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STD Testing In Orlando

Orlando offers a comprehensive range of STD testing services designed to provide quick and confidential results, catering to the community's diverse sexual health needs. Residents have access to several medical facilities where dedicated healthcare professionals work diligently to ensure that everyone receives the necessary screenings and care.

Available services

At East Orlando Health Center, you can receive comprehensive STD/STI services such as reliable testing and effective treatment options. These services cater to a wide range of sexually transmitted infections, ensuring that your health concerns are addressed promptly and professionally.

If you're seeking confidential STD testing for conditions like Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Syphilis, or HIV, the Florida Department of Health in Orlando stands ready to assist with respect for your privacy.

Free and fast HIV and STD tests are available at select clinics throughout the city where healthcare providers strive to create a non-judgmental and open-minded atmosphere. Furthermore, Harmony Healthcare Orlando simplifies the process by providing accessible STI testing tailored to meet patient needs efficiently.

Various free or low-cost alternatives could significantly reduce financial barriers; six free clinics peppered around Orlando offer these vital health screenings.

For those in need of more immediate attention or anonymous screening environments, Miracle of Love has adapted its offerings but remains an active player in preventing transmission among populations at higher risk.

With numerous options laid out across the region – from state-funded programs to private centers – access to safe sexual health practices becomes less of an obstacle in maintaining one's well-being.

Whether it's preemptive screening or post-diagnosis management, professional support is within reach throughout Orlando’s dedicated facilities.

Locations and hours

Finding a reliable and convenient place for STD testing in Orlando, FL is essential for maintaining your sexual health. The STD Clinic located at 832 West Central Boulevard offers comprehensive services to meet this need.


  • The clinic operates Monday through Friday with a dedicated healthcare team ready to assist you.
  • During weekdays, the doors open promptly at 8:00 AM and close at 5:00 PM, ensuring you have access throughout the workday.
  • Extended hours are available on certain days, allowing you flexibility if you have a busy schedule or need late afternoon appointments.
  • This clinic's central location in Orlando provides easy access whether you're coming from work, home, or school.
  • Quick service is a priority; most HIV and STD tests deliver results within about 20 minutes so that you can get your results without delay.
  • Walk – in patients are welcome, making it simple to get tested even without an appointment if your time is limited or if an unforeseen situation arises.
  • For those who prefer planning ahead, the clinic accommodates scheduled appointments that help reduce wait times and streamline your visit.
  • Rapid STD testing is available for individuals who are looking for fast results and might be concerned about their current health status.

Visits and appointments

Transitioning from pinpointing the ideal location and hours for your STD testing needs in Orlando, let's focus on setting up your visit and securing an appointment. Scheduling your sexual health check-up is a crucial step in ensuring timely and confidential testing.


  • Sameday Appointments: Many clinics in Orlando offer the convenience of booking same-day appointments, accommodating urgent sexual health concerns quickly.
  • Online Booking: You can easily schedule STD testing 24/7 through online platforms, making it accessible to handle at any time that suits you.
  • Walk-in Options: For immediate needs, walk-in HIV and STD testing services are available, providing results often within 20 minutes.
  • Confirmation Emails or Texts: Once you book your appointment, expect a confirmation email or text message that includes all the necessary details for your visit.
  • Prep for Your Visit: Ensure to bring identification and understand any pre-test requirements, such as fasting or abstaining from certain activities before the test.
  • Payment Methods: Clinics accept a variety of payment options. It's important to verify accepted forms of payment beforehand if you're responsible for service costs.
  • Insurance Coverage: If you have health insurance, check with both the clinic and your provider about coverage specifics for STD testing to manage expenses effectively.
  • Arrival Time: Plan to arrive early for your appointment to complete any additional paperwork without rushing.

What to Expect During Your Visit

A patient waits comfortably in a modern, calmingly decorated waiting room.

Upon arriving for STD testing in Orlando, you'll find a streamlined process designed to prioritize your comfort and privacy. You will be guided through each step, from initial paperwork to the specifics of the testing procedure itself, ensuring clarity and ease throughout your visit.


Before you head to an Orlando STD clinic for screening, it's essential to understand the requirements. Knowing what to expect can help make your visit smooth and stress-free.


