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STD Testing In Indianapolis

As the quest for sexual health and safety continues, many in Indianapolis find themselves navigating the sometimes murky waters of STD testing. With a rising chlamydia rate that surges past national averages, it's clear that awareness and accessibility to testing services are vital to community well-being.

Drawing on years of experience in public health outreach and education, I bring forth a comprehensive overview tailored to demystify STD screening processes within this vibrant city.

Indianapolis is home to numerous facilities like Midtown Health Center and Bell Flower Clinic, committed to providing confidential screenings including gonorrhea, syphilis, HIV testing, and more.

Acknowledging the high demand for these essential services reflects our collective resolve to prioritize reproductive health—a commitment underscored by available free testing options for individuals.

Dive deeper into your path toward wellness as we unveil invaluable insights about local resources ready to assist you at every step. Continue reading; your health deserves it.

Key Takeaways

  • Indianapolis has multiple clinics offering confidential STD testing, including Midtown Health Center and Bell Flower Clinic, providing an array of services from herpes to HIV testing.
  • Free HIV and STD testing are provided by the Marion County Public Health Department, with events like “Know Your Status” occurring monthly for discreet and cost-free screenings.
  • At – home STD test kits can be obtained through services like Everlywell and MyLab Box for private testing in Indianapolis, ensuring results are secure and accessible electronically.
  • Community centers such as Step – Up Inc., Raphael Health Center, and Little Red Door Cancer Agency play crucial roles in sexual health by offering comprehensive STD tests along with education on prevention.
  • Nearby cities around Indianapolis also offer reliable STD testing facilities; these include Johnson County Public Health in Iowa City as well as additional options in Bloomington IN, Carmel IN, Anderson IN, and Lafayette IN.

Overview of STD Testing in Indianapolis

A diverse group of people wait in line at an STD testing clinic.

In Indianapolis, accessing reliable STD testing services is an essential part of maintaining sexual health and wellness. With a range of clinics and healthcare centers dedicated to providing confidential screenings, the city offers numerous opportunities for individuals to take proactive steps in safeguarding their health against sexually transmitted infections.

Midtown Health Center

Midtown Health Center stands as a beacon of sexual health and reproductive services in Indianapolis. Patients seeking confidential STD testing find a variety of options here, including checks for herpes, chlamydia, gonorrhea, genital warts, syphilis, and more.

With its long history stretching back nearly a century, the center has established itself as a reliable resource for those concerned with their sexual wellness.

The staff at Midtown Health Center are experts in genitourinary medicine and provide much more than just disease screening. They offer comprehensive care that encompasses safe sex education, birth control options, and gynecological services.

This approach ensures that patients receive holistic support tailored to their individual needs in reproductive healthcare.

Health education plays a significant role at the clinic where individuals can learn about prevention methods alongside getting tested. Whether it’s your first visit or you’re returning for regular check-ups, this clinician provides guidance catered to maintaining overall well-being.—Moving beyond STD testing alone; let's explore free HIV & STD Testing facilities available in the city.

Free HIV & STD Testing

Exploring your options for sexual health screening couldn't be easier in Indianapolis thanks to a number of free HIV and STD testing services. The Marion County Public Health Department leads the charge by offering comprehensive screenings that include free HIV self-testing, hepatitis C testing, as well as tests for other sexually transmitted infections.

These services are key in STI prevention and ensuring public health.

Monthly events like “Know Your Status” provide accessible sexual health education while fostering an environment where community members can check their status discreetly and without financial burden.

Every first Thursday of the month, individuals can take advantage of these one-minute HIV testing opportunities to stay informed about their sexual health. It’s essential to take action and utilize these resources for early detection which is crucial in managing and preventing further transmission.

Moving beyond awareness, Bell Flower Clinic continues supporting residents with additional resources dedicated to sexual wellness.

Bell Flower Clinic

Moving from the broader options of free testing services, Bell Flower Clinic stands out as a dedicated sexual health clinic providing confidential STD testing and treatment. With their specialized care, individuals in Indianapolis aged 14 and up can access low-cost screening for chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, and HIV without the need for a physical exam.

This approach not only streamlines the process but also respects patient privacy and expedites care.

The clinic's association with the Marion County Public Health Department enables it to offer free STD testing services as part of an integrated surveillance system that monitors both testing and treatment outcomes.

Such vigilance enhances STI prevention strategies within the community while ensuring those in need receive timely STD treatment services.

At-Home STD Testing Options in Indianapolis

A person holding an at-home STD testing kit in a private setting.

