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STD Testing In Austin

As the battle against sexually transmitted diseases wages on, Austin stands as a beacon of progress with its accessible and diverse STD testing options. My extensive background in public health education and years spent collaborating with sexual health clinics across Austin empower me to offer critical insights into this landscape.

The importance of STD testing cannot be overstated—timely diagnosis and treatment are key to managing your sexual health confidently.

Austin's fight against the rising tide of STIs showcases an array of trusted resources like North Austin Health Center, where nearly a century's worth of dedicated care thrives. This article unfolds the tapestry of available services and empowers you with knowledge for informed decisions about your well-being.

Let curiosity guide you forward!

Key Takeaways

  • Austin offers extensive STD testing options including the North Austin Health Center and Kind Clinic, which provide comprehensive sexual health services like confidential STI screening, HIV care, PrEP and PEP programs.
  • Walk-in and same-day testing are readily available at locations such as Family Medicine Austin and UT Health Services to ensure immediate access to important sexual health services without prior appointments.
  • Several clinics in Austin also incorporate educational resources about STDs, ensuring that individuals get not only testing but also information on prevention and treatment for better overall community health.
  • With a reported 176% increase in STI screenings at Kind Clinic reflecting rising demand for services, the city demonstrates a proactive approach to combating sexually transmitted infections through expanded healthcare facilities.
  • Affordable or free testing is offered across various sites with some locations like UT Health Services providing screenings plus treatment for a nominal fee, catering to those who face financial barriers.

Overview of STD Testing in Austin, TX

A diverse group of young adults waiting at a modern health center.

Austin, Texas, hosts a variety of reliable resources for STD testing designed to cater to the community's diverse needs. From reputable health centers offering comprehensive sexual health services to convenient off-campus locations, residents have ready access to confidential and often free or low-cost screening options that prioritize both privacy and well-being.

North Austin Health Center

North Austin Health Center stands at the forefront of sexual health and reproductive services in the area, offering a comprehensive array of medical testing including confidential STD screening.

With its near-century-long history, this reputable facility has become a cornerstone for individuals seeking knowledgeable and respectful gynecological care.

At this center, patients access top-notch wellness services with an emphasis on privacy and understanding. The team guides clients through every step of STI treatment if necessary—emphasizing both physical well-being and mental comfort during potentially stressful times.

Notably, their family planning programs integrate STD testing as part of Planned Parenthood’s commitment to public health.

The clinic’s forward-thinking approach ensures that anyone looking for reliable healthcare services can find support here, regardless of their background or situation. They tailor their offerings to address the unique needs within North Austin's diverse community, reinforcing why they have earned trust from generation to generation as providers of quality health care solutions.

Kind Clinic

Kind Clinic stands at the forefront of sexual health services in Central Texas, offering comprehensive STI testing and treatment. With increased demand highlighted by an astonishing 176% jump in patient visits for STI screening, they've expanded to multiple locations within Austin, Dallas, and San Antonio.

Their commitment to community health is evident not only through their numbers—11,260 patient visits—but also via their inclusive services such as PrEP and PEP programs, HIV care, along with intersex and adult gender care.

Visitors to Kind Clinic can expect a welcoming environment where walk-in clinics provide immediate support for urgent sexual health needs. The clinic takes pride in its broad spectrum of services that cater to diverse community members seeking reliable medical attention for their sensitive health concerns.

Through initiatives like the Central Texas Community Health Program, Kind Clinic remains a pillar of strength in promoting responsible sexual practices and accessible healthcare solutions.

Off-Campus Testing

UT Health Services extends sexual health services beyond the campus borders, offering convenient off-campus STI and HIV testing. For a nominal $20 fee, individuals gain access to critical screening that not only includes the test but also covers treatment for any positive diagnosis.

This approach simplifies the process for those concerned about their sexual health, providing a comprehensive solution without financial burden.

In light of the evolving epidemiology of HIV and rising STD rates in Austin, such offsite testing opportunities are crucial. They expand access to vital healthcare resources across the community, reflecting a proactive stance against sexually transmitted infections.

With regular reports from Texas DSHS highlighting increases in chlamydia cases and other STDs, these accessible options play an important role in public health monitoring and response strategies.

Understanding STD Testing and Treatment

A diverse group receiving STD testing in a modern clinic.

Proper education on STD testing and treatment is crucial for maintaining sexual health, especially in a vibrant city like Austin where options are abundant. Delving into the specifics of what tests look for and how they're conducted offers clarity and empowers individuals to make informed decisions regarding their well-being.