  • Confirm that you've been three days outside of menstruation if you're going in for urine testing for STDs. This ensures more accurate results, especially for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea testing.
  • Arrive at the clinic prepared with identification. You'll need it to verify your identity and ensure all paperwork is properly processed.
  • Anticipate filling out necessary paperwork upon arrival. It will include questions about your medical history and sexual health, which are vital for accurate diagnostics.
  • Be aware of the specific tests you wish to receive. Different STDs require different types of testing; ask the staff if you're unsure which ones apply to your situation.
  • Prepare yourself mentally for blood draws or swabs if required. Some tests like Syphilis testing and HIV testing may necessitate these samples.
  • Understand that all lab results are provided only in person at the clinic to maintain confidentiality and privacy standards as per legal requirements.
  • Consider the payment methods available beforehand, whether it be insurance or out-of-pocket payments, so there are no surprises on the day of testing.

Payment information

Once you have an understanding of the requirements for your STD testing visit, it's important to consider how payment will be handled. You should prepare to settle accounts promptly as Orlando clinics typically expect payment at the time services are rendered.

To make this process smoother, many locations accept a variety of payment methods including credit cards, debit cards, and even online transactions through secure platforms like Orlando Health MyChart.

Understanding billing procedures can save you time and hassle. If you're unsure about financial responsibility or service fees, don't hesitate to ask the clinic staff for clarification before your appointment.

They can provide detailed explanations about billing and invoicing so that there are no surprises later on. For those who might need it, some clinics also offer payment arrangements that allow for more flexibility in managing healthcare expenses.

Online payment options offer convenience if you prefer handling financial matters digitally. With platforms such as Orlando Health MyChart not only can payments be made efficiently online but it also allows patients to manage other aspects of their care experience from appointments to medication refills and accessing test results—all from comfort of their own home or on-the-go with internet access.


After taking care of payment information, rest assured that your privacy is our next priority. Our clinics in Orlando take the confidentiality of your STD testing very seriously. Your personal health information is safeguarded and shared only with you, ensuring that discretion is upheld to the utmost degree.

Your tests and results are handled with sensitivity, shared exclusively in person to protect your anonymity. We understand the trust you place in us during this process and honor it by upholding strict nondisclosure policies.

With services like HIV Partner Services offering anonymous assistance, we ensure every aspect of your visit respects both your need for privacy and provides peace of mind about maintaining secrecy regarding testing outcomes.

Types of STDs Tested

Understanding which STDs you're getting tested for is crucial; our Orlando clinics provide comprehensive screenings to ensure your sexual health is not left to chance—read on to discover more about safeguarding your well-being.


Testing for HIV is a critical part of sexual health services in Orlando. Clinics throughout the city provide confidential screening to help diagnose this virus early, when treatment is most effective.

With results delivered in person, your privacy and peace of mind are paramount. Sexual health campaigns have increased awareness, leading more people to get tested and use protection like condoms.

Getting tested for HIV not only protects your health but also contributes to the statewide efforts to monitor STD trends. Statistics reported by clinics and health departments shape public health strategies aimed at reducing transmission rates.

If you're sexually active or think you've been exposed to an STD, including HIV, it's wise to undergo testing.

Orlando's comprehensive approach includes treatment options if you test positive for HIV or other STDs such as chlamydia or gonorrhea. Knowing that these infections can be associated with greater risk factors for contracting HIV underscores the importance of routine screenings as part of your overall wellness checks.

It’s empowering knowing that such crucial healthcare support is accessible right here in Orlando.

Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C is a significant health concern that requires careful attention, especially as part of STD testing. In Orlando, you can get tested for the Hepatitis C virus through a precise blood test known as a nucleic acid test (NAT) which detects HCV RNA.

This procedure is also referred to as a PCR test and is designed to pinpoint the presence of the virus even before symptoms appear.

Understanding your risk factors for Hepatitis C can guide whether routine screening should be part of your healthcare plan. The prevalence of this infection prompts medical facilities in Orlando to recommend regular check-ups, particularly for those who may fall into higher-risk categories.

A confirmed diagnosis relies on routine blood work, specifically an Antibody Blood Test that can identify past or present infection.

It's essential to know that getting tested for Hepatitis C might not be included in every standard STD exam you undergo. To ensure comprehensive care, ask about including the Hepatitis C antibody blood test during your visit.

Affordable options are available across various locations in Orlando, making it easier for anyone concerned about their hepatitis status to access necessary screenings without undue financial burden.


Transitioning from the topic of Hepatitis C, another pressing concern in STD testing is syphilis. This infection has seen a dramatic surge in Florida, with the state ranking tenth for primary and secondary cases nationwide.

Syphilis can stealthily progress through multiple stages, sometimes without noticeable symptoms initially but potentially leading to severe health issues if left untreated.

