well-being.

Family planning services at East Atlanta Health Center are designed with privacy and respect in mind. Each patient receives guidance on various options suitable for their lifestyle choices — all within an environment where safety and confidentiality are paramount.

This commitment to patient-centric care ensures everyone leaves feeling heard and supported in managing their reproductive health.

Atlanta Urgent Care

Atlanta Urgent Care stands as a beacon for those seeking fast and private STD testing services. With doctor-owned centers that prioritize patient care, individuals can walk in without an appointment and receive the attention they need swiftly.

This urgent care network distinguishes itself by focusing on discreet practices to ensure that every visitor's privacy is maintained throughout the testing process.

Finding a reliable location for urgent care STD testing has never been easier for the residents of Atlanta. The facilities offer rapid results, so people can get tested and continue with their lives with minimal disruption.

Each center empowers patients by providing confidential consultations and tests conducted by seasoned healthcare professionals committed to supporting clients' health concerns.

Visitors appreciate the approachability of Atlanta Urgent Care, where no question is too small and every concern is treated with utmost seriousness. These centers merge convenience with high-quality healthcare, offering peace of mind to anyone in need of swift STD screening away from traditional hospital settings.

Buckhead Clinic

Moving beyond urgent care options, the Buckhead Clinic emerges as a comprehensive solution for those seeking confidential medical testing, especially for sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

Not only does this clinic serve as a hub for rapid STD testing and diagnosis, it also integrates the personal touch of family healthcare services. Patients have access to experienced primary care physicians who understand the sensitive nature of these health concerns.

The clinic's dedication to patient care extends beyond immediate needs by providing regular monthly health newsletters filled with valuable information and exclusive diagnostic testing offers.

Whether in need of annual physical exams or nonemergency medical advice, Atlanta residents can rely on the Buckhead Clinic for timely and discreet service. This commitment ensures that every individual receives the highest standard of healthcare in an environment that prioritizes their privacy and well-being.

STD Testing Procedures in Atlanta

A healthcare professional discussing STD testing with a patient in a clinic.

Getting tested for STDs in Atlanta is a straightforward process that prioritizes your privacy and health. When you visit one of the many sexual health clinics or community health centers, healthcare professionals will guide you through each step.

Typically, they will start with a discussion about your sexual history and any symptoms you might be experiencing to determine which tests are necessary for you. Your comfort is paramount during these consultations, and confidentiality rules are strictly followed to protect your personal information.

The actual testing procedure varies depending on which STDs are being screened for. Blood samples might be drawn for HIV, syphilis, or hepatitis testing while urine samples can test for chlamydia and gonorrhea.

For certain conditions like herpes or genital warts, physical examinations may suffice. Some locations offer rapid tests where results could be ready within hours whereas other tests might take days to process in a lab.

Atlanta also provides resources tailored to individuals who prefer discreet services outside standard clinic environments. Specialists at private offices such as Atlanta Obstetrics & Gynecology Associates deliver high-quality care without sacrificing privacy.

Plus, if cost is a concern there are free STD testing clinics available across the city that ensure everyone has access to these vital services regardless of financial standing – reinforcing Atlanta's commitment to public health and individual well-being.

The Costs and Speed of STD Test Results in Atlanta

Understanding the costs and timelines associated with STD testing in Atlanta is crucial for those seeking prompt and affordable healthcare services. Here is an overview of the financial and time considerations you can expect when getting tested for STDs in the city.


ServiceCost RangeTest SpeedResults Turnaround
Standard Lab Testing Fees$8 – $150VariesVaries
At-home STD Tests$35 – $175N/AWithin a few days
ANY LAB TEST NOW® ServicesVariesApprox. 5 minutesTypically 24-72 hours
Same Day Testing for Ten Common STDsVariesSame dayTypically within 24 hours

Atlanta residents have several options for STD testing, each with its own cost structure and time to deliver results. Lab testing fees are quite varied, ranging from nominal charges to more expensive services. At-home test kits offer privacy and convenience, with results usually available in a few days. ANY LAB TEST NOW® provides quick sample collection and fast turnaround times for results, typically within one to three days. For immediate needs, same-day testing services are an ideal option, with the entire process often completed within a single day.


Protecting your sexual health is paramount, and Atlanta's accessible STD testing services make it easier to take that step. With various locations offering confidential and sometimes free testing, you have the power to stay informed about your status.

Remember that early detection through regular screening can lead to better outcomes if treatment is necessary. Embrace the resources at your disposal in Atlanta and take charge of your sexual well-being today.

If you're outside of Atlanta and looking for reliable STD testing services, consider visiting our Aurora STD Testing Center for professional and confidential help.


1. Where can I get tested for STDs in Atlanta?

You can get tested for STDs at numerous clinics and healthcare facilities throughout Atlanta.

2. Is STD testing in Atlanta confidential?

Yes, all STD testing is handled with strict confidentiality to protect your privacy.

3. How long does it take to receive results from an STD test in Atlanta?

Results from an STD test usually come back within a few days to a week after the sample is collected.

4. What types of tests are used for detecting STDs in Atlanta?

Tests often involve blood samples, urine tests, or swabs and will vary depending on the specific STD being checked for.

5. Do I need an appointment for an STD test in Atlanta or can I walk in?

Some clinics accept walk-ins but making an appointment is generally recommended to ensure you're seen promptly.