STI Testing and Treatment Details

Understanding the details of STI testing and treatment is vital for maintaining sexual health. Clinics in Austin offer comprehensive services to help individuals with prevention, diagnosis, and management of sexually transmitted infections.

  • Various clinic locations such as Kind Clinic provide STI testing and treatment by appointment. They cater to a wide range of needs including HIV testing, chlamydia screening, and more.
  • Walk into the Sexual Health Clinic at RBJ Health Center for expert diagnosis and effective treatments for a variety of STIs.
  • UT Health Services ensures privacy with confidential STI testing options that include a wide array of tests from hepatitis to syphilis.
  • The Austin Regional Clinic not only conducts tests but also offers diagnosis and referrals for further treatment if required.
  • With same – day testing available at select centers, immediate attention to sexual health concerns becomes convenient.
  • Treatment plans designed by healthcare providers should be started right away following an early diagnosis to prevent complications.
  • To safeguard your well-being, clinics will recommend regular check-ups and follow-up appointments as part of the treatment process.

Walk-in and Same-Day Testing Options

After learning about the details of STI testing and treatment, it’s clear that timing plays a crucial role in managing sexual health proactively. Luckily, Austin provides several convenient options for those who need prompt testing services.

  • North Austin Health Center stands out by offering walk – in and mobile testing solutions. You can get tested for HIV, gonorrhea, syphilis, and chlamydia without an appointment at their accessible Koenig location.
  • Instant STI testing is not just a possibility; it's a reality at Family Medicine Austin. Men and women can take advantage of same-day STD testing and receive quick results to ease their minds or begin treatment as soon as possible.
  • Walk into Kind Clinic any weekday for on-the-spot STI screening. Located at the Austin-Koenig spot, they make it easy to fit STD screening into your busy schedule without the need to plan far ahead.
  • Rapid HIV testing is available for individuals seeking immediate knowledge of their HIV status. The tests are designed to provide results swiftly and afford you peace of mind or the necessary information to seek further care.
  • Sameday appointments cater to those with urgent needs or unpredictable schedules. These appointments ensure that even last-minute decisions to test can be accommodated efficiently.
  • Quick turnaround times mean less waiting for results. This expeditious approach helps reduce anxiety around STDs and facilitates faster access to necessary treatments if required.
  • For utmost convenience, many locations offer fast – track testing lanes. These are designed for individuals who require priority service due to time constraints or privacy concerns.

STD Testing Outside Austin: A Comparative Look

Exploring STD testing options expands beyond Austin, offering broader perspectives for those seeking confidential services. Here is a comparative look at STD testing facilities outside Austin.

LocationFacility NameFree TestingWalk-In/Same-DayAdditional Services
Round Rock, TXRound Rock Health CenterYesLimitedCounseling, Treatment
Cedar Park, TXARC Cedar ParkNoYesComprehensive Care, Vaccinations
Georgetown, TXWilliamson County Health DepartmentYesNoHealth Education, Prevention Services
Pflugerville, TXPflugerville Health CenterVariesVariesScreening, Follow-up Services
San Marcos, TXHays County Health DepartmentYesNoReferrals, Partner Services

Residents throughout the region can find STD testing options that fit various needs, from immediate walk-in appointments to comprehensive health care services. Transitioning to the next topic, we will draw our focus back to the Austin area and round off the discussion on the importance of STD testing and awareness.


Taking control of your sexual health is crucial, and Austin offers many resources to help you stay informed and safe. With a variety of trusted clinics providing confidential testing, there's no reason to delay.

Make an appointment or walk in for same-day service; the choice is yours. Remember, getting tested is a responsible step toward a healthier community for all. Take action today for peace of mind tomorrow.

For information on STD testing options outside of Texas, be sure to check out our guide to STD testing in Baltimore.


1. Where can I get STD testing in Austin?

You can get tested for STDs at various clinics and health centers throughout Austin.

2. Is STD testing in Austin confidential?

Yes, all STD testing is conducted with strict confidentiality to protect your privacy.

3. What types of STD tests are available in Austin?

Austin provides a comprehensive range of tests for different sexually transmitted diseases including HIV, chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis.

4. How long does it take to receive results from an STD test in Austin?

Results from an STD test typically become available within a few days to one week after the test is taken.

5. Do I need an appointment for an STD test in Austin or can I walk in?

Some facilities offer walk-in services while others require appointments; check with the specific location you choose to visit beforehand.