In Orlando's clinics, detecting syphilis involves simple tests that anyone who might have been exposed should consider. The recent outbreak underlines the urgent need for regular screening as part of your health routine.

With cases rising by nearly 74% across the United States since 2021, staying informed and getting tested are critical steps in safeguarding your well-being against this resurgent disease.


Chlamydia, often known as the “silent” infection, has become a major concern in sexual health due to its prevalence and potential complications like pelvic inflammatory disease (PID).

It ranks as the most common STD in Florida. Detecting it early is crucial because many people don't show symptoms and may unknowingly spread the infection. Testing for chlamydia involves simple procedures that can either be done through urine tests or swab samples from the genital area.

Testing not only prevents health complications but also curbs the spread of this hidden affliction. After chlamydia screening, individuals are often tested for other infections such as gonorrhea, which shares some transmission routes and risks with chlamydia.

This continues our discussion into another very common STD – gonorrhea.


Gonorrhea stands as one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases, spurred by the Neisseria gonorrhoeae bacterium. It attacks mucous membranes within the body, including those found in the reproductive tract, mouth, throat, and eyes.

Recognizing its signs early is crucial to avoid severe health complications down the line. Testing for this bacterial infection involves simple procedures that can detect the presence of bacteria in a person's system.

Health authorities thrust into focus a startling 28% rise in reported gonorrhea cases across America just last year. This surge underlines not only personal but also public health concerns tied to these infections.

Timely STI testing turns critical for sexual health safety and is readily available at multiple locations throughout Orlando.

Treatment for gonorrhea usually entails antibiotics to combat bacterial growth and stop the infection from spreading. Without prompt care, untreated infections can escalate into more serious conditions such as infertility or increased susceptibility to HIV acquisition.

With sexual health at stake, regular screenings emerge as an indispensable tool in maintaining overall well-being and managing potential risks effectively.

Genital warts

Genital warts are one of the most common STIs, with their origin lying in HPV types 6 and 11. These small, skin-colored bumps can form a rash-like appearance on the genital area and spread through sexual contact.

Regular STD testing is key to identifying this infection early, especially since it's linked to more serious conditions like cervical cancer.

For those concerned about reproductive health, getting tested for genital warts isn't just about immediate concerns; it helps in preventing future medical issues as well. Treatments exist that effectively manage the symptoms and reduce the risk of transmission to partners.

It's essential not only for your own health but also for protecting others' well-being.

Moving past understanding the risks associated with genital warts leads us to another significant threat within STDs: HIV.

Fast and Free Testing

In Orlando, accessing quick and no-cost STD testing is a streamlined process designed for your convenience, ensuring that maintaining your sexual health doesn't become a financial burden or time-consuming endeavor.


Getting tested for STDs in Orlando is easier than ever with free and low-cost options that prioritize your privacy. You can find multiple clinics offering rapid testing services, which means you can walk in, get tested quickly within just 15 minutes, and carry on with your day without hassle.

With confidential STD testing readily available at six different locations across the city, you won't have to travel far or wait long to take charge of your sexual health.

Affordable individual tests start at under $50 and are accessible online for same-day appointments. This streamlined service caters to those who need results fast without breaking the bank.

Local STD clinics in Lake Mary and Apopka offer the same level of convenience and fast service, ensuring everyone has access to crucial healthcare services no matter where they live within the region.

Testing process

Understanding the testing process for STDs in Orlando is crucial to managing your sexual health. Quick and efficient services ensure that you get your results without unnecessary waiting.


  • Step into one of Orlando's welcoming clinics where rapid testing is at your service.
  • Provide a small blood sample from a finger stick for rapid HIV testing, which delivers results in as little as 15-20 minutes.
  • Experience confidentiality and comfort throughout your visit, knowing that your privacy is a top priority.
  • Take advantage of the no – cost testing options available, making it easy on the wallet to stay informed about your health.
  • The testing process is not just rapid but also accurate, using the latest medical technology to detect any signs of STDs.
  • For those who prefer discreet services, at-home test kits sent to Orlando residences offer a secure alternative with results available online within five days.
  • Rest assured that before any test is administered, knowledgeable staff will guide you through what each test involves and answer any questions you may have.
  • Once the tests are completed, you can expect prompt delivery of results, allowing you to take immediate action if needed.


After a seamless testing process, knowing your results comes next. Clinics in Orlando specialize in rapid STD testing to deliver swift peace of mind. Some tests, like the quick HIV test, can have results ready in under half an hour.

This prompt feedback allows you to take immediate steps towards treatment if needed.