At-Home STD testing offers a private way to check your health in Indianapolis. You can now easily test for sexually transmitted diseases without leaving the comfort of your home.


  • Everlywell sends out personalized test kits that are easy to use. Men and women in Indianapolis can order these DIY STD testing options online. After completing the simple sample collection, they mail it back and receive secure results electronically.
  • Request A Test provides a confidential service that allows residents of Indianapolis to order their tests online. You can visit a local lab for sample collection the same day you place your order, and expect to get results within one business day.
  • Selfadministered STD tests have gained popularity due to their convenience. Several companies offer home STD testing kits that include detailed instructions on how to collect samples like urine or blood prick specimens.
  • MyLab Box offers complete privacy with its at-home STI testing choices. Everything needed for remote STD testing is included in the kit, which is mailed directly to you, and support is available if you have questions during the process.
  • Private STD testing at home ensures that individuals can manage their sexual health discreetly. Home tests often provide comprehensive panels checking for multiple infections.
  • Online STD testing services streamline the process by helping you select appropriate tests. They usually pair you with nearby labs where samples can be safely collected following your kit's guidelines.
  • For those seeking convenience, mail-in STD testing simplifies getting tested without compromising accuracy or security. Once your sample reaches the lab via mail, specialized technicians analyze it using high-quality standards.
  • Confidential STD testing is a priority for many in Indianapolis. At – home options ensure no one but you and the designated medical professional receives your results.

Community STD Testing Centers in Indianapolis

Community STD Testing Centers in Indianapolis are vital for maintaining sexual health and wellbeing. These centers provide confidential testing, treatment, and support.


  • Bell Flower Clinic: Located on the campus of Eskenazi Health, Bell Flower Clinic specializes in STI testing and education. They offer services for a wide variety of sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Step-Up, Inc.: This organization focuses on HIV/AIDS prevention and offers free rapid HIV testing. Support services are also available for individuals living with HIV.
  • The Raphael Health Center: As a community health center, they provide comprehensive sexual health services including STD testing and treatment for infections.
  • Little Red Door Cancer Agency: Beyond cancer screening, this agency provides HPV tests and education about the risks of genital infections associated with the virus.
  • HealthNet People's Health & Dental Center: Alongside dental care, it provides STD testing to the Indianapolis community. Their services are designed to be affordable for all patients.
  • IU Health Methodist Medical Plaza East Infectious Disease Care: Expert care is provided here for various infectious diseases, including specialized viral hepatitis testing and management.

STD Testing in Nearby Cities (e. g. , Iowa City)

Exploring options for STD testing extends beyond Indianapolis, as neighboring cities like Iowa City also provide resources for those seeking confidential and comprehensive services. Below is a table detailing facilities offering STD testing in cities near Indianapolis.


CityFacility NameServices OfferedAppointment
Iowa CityJohnson County Public HealthHIV, herpes, chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilisWalk-ins & appointments
Bloomington, INPositive Link Health CenterHIV testing and support servicesScheduled appointments
Carmel, INArcpoint Labs of CarmelBroad range of STD testsAppointments preferred
Anderson, INMadison County Community Health CenterMultiple STD tests and sexual health servicesWalk-ins & appointments
Lafayette, INTippecanoe County Health DepartmentSTD testing and treatmentAppointments necessary

Residents of Indianapolis have ample opportunities for STD testing both within the city and in the surrounding areas. Transitioning to the next section, we'll look into the significance and impact of the testing services offered.


Protecting your sexual health is a top priority, and Indianapolis offers numerous resources to do just that. Whether choosing the convenience of at-home test kits or utilizing free local services, there's an STD testing option that fits every need in the city.

Remember, timely and confidential screening can safeguard not only your health but also contribute to the well-being of the community. Take action today and stay informed about your sexual health options in Indianapolis.

For those seeking resources beyond Indianapolis, be sure to explore STD testing options in Iowa City as well.


1. Where can I get tested for STDs in Indianapolis?

Several health clinics and medical centers in Indianapolis offer confidential STD testing services.

2. Is STD testing in Indianapolis expensive?

The cost varies, but there are affordable options available, including some free or low-cost clinics.

3. How long does it take to get results from an STD test in Indianapolis?

Most test results are available within a few days to a week after the sample is taken.

4. Can I get tested for all types of STDs at one clinic in Indianapolis?

Many clinics provide comprehensive testing for a range of STDs under one roof.

5. Do I need an appointment for STD testing in Indianapolis?

While walk-ins are accepted at some locations, scheduling an appointment can ensure prompt service when you arrive.