Getting tested for STDs doesn't have to be a worry-filled experience. With confidential test results provided directly and discreetly to you, privacy is paramount at these clinics.

Whether it's a chlamydia screening or a syphilis checkup, expect comfort paired with efficiency as most diagnoses are completed within 20 minutes.

You'll find that the openminded clinic staff create an environment that's both professional and welcoming. Rapid test availability means not only fast answers but also convenience that fits into your busy life.

After all, good health includes timely knowledge about your status—and Orlando's free testing programs ensure just that.

Other Programs and Services Offered

Within the realm of STD testing in Orlando, health facilities extend beyond immediate diagnostic services to encompass a suite of comprehensive care options. These include personalized counseling, effective treatment plans, and progressive therapies designed to support patients in navigating their sexual health with confidence and discretion.

Counseling and treatment

Counseling and treatment options in Orlando go beyond just testing; they provide a network of support for individuals facing the challenges that come with STDs. Trained counselors at community health clinics offer mental health counseling, substance abuse counseling, and relationship advice tailored to your needs.

They understand the emotional impact of an STD diagnosis and are ready to help you navigate through this period with confidentiality and care.

At facilities like The IV Lounge, you'll find a compassionate team ready to assist with comprehensive sexual health education and reproductive health services. These programs aim to empower patients through knowledge, helping them make informed decisions about their sexual well-being.

And should you require ongoing assistance or management of STD-related concerns, these professionals stand prepared to guide you every step of the way towards improved health outcomes.

Transitioning seamlessly into long-term management strategies is critical for maintaining overall wellness after initial treatment has been provided.

Long-term management

Managing your health after an STD diagnosis is crucial for your overall well-being and preventing transmission to others. In Orlando, a variety of public health programs offer ongoing support and long-term management services for individuals living with sexually transmitted infections.

These services focus on more than just the physical aspects of treatment; they also provide resources to help you cope with the emotional and social challenges that can come with an STD diagnosis.

Regular check-ups are part of this continuous care approach, ensuring that any changes in your condition are addressed promptly. Sexual health services guide you through lifestyle adjustments necessary to keep yourself and partners safe.

They work hand-in-hand with community health services which aim to reduce stigma and encourage open dialogue about sexual wellness. Such comprehensive care plans help you maintain good reproductive health while navigating life with an STD.

Turning towards additional support, many low-cost medical clinics in Orlando include Acceptance and Commitment Therapy as part of their holistic approach to patient care, seamlessly integrating mental health support with physical treatments.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Long-term management of STDs often includes more than just medical treatment; emotional and mental health are also vital for a full recovery. Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) steps in here as a valuable resource.

As part of the comprehensive care offered, ACT focuses on increasing mindfulness, helping individuals to engage fully with life without getting tangled in their thoughts and feelings.

This approach can be especially useful when dealing with the stress and anxiety that may accompany an STD diagnosis.

By teaching coping skills through behavioral therapy techniques, patients learn to handle difficult emotions related to their condition. The process involves accepting what cannot be changed and committing to actions that enrich one’s life.

ACT does not stop at merely addressing symptoms; it enhances overall well-being by reinforcing commitment to personal values despite facing health challenges.

This psychotherapy goes beyond traditional cognitive therapy by integrating holistic methods aimed at developing psychological flexibility—a key aspect in maintaining long-term emotional wellness amidst chronic conditions like STDs.

Through ACT's guided exercises and conversations, therapists help clients navigate the complexities of their diagnoses with greater ease while promoting resilience against future stresses.

Comparison with Other Locations: STD Testing in Palo Alto

As we consider STD testing options, comparing services in different locations can help us understand what's available to us. Here's a comparison between STD testing facilities in Orlando and those in Palo Alto:


Service FeatureOrlando, FLPalo Alto, CA
STDs TestedHIV, Hepatitis C, Syphilis, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Genital wartsHIV, Herpes, Chlamydia, Syphilis, and others
CostFree options available, sliding scale feesFree and low-cost tests
Appointment RequirementsWalk-ins and appointments acceptedAppointments may be necessary
Counseling and TreatmentAvailable with testing servicesOffered at locations like Positive Care Clinic
ConfidentialityGuaranteed confidential servicesConfidential testing and treatment
Programs and ServicesLong-term management and Acceptance and Commitment TherapyComprehensive checkups, management, and counseling
Results TurnaroundFast results, often within the same dayVaries by clinic, some rapid tests available
Emergency ServicesEmergency on-call services for urgent casesEmergency services may be available

Both Orlando and Palo Alto ensure individuals have access to critical STD testing and support services, with differences primarily in specific services and operational details.

How to Schedule an Appointment

Securing an appointment for STD testing in Orlando is straightforward and adjusts to your timetable, ensuring timely access to crucial sexual health services. To initiate the process, simply connect with the clinic of your choice through their preferred contact method, whether that be phone or online platforms, keeping in mind various clinics also cater to urgent needs with on-call services and accommodation for non-STI related health concerns.

Walk-ins vs. appointments

Choosing between walk-ins and scheduled appointments depends on your needs and the clinic's availability. Some clinics in Orlando offer the flexibility of walking in without an appointment for your STD testing, which can be convenient if you have an unpredictable schedule or need services quickly.

However, it is always a good idea to call ahead and check the open clinic hours to ensure they can accommodate you.

Making an appointment might be the better option if you prefer planning ahead or need to fit the testing into a busy routine. It guarantees you a slot at a time that works for you, reducing wait times and helping the clinic manage their patient load effectively.

The Wellness and Health Promotion Services in Orlando provides free confidential HIV rapid testing five days a week by appointments, with additional walk-in events once a month to serve more people.

For those seeking immediate testing options such as HIV or Hep C screening, some centers like The HIV, Hep C & STD Screening and Treatment Clinic cater to both walk-ins and appointments.

This gives you access to healthcare services when it suits your circumstances best—whether that’s on-the-fly or with a date set in advance for peace of mind.

Contact information

To secure a spot for STD testing in Orlando, simply dial 407-246-1788 and speak with one of our friendly staff members. They will guide you through the booking process to reserve a time slot for your visit.

Whether you need to schedule a checkup or arrange a comprehensive health screening, our team is ready to assist you every step of the way.

If online forms are more convenient for you, arranging your appointment can also be done digitally. For PrEP applications or scheduling without making a phone call, fill out the necessary information on our website's scheduling page.

This option allows you to plan for your medical test at any hour, providing flexibility around your busy life schedule.

Calls reach us directly during business hours; however, outside these times or if lines are busy, leave a message with your contact details. Our dedicated representatives will get back to you promptly so that organizing your health care needs remains hassle-free and straightforward.

Emergency on-call services

If you need urgent STD testing in Orlando, emergency on-call services are just a phone call away. With round-the-clock availability at 407-605-2252, you can access immediate medical testing whenever it's necessary.

Whether it's late at night or early in the morning, your health concerns don't have to wait.

Emergency on-call services provide quick medical care with rapid STD testing that caters to unexpected and time-sensitive situations. You won't need to delay treatment or worry about your condition worsening due to scheduling conflicts.

On-demand healthcare is ready for walk-in clinic visits, ensuring same-day appointments and instant testing services are within reach whenever an emergency arises.

Availability for non-STI related appointments.

Booking a doctor's appointment for health issues not related to sexually transmitted infections is straightforward. You can privately and easily schedule wellness appointments and routine medical checkups online, any time of the day or night.

This convenient service lets you arrange nonemergency medical appointments without waiting on the phone.

Should you need to access the full set of healthcare services, including preventive healthcare appointments, simply dial 407-246-1788. Friendly staff members are on hand to help you book your regular health appointments quickly and ensure that your healthcare needs are met in a timely manner.


Taking charge of your sexual health is a smart move, and Orlando makes it easier with accessible testing centers. Ensure peace of mind by utilizing the professional services offered throughout the city.

Choose from confidential clinics with fast results or visit a nearby center for comprehensive care. Remember, managing your well-being starts with informed decisions—Orlando's STD testing resources are here to support you every step of the way.

Prioritize your health today; numerous Orlando facilities stand ready to assist you on this vital journey.

If you're looking for information on STD testing in other cities, such as Palo Alto, please visit our comprehensive guide to STD testing in Palo Alto.


1. Where can I get tested for STDs in Orlando?

You can find numerous clinics and healthcare facilities offering STD testing throughout Orlando.

2. Is STD testing in Orlando confidential?

Yes, your privacy is protected and STD testing in Orlando remains confidential.

3. How long does it take to receive results from an STD test in Orlando?

Typically, you might expect to receive your STD test results within a few days after the test has been conducted.

4. Are walk-in appointments available for STD testing in Orlando?

Many clinics offer walk-in options for convenience but it's advisable to check with the specific facility beforehand.

5. Does insurance cover the cost of STD testing in Orlando?

Most health insurance plans will cover the costs of STD testing, but coverage details should be confirmed with your provider directly.